the Natalia dress
[ sold ]

up to 39" chest
up to 35" waist
49" long
19" armhole
sleeves 11"

Raven dress makeover
w a 1920s influence..
floaty rayon & lace
panels. I've added
antique velvet accents,
cute gold fixtures &
tattered witchy hem
n sleeves. there are
ties at waist & sleeves
for adjustability. this
has so much neat styling
potential, different looks
depending on what's worn


the Kira dress
[ sold ]

up to 34" chest
up to 28" waist
up to 37" hip
34-38" long

lovely, elegant camisole
dress patched together
w reclaimed vintage
tshirts, some very old-
there's a kids t from
the 40's in here! sweet
& simple w flattering
angles and a comfy fit.
has ties at the waist
and lace cutout decollete


the Wicking dress
[ sold ]

up to 38" bust
up to 34" waist
up to 48" hip
36-47" long

a magical geographical
dress made with overdyed
silk and buttery soft rayon.
muddy textural terrain in
lovely, rich shades of earth.
the hem is full and jagged,
peaks and valleys with tattered
undergrowth. has waist ties
for adjustability. my friend
Piper wore this for a music
video & I named it after her
project- Wicking Ground


the Violette dress
[ sold ]

up to 41" chest up to 39" waist up to 46" hip about 41" long

a flowing dark floral
dress in rayon, dyed
w mottled shadows.
tiny button closure,
black panels patched
round the hem & one
pocket tucked in.
a subtle centerpiece
of dark webbing sits
between the shoulders &
tatters meet embroidery
on the chest. dark violet
ties at the waist for
adjustability. colours
most accurate in forest
background pics.


the Wilt dress
[ sold ]

37" bust
34" waist
38" hip
about 39" long

a lovely layered Raven
slip dress of haunting
afternoons- reinterpreted
vintage silks, some shimmer
leaf print from the 80's &
some precious ghost crinkles
from the 20's. patched and
sewn into form, subtle from
a distance but fascinating
up close. crowned w a ballet
ribbon, stolen from the hem
of a dusty crinoline.


the Tawny dress
[ sold ]

35" bust
32" waist
38" hip
42-47" long

an ethereal fairy dress
made with antique lace
& vintage silk scarves.
all the fabrics are hand-
dyed for a mottled,
living nature look.
many colours thriving
and melding into one
another.. also strange
lovely effects w the
sheer & opaque contrasts.
there are so many looks
possible here varying
with how it's layered.
this piece is a bit
delicate & should be
treated with care for
longest life.


the Sarah dress
[ sold ]

46" bust
46" waist
60" hip
47-49" long

a dreamy vintage cotton
farm dress in many
shades of white & cream.
tiers of tattered ruffles,
silk, remnants, stripes,
florals, salvaged bits of
children's clothes.. 3
pockets, antique lace,
waist ties for adjustability.
precious edwardian embroidery
grows round the neckline
& a lovely lace cutout
is the centerpiece in back.


the Valerian dress
[ sold ]

up to 38.5" bust
up to 32" waist
up to 42" hip
42-51" long

antique shadow silk,
sheer dark-blue-almost-black-
a resurrected ghost from the
40s, fairy witch layers of
remnants & lace. violet
flowers creep around the
neckline, tattered points
at the hem. closes w metal
zipper on the side & has
waist ties for adjustability.
a textural feast &
dream for layering.


the Cordelia dress
[ sold ]

up to 40" chest
up to 34" waist
up to 39" hip
37-42" long

lovely lightweight dark
floral dress w panels of
net & lace/patch hem.
the bodice has dreamy
rustic woven cotton juxtaposed
w soft semi sheer olive tatters.
there are adjustable straps
& dark blue ties at waist
for adjustability.


the Flint dress
[ sold ]

39" chest
41" waist
44" hip
37" long

a modern rework of
the denim vest-dress
variety. adrogynous &
versatile, many different
looks in this piece. patched
w many different Raven tone
remnants.. 2 pockets, cool
boxy shoulders & an extra
tall collar. precious lace
accents on the chest, 9
buttons close it & belt
loops/ striped sash are
another closure/
adjustability option.


the Poppy dress
[ sold ]

fits 30-38" chest
up to 36" waist
up to 46" hip
41-51" long

the lightest dress
in a neat harvest/sky
palette, this is made
entirely with antique
& vintage scarves. it's
so airy & lovely, feels
like wearing poppy petals!
has ribbon tie straps,
and ties at the waist for
adjustability. this piece
is definitely ephemeral,
there are small runs in
the fabrics & it's so
lightweight- how long it
lasts will depend on how
it's treated. I'd be happy
to add more reinforcements
in the future as needed~


the Astrid dress
[ sold ]

34" chest
29" waist
38" hip
37-45" long

this was 3 bits of
fabric sewn together
randomly.. sitting on my
table for months & winking
at me to pls make them into
a dress :) they seem very happy
to finally be fully formed.
a patchwork of recycled tshirts,
dyed mottled colours, stripes,
spots, many shades of green.
very comfy & elegant w waist
ties for adjustability, and
2 pockets. it reminds me of
Pippi Longstocking so I named
it after her creator.


the Caitlin dress
[ sold ]

