the Remy jacket
[ sold ]

51" chest
48" waist
21" shoulders
26.5" sleeves

an oversized patchy
Raven jacket in rayon,
inspired by antique
work coats.. with a bit
of royalty thrown in.
it has tattered
epaulettes, silk
collar, extra long
sleeves & mismatched
pockets. 7 antique
buttons close it.


the Frankie skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
39" hip
33-40" long

a faded black linen
beauty, patched with
cotton remnants..
sporting 3 pockets,
antique lace accent,
tattered ribbon &
a layered, witchy
hem. closes with a
side zip & hook. I
love how versatile
this one feels, could
be easily be worn fancy
or casual fae.


the Gemma skirt
[ sold ]

28" waistband
38" hip
34-37" long

a lovely antique Raven
lace skirt with tiers
of tattered cotton
ruffles. It has a side
zip/button closure, a
big pocket & precious
cream lace and flower
accents. goth elegance with
endless layering potential ~


the Beatrix skirt
30.5" waistband
41-44.5" long

a special reincarnated
relic, this was originally
the foundation for a victorian
skirt. I removed the shattered
silk, replaced waistband,
added hook & eye/button
closures & two roomy pockets.
I love the linings on 1800s
pieces, this one has neat
subtleblack patching & a
heavy striped corduroy trim
round the hem. I'm wearing
it with long part to the side
in pics but it could be worn
in back for a train effect.


the Lettie skirt
waistband fits
39-40" long

a long dark floral
skirt of vintage rayon,
stitched with tiers of
ruffles. it closes with
10 antique white buttons
& has 2 pockets at the hips.
there's elastic in the back
of waistband for a comfy fit.