the Minerva coat
new !
marked size 5
up to 37" chest
32" waist / 41" hip
19" shoulder
24" long sleeves 11" bicep
8.5" wrist/cuff
27.5" long

introducing an elegant
80's striped floral
number that I've mended
& bewitched~ dark flower
patches, ruffled cuffs
2 pockets & 6 vintage
raven buttons. very
lightweight, 100% rayon.
it's a bit of a
shapeshifter &
looks different each way
you button it.


the Katya top
[ sold ]

fits 34-36" bust
14-16" long

a trellis top I
started many years ago,
recently resurrected
and finished. it has
a ravey camo fairygoth
vibe that surprised me :)
made with reclaimed
t-shirt remnants. it's
stretchy and comfy,
looks lovely worn on
it's own or layered.