the Melody dress
33" bust
32" waist
41" hip
37-40" long

an elegant faery dress
made with antique remnants..
the floral parts were salvaged
from a mortally wounded 40's
dress, and the magenta silk
is from 30's slips. there are
pieces of vintage dress lining
stitched in as well.. it's adorned
with tattered antique lace &
closes with a vintage zipper
in back. it has a slightly grecian
fit, close at the bust, and roomy
at the waist. it feels light and
lovely to wear.


the Miriam shirt
31" chest, laying flat
stretches up to 37"
28" waist laying flat
stretches up to 33"
35" hip laying flat
stretches up to 39"
29.5" long

an elegant patchwork
camisole, made with
reclaimed vintage t-shirts
& stretch fabrics. 90's flowers,
textural grey lace, stripes &
a decollete web.. it has a
great fit and I made it extra
long.. it's perfect for wearing
with a skirt or jumper.


the Monroe dress
31" chest, laying flat
stretches up to 38"
30" waist, laying flat
stretches up to 37"
38" hip, laying flat
stretches up to 44"
34"-39" long

a lovely patchwork dress
made with vintage t-shirts
& stretch fabrics. alternating
stripes, symbols, cursive and
a prized old Marilyn print..
it's very comfy & I left the
fit a bit loose for winter
layering :)


a Raven pin
1 1/2" X 1 1/2"

a sweet lil raven pin,
hand sewn with antique
filigree lace centerpiece &
tie. these are a lovely way
to spruce up your coat,
dress, hat, etc.. they also
look great as a necklace
when pinned to a ribbon.


a Rose pin
2" x 1 1/2"
at largest

a vibrant pin made with
vintage remnants~ some
from an old museum that
my friend worked at.
handsewn with
lush velvet, ribbons & 3
antique poms at the center.
a lovely winter accomplice~