Commission schedule:

I currently have commission openings for the rest of the year (2018).
There is only one custom bridal dress opening, late summer-winter.
These fill up quickly.. if you’re interested, inquire asap to
reserve your spot.. email :

It’s quite beautiful to create a garment that fits another person’s
form and style perfectly. The process ends up being something along
the lines of intuitive fashion alchemy, with a fair measure of
sculpture & cryptography thrown in. Since it takes so much thought
and time, 
I have some guidelines for the process. Commissioned
pieces can take 
anywhere from 1-6 months to complete.
Much of the year is  booked in 
advance, and new orders have to be
scheduled around my other projects.. 
So it’s a good idea to
contact me well in advance if you’re hoping to 
have something
made for a specific event.

I have a $1,200 minimum for custom wedding dresses.

If you’re in northwest, it will help if you can come by the studio
for fittings. Many of my commissions are long-distance, which
also works fine.. I just ask for a lot of measurements and extra time
before the event (if applicable) so that the piece can be sent back to
me for altering if necessary. Half the estimate must be paid before
starting a custom piece, and I send progress pictures 1-3 times
(depending on complexity of garment) during the creation process.

are a quick & affordable way to get the Gibbous style..
You can send me a garment that fits you, for embellishment
or reincarnation. Much of my time/work/cost is spent sculpturally,
making things fit right. The minimum for a makeover is currently
$80, unless you are local & have multiple pieces you’d like made
over.  Working with something of yours (that already fits)
cuts down on the time and cost.. and gives new life to
a garment you already love.*

send inquiries to