the Evie skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waistband
31" long

an elegant sheer
skirt with scattered
tatter patches stitched
about, all vintage &
antique remnants.. a
textural & layering dream
come true. it has a
comfy cotton waistband
and side zipper closure.


the Aeon skirt
new !
31" waistband 38" lower, hip 23.5" long

a dapper concoction
from the vault.. antique
stripes and cotton lining
arranged with soft dark
velvet of many hues. there
are two pockets & an trusty
vintage zipper.


the Lellan shorts
[ sold ]

27-29" waistband
18" long
16" waist- crotch

a pair of lightweight 80's
silk shorts, hand-dyed
and stitched with tatters,
leaves & tendrils. they
close with buttons and
zipper in front, have two
pockets & ribbons at the
side for cute adjustable
bloomer styling. these will
be best on a shorter person-
or someone with shorter torso


the Clara top
[ sold ]

fits 31" -38" chest
about 16" long

a lovely fairy top made
with hand-dyed mustard lace
& silk remnants. it laces up in
back & is adorned with a tattered
rusty ribbon. the scalloped lace
makes for some elegant sheer
magic and wonderful layering
potential :)


the Isla dress
36" chest
34" waist
free hip
40-49" long

an ethereal dream,
made with lightweight vintage
cotton & sheers.. lace networks
descend into cascading tatters
amongst fading florals,
subtle violet stripes & ruffles
salvaged from ruined edwardian
petticoats. this has a wonderfully
floaty feel because all the fabrics
are so light, and there are ties at
the waist for adjustability.