My path of stitches started at eleven, when the first
beautiful sewing machine arrived on my birthday.
I promptly fell in love, named her Stella, and a
lifelong habit of nocturnal stitchery was born.
I was raised with an interesting mix of influences..
learning the value of hard work, independence &
accountability quite early; yet at the same time becoming deeply
immersed in the ephemeral world of Nature, spirits, faeries, and
the otherworldly. I loved nothing more as a child than
staying out all day, roaming the forest and haunted old barns
with my cousins, where the borders between worlds
seemed to shimmer and dissolve.


I left school at sixteen in favor of a working/self education
in cities, libraries and the forest.  I worked everywhere
& moved constantly for many years, stitching away in my
spare moments. Gibbous has continually evolved
since my early twenties, traveling and growing with me.
A strange, winding process of trial & error; learning from
mistakes, listening to ghosts, and striving to parallel
the elegance created by the ultimate artist.. Nature, herself.




As long as I can remember, there has been a
fascination with old things. Even before I understood the
equation of why they are powerful, there was a magnetic pull.
The energy stored in them, the history.. all they’ve been through
and witnessed has infused them with a wealth of life.
It seems like each of them is whispering their story,
if you listen closely enough.


My home is a kind of museum, full of relics.. it’s like
living with hundreds of beautiful ghosts.
I collect the lost, the broken, the left behind;
listen and learn from these stories, then transmute
and  reincarnate them into new forms of art.
Through sorting these histories, arranging them respectfully,
and lending my own love & energy to their composition,
the process achieves a kind of alchemy.
It allows the lost to be found, loved & reborn.

With the rapidly quickening pace of this age, it often
seems that there is barely enough time for the basics of living,
let alone the more hidden aspects that make life truly vibrant.
Ritual, self exploration, the honouring of spirits and Nature.
Cultivating a connection to all conciousness and realizing
our true paths and purpose.  Each of us is a unique
and powerful creature, with our own complex root system,
history, mythology & dreams. Society today seems designed
to bypass this. We are trained from an early age to purchase our
adopt our reality from the media. To seek acceptance
& to identify by what we 
consume instead of what we create.
This is incredibly 
disempowering and pretty much forfeits all the
magik each of us is born with. Luckily we can take
back our powers at any time we choose.

I’ve found that working from the outside in can be a helpful
approach to such a complex undertaking. While much of the self lives
inside, it also plays out it’s stories, needs & conflicts externally.
The environment that surrounds us is like
a mirror of our inner workings.. for better or for worse.
It’s a powerful first step to start investing concious thought
and energy into our external worlds. To make our daily
spaces, patterns and tools sacred, beautiful.. intentional.
To trace objects back to their roots.. to make and mend our own,
adopt second hand, or procure them from a source that
feels good; ethically and energetically. This is a very quick
way to raise the vibration in one’s life and home.
 Our clothing is probably the most intimate external element]
of the self. It strongly affects how we feel and see ourselves,
and helps us to cultivate, or realize sleeping aspects of the soul.
Creating these garments has helped me on this path.
It’s been a very tactile lesson in the flexible nature of reality,
kind of a gateway handcraft.  I’m working at actualizing
lost elements, in a tangible form, that we can embody and
experience in our physical, everyday lives.
Dream clothes to guide, adorn, protect & illuminate.
It’s an honour that so many feel a connection to
my creations, and are drawn to inhabit them.
I hope to inspire others to pick up the thread, and use it to pull
their own rare & beautiful marvels into the world.