the Millie dress
[ sold ]

up to 38" chest
up to 36" waist
up to 41" hip
34-38" long

a sweet & simple
lil witch dress made
with reclaimed tshirts
In Raven shades. It has
one pocket, super long
ties at waist for styling
& adjustability, a wickedly
short, tattered hemline &
cool strappy details at
neckline. a great summer
staple worn on it's own
& also fun for layering.


the Tabitha dress
[ sold ]

laying flat:
33" bust
30" waist
37" hip
33-37" long

a sweet, earthy fairy
dress in rich tones of
brown, violet & black~
the fabrics are hand-dyed
hemp & reclaimed cotton
tshirts. it has a beaded
neckline, tattered
hem and pointy sleeves.
super comfy with a stretchy,
flattering fit.. perfect
for summer forest


the Charlie dress
[ sold ]

fits 34-40" bust
up to 34" waist
up to 38" hip
40-58" long

an elegant patchwork
t-shirt dress of Raven
remnants, stripes &
patterns. it has a neat
diamond cut bodice and
dramatic asymmetrical hem.
awesome as is or layered
over other tops & long


the Brenna dress
[ sold ]

fits 31-38" chest
up to 40" hip
37-43" long

a tattered fairy dress
made with layers of
vintage sheer stretch
mesh & lace. mixing a
rich violet navy colour
with black. it has jagged
cap sleeves & a long set
of ties at the waist for
modeled by Viridian


the Kieran dress
[ sold ]

up to 39" chest
up to 33" waist
up to 45" hip
37-38" long

a sweet lil Raven dress
in swiss dot cotton. it
closes with 9 vintage
buttons, has 1 pocket &
ties in the back for
adjustability. the sleeves
are tiered & fluttery and
there are lovely embroidered
windows on the chest and back.
a perfect goth dress for summer~


the Merla dress
[ sold ]

34-38" chest
30-34" waist
35-40" hip
38-45" long

a witchy web dress
patched together with
cotton & rayon Raven
fabrics. stretch fabrics
are mixed in (some are hemp!)
so it has a comfy fit and
doesn't need a zipper. it
has two pockets and a fun
layered hem of pointy remnants
there are ties in back for
adjustability at the waist.
fyi: I altered the neckline
a bit after the modeled
photos, so look to the
dressform pics for most
accurate portrayal :)
modeled by Ameera


the Agatha dress
[ sold ]

29" waist
free hip
36-44" long

a wonderful witch dress
of black rayon, with an
elegant silhouette & a
deliciously full skirt.
layers of pointy tatters
adorn the hem & there are
two pockets tucked into
the folds. it has dainty
straps, a zip in back &
little lacey windows at
the neckline. this was a
joy to make & is now a
joy to wear. I hope it's
new person spends alot of
time spinning in it :)


the Josephine dress
[ sold ]

38" chest
42" waist
50" hip
40-45" long

a sweet woven cotton
Raven dress with a
roomy fit.. it has layers
of tatters at the hem and
neckline, embroidered lace
windows, 3 pockets & many
ribbons. a perfect gift for
your inner witch child :)


the Lydia dress
[ sold ]

measurements laying flat:
(will stretch larger)
44" chest
46" waist
51" hip
39-46" long
sleeves are 12"
13" around bicep

a soft lightweight
Raven dress, made of
rayon t-shirt fabric.
it has a tattered hem, two
pockets & a textural
neckline adorned with
vintage buttons. very
comfy & fun to layer.


the Lottie dress
[ sold ]

35-37" bust
40" waist
free hip
36" long

a cute cotton floral
number that i made over..
noticed kind of late that
there are tiny holes in the
fabric on the skirt, so I'm
selling it for a steal. the
straps are adjustable with
buttons & there are two
roomy pockets. I added
vintage eyelet to the
neckline and hem.. the back
of bodice has a ruched
stretch panel in back.


the Maude dress
[ sold ]

up to 39" chest up to 39" waist
up to 44" hip
41-47" long
11" around
sleeves at bicep
7" long sleeves

a sheer, lightweight dress
patched together with many
remnants from many eras.
the dress body is very loose
and oversized with 3 buttons
at the neckline. it has little cap
sleeves and a witchy, tattered
hem. two thin slip ties at the
waist make it adjustable.


