the Hera skirt
[ sold ]

30-33" waistband
free hip
28" long

a soft Raven skirt
in lightweight cotton,
subtle stripes & slightly
sheer. sewn with tattered
remnant-ruffles in varying
black, grey, blue-black
tones. the waistband is
elastic in back & stitched
with rustic bands in front.
it has one pocket & vintage
ribbons trailing down.


the Libby skirt
[ sold ]

30-33" waistband
free hip
34-37" long

a dark floral in rayon
and autumn tones-
stitched w layers
of tattered ruffles,
overdyed, tawny, olive
plaid.. it has one pocket
and a side button closure.
there are panels of elastic
in waistband for a comfy
fit & black cotton pillars
with tattered antique lace


the Leil top
will fit 33-37"
chest best
28-31" waist
16-30" long

a tattered landscape
top patchworked with
varying sheer & textural
creams, whites & peachy
tones. stretch mesh is
at work here to keep it
elegant & comfy. this was
a fun little step in
a direction I've kept on
hold for too long. the
fabrics used are flawed,
stained & aged intentionally


the Charlotte top
taken laying flat,
will stretch a couple
inches larger
35" chest
31" waist
33" hip
25" long
19" shoulders
17" armhole
7" bicep

a lovely modern Raven
remix, soft cotton knit
with cute puffed sleeves.
elegant governess vibes
& just the right
amount of patches. 8
tiny vintage buttons
close it & a precious
antique leaf crest is
stitched over the heart.