the Annika vest
[ sold ]

open bust
30.5" waist
about 16" long

I made this lovely
vest for myself but
think it will fit
someone with
a larger bust better~
sweet dirndl vibes
with a stretch velvet
button strap at waist.
it has hook & eye with
mustard ribbon at the
collar. a very fun
layering piece!


the Edward skirt
[ sold ]

29" waist
free hip
24-29" long

a lovely lightweight
antique skirt~ the
base is 30's, I believe.
it has a stunning blue
velvet ribbon waistband
& closes with hook and
eyes on the left. I added
raw black silk ruffles,
millinery ribbon & a
modest pocket on the
back. elegant timetravel~


an Amethyst jumper - on sale!
new !
27-30" waist
35-39" hip
35" long

finally making some
of these jumpers for
the shop! I make these
for myself a lot, and wear
them all the time. this one
is vintage violet stretch velvet,
with adjustable straps. there's
a wide elastic band at the waist.


the Theda vest - on sale!
[ sold ]

31-37" bust
15-16.5" long

a lovely new
lacey raven vest..
made with vintage
stretch fabrics, these
vests are so flattering
and so comfy. it
closes in front with
7 black buttons.
fun to wear on it's
own or layer over
other colours.


the Alice skirt - on sale!
30" waistband
lower hip 40"
19-24" long

a sweet cotton/silk skirt
I reconstructed with a
myriad of vintage remnants
& tatters. lovely layers, lace
and periwinkle ribbons. it zips
closed on the left.


a Russet fancy - on sale!
3" x 1.5"

a rich forest fancy
made with vintage
materials.. cotton,
velvet, even a bit of
suitcase lining! a
trusty hair-clip is
sewn to the back
for pinning it into
your mane~


a Rose bralette - on sale!
30-36" chest
30-34" ribs
13-17" long

a Rose fairy bralette~
lush vintage stretch velvet
and lace patched together
into a perfect summer top.
it closes with 3 vintage
buttons in back.


the Claudette cape - on sale!
[ sold ]

17" around neck
about 11" long in front
14" long in back

an elegant antique
silk velvet cape that I
fixed up and added some
faery glamour to. it's become
quite the dream piece, with
some mysterious powers!
closes in front with
a hook & eye.


a Petal ascot - on sale!
13.5" around neck
1.25" tall collar
front piece is 12" long

this precious piece was
made from fabrics from
the Dress house, a 20 foot
tall dress I made with a friend
about 10 years ago in Oakland.
the fabrics have been aged,
painted & burnt. it has a lovely
tattered pastel goth palette &
soft ribbon collar. it closes
with a hook & loop in back.


an Equestrian collar - on sale!
13" around neck
.75"-1.75" tall

a lovely power collar
fashioned with remnants
from an 1800's waistcoat.
two leaves of velvet and
a sea strand are sewn in
front, a hook & eye close
it in back.


a Spider collar - on sale!
[ sold ]

13.5" around, laying flat
stretches up to 14.5"
1-8" long

elegant goth remnant
collar in the realm of a
spider goddess~ built on
soft stretch t-shirt fabric
for a comfy close fit, it closes
with hook & eye in back.
many bits of history, lace,
tassels & texture live here.


the Ronan dress - on sale!
36" chest
32" waist
up to 44" hip
38"-47" long

I present to you, a
special siren dress~
risen from the vaults &
finally finished. it's made
with 90% sheer vintage
scarves. most have been
dyed into murky sea tones.
it closes with buttons in
back and ties in the front
at center. this is a collaboration
between me now and me 7 years
ago :) so it's lovely & ragged &
elegant too.