the Octavia dress
[ sold ]

open bust~
model is 34"
32" underbust
34" waist
38" hip
42.5" long

oh this was quite a puzzle~
a ghostly patchwork of
20's dress remnants and
antique raven lace..
elegant & ephemeral, I'm
hoping this will go to someone
careful or good at mending :)
the bodice mixes sheer fabric
with lace, finished with precious
velvet & ribbon under the bust.
the skirt is a dreamy speckled
almost brown black with cool
visible seams. there are snap
closures at the waist on the
left. this is really fun to layer
& instantly transforms it's
wearer into a regal matriarch.


the Leta dress
[ sold ]

32-38" bust
29-35" waist
33.5-39" long

a lovely rustic, striped
apron dress made with
vintage hand-dyed
mustard linen and soft
antique black cotton.
lace up closure makes
the fit adjustable and
versatile. this has antique
swimsuit, circus and even
flinstones vibes to me :)


the Bran dress
[ sold ]

up to 34" chest
up to 32" waist
up to 40" hip
43" long

a wonderful raven
linen vest-dress that
I've magicked~ it has
a myriad of vintage buttons
& can close all the way up
to neck, or be worn with
just a few for a long vest
style. there are two pockets,
odd lovely sleeves
& rustic patching with
growing lace textures.


the Ronia tunic
[ sold ]

42" chest
41" waist
44" hip
20" shoulders
50" long
19" armhole
12" cuffs
sleeves are 18"

a lovely, lightweight
cotton/linen tunic dress
with both monastery
& coven feels. it has two
deep pockets and slits
up the sides to the hip.
there are two straps
that button over the
chest, and precious
antique lace growing
up one side. random linen
patches are scattered about,
and the cuffs & hem are
adorned with raven lace trim.


the Angelique dress
[ sold ]

39-42" chest
30-36" waist
37-44" hip
17.5 shoulder
9.5" sleeves

a prim lacey shadow
of a dress, I've named
this after a dear friend,
it reminds me so much of her
fairy-goth Mary Poppins style.
reconstructed 90's stretch
lace cut with flourishes of
black velvet that move
beautifully.. the neckline
is adorned with precious
1800's cording, salvaged
from a shattered mourning
coat. there are scalloped sleeves
and a long zipper in back.
this is really fun to layer,
the look changing with
whatever is worn beneath~


the Isla dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
34" waist
free hip
40-49" long

an ethereal dream,
made with lightweight vintage
cotton & sheers.. lace networks
descend into cascading tatters
amongst fading florals,
subtle violet stripes & ruffles
salvaged from ruined edwardian
petticoats. this has a wonderfully
floaty feel because all the fabrics
are so light, and there are ties at
the waist for adjustability.


the Avril dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
31" waist
34.5-46" long

makeover magic on a lovely
cotton stretch raven dress,
now replete with tatters,
witchy angles & texture.
it has two side pockets,
ties at the waist for
adjustability, and many
wonderful flourishes &
remnants stitched round
the hem, arms & neckline.


the Laurel dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
32" waist
up to 44" hip
38-45" long

a magical nostalgia dress, once upon
a time this was *my* dress &
I wore it everywhere.. from forests
to festivals to secret warehouse raves.
over the last month I've slowly been
mending, lining, transforming it.. into
the elegant fairy queen you see before
you. layers of lace and sheer fabrics,
patched & webbed & adorned with
mossy tatters, leaves, tendrils. this
piece truly feels alive.. it reminds me
of the forest, how things are growing
over and through eachother in a
wondrous, hazy mass of verdancy.


the Gilly dress
[ sold ]

up to 40" chest
up to 36" waist
up to 45" hip
17.5 shoulders
16" armhole
12" bicep
9" cuff

an interesting makeover
project that kept me on my toes~
the top is a remnant from a
modern dress made with organic
cotton, dyed to a muddy sage
green. I added panels of vintage
fabrics for the skirting and many
vintage buttons (19 to be exact)
for the closure. this reminds me
of the farm dresses & duster coats
of the 30's/ depression era. It can
be worn as a dress buttoned up
or a light coat using just a couple
of buttons. there are two pockets
& ties in back for adjustability.


