the Sylvie dress
30-38" chest
29-35" waist
38-46" hip
35-37" long

a lovely sheer dress
made with vintage
stretch mesh fabric..
overlayed with tattered
raven lace at neat angles.
it has a fun window pane
feel. there's a special
tassel of ribbons from the
1800's adorning the neckline.


the Veruca dress
32-38" chest
31-36" waist
38-46" hip
38-42" long

a dreamy shadow dress
of lace and mesh, all
vintage stretch fabrics..
soft velvet straps, sharp
deco angles and a few fluttering
tatters in back. very comfy,
stunning and great for


the October jumper
30-34" waistband
36-41" lower hip
around 26" long
from waist

this wonderful jumper
was made entirely with
hemp fabric scraps gifted
to me from a friend. it has
a neat earthy texture and
most of the fabric has some
stretch, so it's very comfy.
it has a zipper closure and
two adjustable straps. I sewed
on 3 pockets for treasures & the
hem is jagged and witchy~


the Oliver coat
32" chest
29" waist
21" long
29" shoulder-shoulder
15" around armhole
sleeves are 20" long

a Dickensian coat reconstruction,
full of texture and tatters. it has 3
pockets, two outside & one inside..
regal layered cuffs, a jaunty collar
& lovely antique buttons. the back
centerpiece came from an ancient
chinese shoe & one of the pockets
is an 1800's remnant. lots of history
and magic here.