36-38" chest
32-37" waist
up to 44" hip
34-42" long

a modern dress makeover,
black n gold shadow lace-
I lengthened the waist,
adding neat velvet angles,
stretch fabric under the
arms, & a tattered witchy
hem.. it closes in back
with a red vintage zipper.
so fun for layering..
should prolly be worn
over another dress if yr
really touch sensitive,
the lace is a lil bit


the Cassidy dress
[ sold ]

38" chest 30" waist
45" hip
42-45" long

a lightweight silk
dress, part farm, part
fairy. the silk is dyed
to a mottled, shimmery
stitched with elegant,
rustic accents.. forest
green velvet, plaid, dark
florals, tattered brown.
one striped pocket & 14
antique buttons. there are
ties at the waist long
enough to fasten in front
or back for different looks


the Miriam dress
[ sold ]

37" chest
32" waist
free hip
15" shoulder-waist
17.5" shoulders
9.25" armhole
sleeves 7.5" long
40" long

a modern rework, it was
fun to give this dress
a lil governess makeover.
cotton/nylon mix Raven
lace with tiny antique
buttons, lengthened hem
and sleeves + ribbon
ties. a burgundy velvet
& antique cream lace
centerpiece perch on
the chest.


the Oliver dress
[ sold ]

35" waist
free hip
42.5" long

a wounded 50's dress I resurrected & transformed into
an androgynous elven
dream. featuring 16
precious old buttons,
a jaunty velvet collar,
delicious olive velvet,
a hem pocket & many patches
and flourishes. the chest
can be worn open or
buttoned for different
looks & there
are waist ties for


the Petal dress
[ sold ]

34" chest
36" waist
50" hip
43-48" long

an ethereal dress crafted
with vintage silk, satin,
slips & curtains. the
palest of pinks, creams
+ white. I used fabrics
for this that are beautifully
stained, tattered & moth-
bitten.. pls check pics
carefully to make sure
this is something you
like. the dress has a
lovely shimmer & wonderful
textures. the straps are
adjustable & there are ties
at the waist for versatility..
they're extra long and can
be tied in back or front
for different looks.


the Melie dress
[ sold ]

36" bust
30" waist
(both could stretch)
37" hip
43-53" long

a lovely 90's dress
transformed into a
witchy fae formal~
it has a stretch velvet
bodice edged with Raven
tatters & a layered sheer
& tulle skirt. it zips up
in back. send a note if
you want this in time for
Halloween weekend & I'll
ship it fast <3


the Laurent tunic
[ sold ]

very adjustable
but would fit
31-38" bust best
12" shoulder-underbust
14" shoulder-waist

44-52" long

a deep forest-green
linen tunic, hand-dyed
& transformed into an
elven power piece :)
stitched with a myriad
of vintage remnants..
tatters, patches, mossy
sweater bits. there's a
wrap-dress style tie at
waist & ties at the collar
also. It has two big
pockets, a raggedy layered
hem & there are lil vintage
leaves scattered all over.
perfect elf style for
Halloween or, even
better: everyday!


the Helen dress
[ sold ]

44" chest
49" waist
52" hip
40-47" long

a floaty linen dress in
a nice larger size. it closes
with 8 vintage buttons,
has two big pockets & a
lovely, tattered Raven hem.
tiny black lace leaves are
perched at the neckline
& there are ties at the
waist for adjustability.


the Ella dress
[ sold ]

39" chest
35" waist
up to 42" hip
40-42" long

a sweet summer dress,
lightweight swiss dot
cotton reconstructed with
vintage remnants & patches,
varying cream, white, tea-stains.
it closes with 8 antique
buttons, has 1 pocket &
waist ties for adjustability.
tattered ruffle sleeves
and a sugar sack back
finish it off~


the Millie dress
[ sold ]

up to 38" chest
up to 36" waist
up to 41" hip
34-38" long

a sweet & simple
lil witch dress made
with reclaimed tshirts
In Raven shades. It has
one pocket, super long
ties at waist for styling
& adjustability, a wickedly
short, tattered hemline &
cool strappy details at
neckline. a great summer
staple worn on it's own
& also fun for layering.


the Tabitha dress
[ sold ]

laying flat:
33" bust
30" waist
37" hip
33-37" long

a sweet, earthy fairy
dress in rich tones of
brown, violet & black~
the fabrics are hand-dyed
hemp & reclaimed cotton
tshirts. it has a beaded
neckline, tattered
hem and pointy sleeves.
super comfy with a stretchy,
flattering fit.. perfect
for summer forest


the Charlie dress
[ sold ]

fits 34-40" bust
up to 34" waist
up to 38" hip
40-58" long

an elegant patchwork
t-shirt dress of Raven
remnants, stripes &
patterns. it has a neat
diamond cut bodice and
dramatic asymmetrical hem.
awesome as is or layered
over other tops & long


the Brenna dress
[ sold ]

fits 31-38" chest
up to 40" hip
37-43" long

a tattered fairy dress
made with layers of
vintage sheer stretch
mesh & lace. mixing a
rich violet navy colour
with black. it has jagged
cap sleeves & a long set
of ties at the waist for
modeled by Viridian