the Petal dress
[ sold ]

34" chest
36" waist
50" hip
43-48" long

an ethereal dress
crafted with vintage
silk, satin, slips
& curtains. the palest
of pinks, cream + white.
It has a lovely shimmer,
and wonderfully tattered
textures. the straps are
adjustable & there are
ties at the waist for
versatility; they're
extra long and can be
tied in back or front
for different looks.


the Helen dress
[ sold ]

44" chest
49" waist
52" hip
40-47" long

a floaty linen dress in
a nice larger size. it closes
with 8 vintage buttons,
has two big pockets & a
lovely, tattered Raven hem.
tiny black lace leaves are
perched at the neckline
& there are ties at the
waist for adjustability.


the Ella dress
[ sold ]

39" chest
35" waist
up to 42" hip
40-42" long

a sweet summer dress,
lightweight swiss dot
cotton reconstructed with
vintage remnants & patches,
varying cream, white, tea-stains.
it closes with 8 antique
buttons, has 1 pocket &
waist ties for adjustability.
tattered ruffle sleeves
and a sugar sack back
finish it off~


the Millie dress
[ sold ]

up to 38" chest
up to 36" waist
up to 41" hip
34-38" long

a sweet & simple
lil witch dress made
with reclaimed tshirts
In Raven shades. It has
one pocket, super long
ties at waist for styling
& adjustability, a wickedly
short, tattered hemline &
cool strappy details at
neckline. a great summer
staple worn on it's own
& also fun for layering.


the Tabitha dress
[ sold ]

laying flat:
33" bust
30" waist
37" hip
33-37" long

a sweet, earthy fairy
dress in rich tones of
brown, violet & black~
the fabrics are hand-dyed
hemp & reclaimed cotton
tshirts. it has a beaded
neckline, tattered
hem and pointy sleeves.
super comfy with a stretchy,
flattering fit.. perfect
for summer forest


the Charlie dress
[ sold ]

fits 34-40" bust
up to 34" waist
up to 38" hip
40-58" long

an elegant patchwork
t-shirt dress of Raven
remnants, stripes &
patterns. it has a neat
diamond cut bodice and
dramatic asymmetrical hem.
awesome as is or layered
over other tops & long


the Brenna dress
[ sold ]

fits 31-38" chest
up to 40" hip
37-43" long

a tattered fairy dress
made with layers of
vintage sheer stretch
mesh & lace. mixing a
rich violet navy colour
with black. it has jagged
cap sleeves & a long set
of ties at the waist for
modeled by Viridian