the Adeline dress
[ sold ]

fits 32-37" chest
up to 36" waist
free hip
49" long

a lovely, lightweight
dress made with
antique lace & sheer
90's florals. the bodice
is a sweet patchwork
with a black net panel
on the back. there are
two ties at the waist
for adjustability.


the Lucifee dress
[ sold ]

up to 39" chest
up to 40" waist
up to 52" hip
46" long

an elegant shadow dress,
made with vintage sheers.
there are tattered
textures sewn down the
sides, and a lace window
on the bodice. I left the fit
roomy and it can be adjusted
with ties at the waist. there are
truly endlessly lovely layering
possibilities with this one~


the Stella dress
[ sold ]

36-39" bust
29-32" waist
up to 41" hip
46-49" long

a dreamy nocturnal velvet concoction, this is a vintage formal transformed into a stunning sky goddess dress. made with stretch velvet,
the torso is spattered
with tiny, shiny black stars..
not beads, they are stuck to the
velvet with 90's magic :) this
dress can be worn backwards as
well for a completely different
look. I added flared panels in
the skirt for a flattering silhouette
& there are neat textural ruffles at the hem.


the Tansy dress
[ sold ]

38" bust
35" waist
41" hip
39" long

butterscotch lace meets
black sheer florals in a
perfect casual faery
dress, with tendrils and
rose ribbons. the waist is
adjustable with ties..
this piece is lovely as is
or layered with other
colours worn beneath.


the Maggie dress
[ sold ]

40" chest
34" waist
42" hip
about 38" long

a sweet gothy dress
frankensteined from
reclaimed fabrics- the
top was a H&M dress,
the skirt is from a
1950's party dress..
the striped patch on
chest came from some
vintage work pants.
there's a lovely bit of
an eyelet window and
a pocket perched low
on the skirt. two ties
fasten in back for


the Ava dress
[ sold ]

32-37" chest
up to 34" waist
up to 40" hip
37-41" long

a dreamy sheer dress
made with vintage stretch
mesh and light soft 90's
fabric. tattered white lace
adorns it in a neat floating
illusion. I love the ethereal
angelwave vibes with this
one. lovely on it's own and
wonderful to layer.


the Sylvie dress
[ sold ]

30-38" chest
29-35" waist
38-46" hip
35-37" long

a lovely sheer dress
made with vintage
stretch mesh fabric..
overlayed with tattered
raven lace at neat angles.
it has a fun window pane
feel. there's a special
tassel of ribbons from the
1800's adorning the neckline.


the Daphne dress
[ sold ]

up to 44" chest
up to 40" waist
up to 42" hip
37" long

an elegant dress melded
together with webs and
olive velvet. it has a lovely
1920's feel with a loose,
straight fit. it buttons behind
neck & has a slit in the skirt
for mobility :)


the Brianna dress
[ sold ]

33-39" chest
31-35" waist
39-42" hip
35-37" long

a simple black dress!
kind of rare for me, haha~
made with recycled t-shirts
& very comfortable. it has a
flattering cut, adjustable
straps & 4 pockets..
a few of the fabrics patched
in are hemp! sweet and
subtle, casual fae.


the Arachne dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
free waist & hip
35-55" long

a lovely frankensteined
raven dress with cotton
bodice, side zipper & a
wild, witchy sheer skirt
sewn with an assortment
of tatters. it can be worn
many ways, I tried three
different ones while taking
pictures and every styling
felt flattering and fun.


the Denae dress
[ sold ]

30-37" chest
28-34" waist
36-44" hip
38-46" long

a lovely siren dress made with
vintage net & stretch lace-
the sheer magic continues!
there are really endless layering
possibilities with these dresses.
this one has velvet accents
and delicate ballerina
ribbons in the center.


the Meria dress
[ sold ]

28-36" chest
29-36" waist
40-46" hip
41-47" long

an elegant siren dress
made with soft vintage
net fabric & adorned with
lush sea toned tatters.
the dyeing is wonderfully
organic & has a neat water
colour effect.


the Cherie dress
[ sold ]

30-36" chest
28-32" waist
40-44" hip
37-43" long

a really darling stretch
net dress in a warm peachy
pink shade. made from scratch
with vintage materials & adorned
with ethereal pink & peach tatters.
I'm in lovve with this one
and am trying not to keep it!
it feels very fae & sweet & romantic~


the Chloe dress
[ sold ]

