the Denae dress
[ sold ]

30-37" chest
28-34" waist
36-44" hip
38-46" long

a lovely siren dress made with
vintage net & stretch lace-
the sheer magic continues!
there are really endless layering
possibilities with these dresses.
this one has velvet accents
and delicate ballerina
ribbons in the center.


the Cordelia skirt
28" waist
free hip
22" long

a sweet cotton skirt
from the vault, dyed
and dyed to a water
colour perfection.
the colours are mottled
and beautifully stained.
it has 2 roomy pockets
& closes in front with
many buttons. there
are tattered white
lace flowers scatter-
sewn adorning.


the Marigold romper
38" chest
33" waist
31" long
34" shoulder-crotch

a cute floral romper
in lovely lightweight
fabric.. it has a loose
fit with a tie at the waist
for adjustability. there
are 2 pockets and
fluttery fairy sleeves.
the hems are adorned
with black ruffles
& pale pink ribbons.


a Vermillion collar
13.5" around neck
1-2.5" tall
ribbon hangs
to 6"

a dreamy collar in
some of my favourite
colours.. Vermillion &
mauve mixed with
black florals are so
delicious! an antique
frog closure adorns it.
it fastens with a hook
& eye in back.