the Algae bonnet
[ sold ]

26" side to side
over head
18" front to back
over head

a vibrant patchwork
lace bonnet, dyed to
seaweed perfection.
made with precious
antique materials, it
has a lovely mix of
ragged elegance.
there are two silk
ties on the sides


the Thomas bonnet
[ sold ]

18.5" over head,
side to side
14.5" over head,
front to back

a lush moss bonnet
in decadent forest
tones. made with
vintage sweater
remnants and
studded with tiny
beads on each side.
it has stretch ties
to keep it secure on
forest adventures


the Timothy bonnet
[ sold ]

17" over head,
side to side
13.5" over head,
front to back

resurrecting a batch of
elf bonnets from the vault-
this one is a rich olive colour
with a variety of mossy green
remnants stitched in. it has
two stretch ties to keep it
secure on forest adventures.


the Molly bonnet
[ sold ]

about 23" around

another treasure from the vault..
this is a tattered antique bonnet
that I faeried out for a photo
shoot long ago.. it's just been
mended and is ready to head
out into the world! two ribbons
tie it under chin/behind neck,
and there are bits of tattered
lace & foliage growing all
over it. there's a wire frame
inside & it has a unique
seashell shape that's quite
endearing & otherworldly.


the Mathilde bonnet
[ sold ]

bonnet part is 20" over head, side to side full measure is 30" 18.5" from front center to back hem

a gem from the vault~
I started this many years back,
it's a sweet fairytale bonnet
made with 30's black silk velvet.
there are lovely peachy ribbons
adorning and black ties at the
neck for closure. I didn't want to
completely renovate it & line it,
because there's magic in it's
tattered glory. so I'm selling it
as is (it's functional and
sound, but will prolly need
mending down the road)
at a discount price. it's
quite a magical accomplice
& is looking forward to
adventuring with someone special


a Lattice bonnet ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

first 2 measures are for bonnet body:
20" side to side,
over head in front
20" behind neck
tassel parts hang
down up to 16"

a latticework bonnet made
with vintage raven remnants..
there are long tiers of strands
on each side & lovely black
woven webs and mourning
tassels sewn in also. it's
very light and elegant,
medieval & elven..
I'm kind of in love with it~


the Florian bonnet
[ sold ]

main fabric part is
about 12.5" side to side
full length with ribbons
is 51"

this is an experiment I fell
in love with~ I'm definitely making
more. an open ribbon-work bonnet,
it has ties in the back and on the
sides & can be worn many ways.
it feels lovely and fae and medieval..
a patchwork web of vintage ribbons,
fabric and history.


the Lindy bonnet
[ sold ]

24" over head
17" behind neck
ribbons are 30"

a lush burgundy bonnet
made with vintage velvet..
stitched with tattered remnants
and millinery flowers. the
silhouette has asymmetrical
ridges that give it a 20's vibe.


the Beetle bonnet
[ sold ]

21" over head,
side to side
14" over head,
front to back

formerly known as the
Tansy bonnet, this took
a dye bath and was
reborn a beetle, with tiny
old red buttons adorning
yellow velvet and teal tatters. this would be best on someone
with a smaller head.


the Currant bonnet
[ sold ]

23" over head
18.5" around head
15" around neck
ribbon ties are 12" long

a rich, soft creature crafted
in deep red velvets, the colours
of berries & blood. a comforting
cartography. stitch lines
scattered with tiny red beads
& iridescent silk clusters.
it has cotton ties to fasten
under chin or behind neck.
this one feels powerful,
it provokes a surge of vitality
instantly upon wearing.
i really want to keep it! there
are also tiny pockets on each
side for foliage wearing..
(poppies not included)