32-36" chest
27-33" waist
36-44" hip
29.5-35" long

a lovely raven
patchwork made with
vintage stretch lace &
mesh- super comfy and
very sexy. with all kinds of
awesome layering potential!
the hem is short and tattered
and stretch velvet adorns
one side & the back. a goth fairy's dream come true~


the Rosalie dress
[ sold ]

32-36" chest
29-34" waist
35-40" hip
about 40" long

a raven glass dress made
with stretch net 90's fabric,
this has been in my head for
a long time! happy to finally
see it in form. the seams create
a neat stained glass web of
angles & it has a very flattering
silhouette. quite a versatile piece
for layering. a tattered floral
remnant adorns the hip.


the Frances dress
[ sold ]

32-38" bust
34-40" waist
40-46" hip
34-37" long

a lovely net dress made with
sheer stretch fabric from the
90's. it has a delicate pink flower
print and is quite a brilliant layering
piece. there's a tie at the bust
and a tie at the waist too. I
left the fit roomy for


the Terrence dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
36" waist
46" hip
42" long

this dress started as
a shirt made for a
photoshoot. then one
night it kind of knocked
me over the head and
demanded to become
a dress. I followed directions
& love the way it turned
out. made with vintage
t-shirts, many with a
lovely fade. I used a
particularly neat piece
with holes for the bodice.
this is super comfy, has
2 pockets & the skirting
is wonderfully fae and
witchy. I left the fit very roomy,
and there are ties at waist
to adjust it. quite a perfect
summer accomplice.


the Siobhan dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
31" waist
37" hip
40" long

a lovely dress patched
together with 90's dark
florals.. it has an elegant
& comfortable fit, closes
in front with 12 vintage
buttons and has a pocket
on the left. there are also
ties at the waist for


the Ronan dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
32" waist
up to 44" hip
38"-47" long

I present to you, a
special siren dress~
risen from the vaults &
finally finished. it's made
with 90% sheer vintage
scarves. most have been
dyed into murky sea tones.
it closes with buttons in
back and ties in the front
at center. this is a collaboration
between me now and me 7 years
ago :) so it's lovely & ragged &
elegant too.


the Minnow dress
[ sold ]

32" chest
30" waist
up to 44" hip
39" long

a sweet raven dress
with a black cotton skirt
hemmed in eyelet lace
the bodice is an elegant
patchwork of vintage
remnants; collar shirts,
slips & t-shirts. it zips in
back & has a neat floating
pocket on the right.


the Monroe dress
[ sold ]

31" chest, laying flat
stretches up to 38"
30" waist, laying flat
stretches up to 37"
38" hip, laying flat
stretches up to 44"
34"-39" long

a lovely patchwork dress
made with vintage t-shirts
& stretch fabrics. alternating
stripes, symbols, cursive and
a prized old Marilyn print..
it's very comfy & I left the
fit a bit loose for winter
layering :)


the Patricia dress
[ sold ]

chest up to 38"
waist up to 36"
hip up to 46"
33-36" long
sleeves are 6" long

a lovely 90's dress
reconstruction.. endless
buttons, 5 pockets & two
ribbon ties at the waist.
the checkered part is a very
dark navy & the other parts
are different shades of black.
cute + prim + casual,
I feel like this is a mix of
Matilda & Wednesday Addams :)
perfect for daily wear &
winter layering~


a Rose dress~ on sale!
[ sold ]

34" chest (laying flat);
stretches up to 36"
33" waist (laying flat);
stretches up to 36"
48" hip
37-47" long

I'm in love with this dress~
an intuitive patchwork
of antique silk remnants with
cotton, velvets and shimmery
red woven cloth. the shape
is wonderfully organic, and
does really feel like wearing
a flower. there's a pocket on
the left, and there are panels
of stretch velvet framing the
zipper closure in back, for
an extra comfortable fit.


the Hannah dress
[ sold ]

bust laying flat 33"
stretches up to 40"
waist laying flat 29"
stretches up to 34"
up to 44" hip
37-41" long
sleeves 17.5" long
cuff up to 9" around

a sweet folkloric-feeling dress
makeover with vintage stripes
and lace~this one is also very
flattering & comfy. the front panel
came out slightly asymmetrical,
so I'm selling this one for a bit
less. it has a pocket on the left
and cute cuffs. this would be
best on someone who doesn't
have long arms or a long torso.


the Luuli dress
[ sold ]

bust laying flat 31"
stretches up to 38"
waist laying flat 29"
stretches up to 38"
hip laying flat 40"
stretches up to 54"
42-48" long

a bewitching shadow dress
made with reclaimed t-shirts
and stretch fabrics.. the cut is
super flattering & comfortable,
with subtle patchworking &
details. there's a pocket on
the left and tiny handstitches
adorning the decollete'.
this dress reminds me so
much of my friend Vyv that I
named it after her music
moniker, !luuli


the Rowena dress
[ sold ]

32-36" chest
up to 30" waist
up to 40" hip
37-45" long

this dress surprised me and
grew from a lovely stretch-silk
camisole. it has a modern
zipper on the side, under
left arm. the rest is a map
of patchworked raven
remnants.. dresses, t-shirts,
jersey.. there are 2 pockets
on the sides & ribbon ties at
the waist. an elegant mix of
fancy and casual fae


the Crimson dress
[ sold ]

chest is 36" laying flat
stretches up to 38"
waist is 28" laying flat
stretches up to 34"
up to 42" hip
39"-44.5" long

it's been fun to work with all these
vintage velvets~ this dress has
quite a wealth of colour, ranging
from bright red currants to
deep dark wine. it also feels
wonderful to wear~ much of the
material has stretch.. so there's
no need for a zipper. a little
pocket is perched on the right


the Tabitha dress
[ sold ]

32" chest, laying flat
stretches up to 38"
29" waist, laying flat
stretches up to 33"
up to 44" hip
38-54" long

a stunning autumn dress
made with many precious
velvets.. lush tones of brown,
gold, black and deep violet are
patched together in elegant
formation. tattered leaves
and vines adorn & grow up
the side and neckline. much
of the velvet has stretch to it,
so there is no need for a zipper.


the Cleo dress
[ sold ]

32" chest laying flat,
stretches up to 38"
26" waist laying flat,
stretches up to 30"
up to 50" hip
36-41" long

oh I'm excited about this one~
I made this dress from scratch,
using soft, reclaimed, high-quality
t-shirts. it has an elegant fit and
it's very comfortable.. the neckline
has a neat patched filigree/serpent/gem
vibe, and there are witchy tatters at
the waist, with ties in back. I even
remembered to put on a pocket!
please buy this before I keep it, haha


the Lorien dress
[ sold ]

33" chest
27" waist
37" long

a sweet antique fairy dress-
this transformed beautifully
in the dyebath, I love the tones.
the neckline is alive with tatters
and leaves growing up to the neck..
it has a gorgeous silhouette
with a full, organic feeling
skirt. it zips shut in back.
perfectly at home in the woods
and equally so at a fancy ball~


the Alina dress
[ sold ]

fits 32-35" chest
28-31" waist
up to 43" hip
38.5" long

a very special dress I started
about 15 years ago! it feels
monumental to complete it. the
bodice is stitched with tattered
pale velvet salvaged from an
antique slavic children's hood.
there are many tiny hand-stitches
securing the holes. the rest of the
dress is a lush concoction of
stretch silk, shimmers, vintage
slips & embroidered flowers.
it feels quite divine & light,
the perfect summer petal dress.
the back is all stretch, which makes
it very comfy & no need for a zipper.


the Loire dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
32" waist
38" hip

a special mermaid nostalgia
dress.. this was reincarnated
from one of my personal early
gibbous dresses. it has a lot of
history & a lot of magic. a
patchwork of antique lace,
slips, and dress remnants,
hand-dyed to a lush sea green.
it closes in back with a vintage
zipper and has a calico pocket
on the left. I'm really happy this
has been resurrected & will be
going on more adventures soon!
this was hard to photograph, the colour is between the
modeled & dress form photos


the Vale dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
28" waist
37" hip
34-37' long

an elegant ice queen dress
whose construction has spanned
many years. it feels fitting that I
finished it right before a snow
storm. the bodice has shimmery
sequins, silver velvets & cotton
from an antique men's work
shirt. the skirting has been
overdyed & the back is a sea
of tattered ruffles.. it closes
with a vintage zipper.


the Limb dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
30" waist
40" hip
35" long

a dress from my closet vault,
I used to wear this beauty alot.
it's a cotton base patched with
vintage remnants & lace. it
has 2 pockets- one is a Pippi patch.
this definitely needs some love &
mending.. there are stains and
parts in need of patching. offering
it at a deal in hopes it will find a
good home with a crafty person.


the Aurora dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
31" waist
38" hip
36-40" long

I'm offering this special
dress from my own closet.
I've worn this for many years
but it's ready to find a new
home. it's extra tattered & aged,
so I'm pricing it at a bargain.
it's a patchwork of many
antique & vintage materials,
some dating back to the 1800's.
it slips on and off without a
zipper & has adjustable straps.
it's served me well & I hope it
finds a magical new wearer.


the Henry dress
[ sold ]

34-37" bust
30-38" waist
up to 42" hip
36-37" long

excited about this one~
a lightweight dress stitched
from prints custom silkscreened by
my friend Ogo, aka Tessellate.
it has a nice, free shape that's super
comfy & will fit multiple sizes. there's
a ribbon tie to bring it in at the waist.
the fabrics have been tea-stained to
age parts of them & feature
multiple Mary prints, Henry Darger,
and grids of antique stamps.


the Lirian dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
31" waist
free hip
36-43" long

an epic leaf dress, spanning many
years of stitching. it's a veritable
time capsule! hand-dyed repeatedly
for tones of spring, summer &
autumn. it's made from a wide array
of remnants, vintage & antique
cotton, silk, lace, coat lining, etc..
it closes in back with a vintage
zipper. there are more photos
& details in the diary.


the Alma dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
32" waist
up to 42" hip
about 40" long

it's always exciting when
I can manage to make a
simple dress! hand dyed
vintage lace & soft woven
fabric unite in a lighweight
diaphanous faery dress.
it's adorned with precious
ribbons & buttons up on
the left side.


the Estella dress
[ sold ]

35" bust
31" underbust
30" waist
up to 42" hip
40-48" long

i've seen this elegant creature
in my mind for a long time.
a pale flower stitched, with the
loveliest tatters & textures
in the lightest shades of pink.
it's very lightweight & fluttery.
there's a small pocket on the
right hip & the dress closes in
back with a vintage zipper.
larger photos in the diary


the Eudaemonia dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
30" waist
free hipx
40" long
shoulder - waist (vertical) 14"

it feels like i've been working
on this dress through multiple
lifetimes, now. tis a patchwork of
reclaimed materials, many scraps
of history aligned elegantly.
vintage shopping bags, silk,
steeped scarves, lace, eyelet,
cotton, edwardian ruffles, secrets.
it closes in back with a vintage zipper.


the Gillian dress
[ sold ]

36" bust 28" waist 37" hip 38" lower hip 35- 39" long 16" shoulder- waist

this beautiful piece was gifted to me by a friend and i did some reconstruction work on it.. the bust has lovely netting stitched in, there are little scattered rhinestones and tattered ruffles & ribbons on the sides. it has a drop waist and zipper in the back. such a fun party dress~


the Ochre dress
[ sold ]

33 1/2" bust
29" waist
37" hip
37" long in front
40" long in back
it could fit a bit larger than these measures,
the mesh stretches & skirt is pleated

this dress grew over years.. it started as a skirt long ago, took a dip in the dye pots, went in a drawer, became a dress last fall, went back in a drawer, and now surfaces after a few finishing touches. made with soft mesh, cotton and silk. adorned with precious antique lace, vintage eyelet & buttons. it closes on the right with an olive zipper. i really love this one.. feeling tempted to keep it


the Ramona dress
[ sold ]

32-38" bust
25-32" waist
34-44" hip

a sweet dress made from vintage & antique crochet.. it laces up in back, has soft velvet straps & is threaded with pretty brown ribbon around the hemline. a beautiful piece of history that you can wear.


the Cassia dress
[ sold ]

34 1/2-35" bust
28" waist
37 1/2" hip
12" straps
between 37-39" long

a lovely autumn slip dress, stitched
with antique & vintage velvet,
lace, necktie remnants, silk, crochet &
tattered scarves. all the fabrics were
hand-dyed for those perfect fall colors.
it has a bit of stretch and a flattering fit.