the Sona skirt
[ sold ]

27-35" waistband
free hip
27-29" long

.sweet cotton midi Raven..
stitched w black remnant
petals, a lovely organic
feel to this one. also
scattered stripes, earthy
lace, tattered ribbons &
lil embroidered flower
bits. has two hidden side
pockets & a comfy elastic


the Drusilla corset
[ sold ]

29-32" waist
32-35" hip
37-40 low hip/bum

14.5-16.5" long

lovely rare style of
waist cincher, mended
n patched for fairy
levitation. multiple
closures in front
make for fun styling
tho this isn't as
adjustable as the
strictly lace up ones.
I've added stripes, silk,
antique lace & a cute
side bow- endless tatters
n treasures. the garters
have some rust but are
functional. there are
some subtle stains
but they just add to the
character :)


the Hinter skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
up to 40" hip
around 30" long

a tattered teapot skirt
found in a shack last
summer.. I was very
determined to salvage
this one. much cleaning,
dyeing, patching & TLC
witchery has resurrected
it to be the treasure before
you. stitched w a myriad
of dark florals &shadowy
plaids, charm & embroidery.
has one small pocket &
zip/button closure.


the Twyla skirt
[ sold ]

27-34" waistband
free hipa
29-32" long

. a lovely dark floral
in cotton, very lightweight,
gothy airy fairy.. stitched w a
small ragged mountain of
shadowy vintage remnants..
bits of old dresses, skirts,
lace, military fabric, lots
of neat blended flowers and
patches. one pocket, comfy
elastic waist w drawstring
.. delicious ribbons & some
lil embroidery treasures
for those final touches


discounted! the Umber skirt
[ sold ]

31.5" waistband
up to 40" hip
23-34" long

experimental skirt in
rich tones of brown &
rust.. so many panels,
patches, ruffles.. bits of flora,
plaid & interesting textures.
many different fabrics, most
are overdyed silk, linen &
cotton. I left this one a
bit looser, the fabrics are
anchored but not sewn down
as much, this gives a neat
scope of movement. the
rusty pieces in back are a
collar shirt skeleton w the
sleeves hanging down :)
this has 2 pockets & a
side zip closure


the Branwen skirt
[ sold ]

28-36" waistband
free hip
35-38" long

a long witchy Raven
skirt in super lightweight
cotton, stitched with
endless tiers of tattered
ruffles & ragged lil
fabric leaves. has
one small pocket &
comfy elastic waistband.
adorned w haunted ribbons
& filigree embroidery.


the Phillipa corset
[ sold ]

fits 27-32" waist best
about 13" long

lovely antique waist
cincher corset w
garters- repaired,
dyed & stitched w
a rich assortment
of vintage remnants
in shades of violet
& green. colours are
more vibrant & unified
than showing in pics.
garters show signs of
age but are still


the Keller skirt
[ sold ]

33.5" waistband
41" hip
27-32" long

a delicious shadow skirt,
many stories spliced
into one.. front panel was
one a rustic vintage napkin,
now dyed a deepsea grey-blue.
the back base is 1/2 a
shiny edwardian governess
silk slip. all kinds of
treasures are tattered
into the ruffles- white
stripes, dark florals,
a faded handkerchief,
coat lining, cotton,
deep purples, blue-black,
many shades of Raven.
zip & button closure, 2
pockets & stark embroidered
white leaves


the Ramona skirt
[ sold ]

32-38" waistband
up to 45" hip
35-39" long

a romantic dark floral
in blue violets, burgundy,
bramble & Raven tones.
made w vintage reclaimed
cotton/rayon fabrics, has
elastic waistband, 2 pockets
& tattered tiers of ruffles
adorned w precious ribbons.


the Elaine skirt
[ sold ]

29.5" waistband
37" hip
35-37" long

a lovely Raven skirt
made w vintage cotton &
assorted remnants.. a
flattering, form-fitting
silhouette w tattered
pillars and raggedy ruffles.
zip & button closure, a
fishtail skirt in back +
2 pockets on the sides.
comfy but feels a bit
more formal than the
recent skirts, has the
air of a goth governess.


the Cinder skirt
[ sold ]

35-40" waistband
up to 49" hip
about 38" long

a vintage cotton farm skirt,
tattered, rugged Raven.
2 hidden side pockets,
1 lil treasure pocket &
elastic waistband. witchy
remnants ruffle round the
hem, layered black, charcoal,
stripes, dark blue,
browns & wayward ribbons.
this one has an earthy
winter feel, stark and


the Greta skirt
[ sold ]

36-44" waistband
free hip
30-37" long

dark florals steeped
in shadow, this lovely
mottled cotton skirt
is stitched w pillars
& layers of ruffles
in Raven tones mixed
w tawny & dark browns.
2 pockets, dark antique
embroidery & a comfy
elastic waistband. she's
giving cemetery pastels
& soot-stained rococo


the Eithne skirt
[ sold ]

38" waistband
up to 50" hip
30" ish long

a cotton Raven witch skirt,
originally a practical
Victorian piece with lots
of tears & mends.. someone
kept it going a long time
& then gave up. I'm always
happy to rehabilitate these
abandoned beauties. most
of the patches & panels
were added for functionality,
and there are visible mends,
signs of age.. but it's ready
for a new round of adventures
now. dark florals at the waist,
1 pocket, side zip & button
closure, tattered tiers of
ruffles, antique embroidery..
this is a nice large size &
is pinned to fit in photos.


the Terren skirt
[ sold ]

26-32" waistband
free hip
24.5-32" long

a full, tiered vintage
Raven skirt bewitched w
endless fairy tatters, so
many remnants & little
histories- silk, stripes,
florals, velvets, eyelet..
bits of old costumes, dresses,
coat linings, slips, tshirts,
workwear. epic salvage chic.
there are 3 pockets, many
wayward ribbons, tiny leaf
embroideries & a comfy
elastic waistband.


the Tierney skirt
[ sold ]

37" waistband
up to 46" hip
41-44" long

a lovely & rare larger
sized victorian skirt
I've mended & bewitched.
strong Raven cotton w
a slight sheen to it..
it has 4 pockets & a speckled
waistband w antique button
closure. tiers of tattered
remnant ruffles are stitched
round the hem. skirt is
pinned in photos to fit
model & dressform.


the Bridget skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waistband
up to 40" hip
33" long

a lush modern rework,
nice sturdy burgundy
cotton overdyed w black
for weathered, mottled
tones. featuring 9 of my
favourite red antique
buttons and 3 pockets.
adorned with tattered
remnants, patches &
ribbons. this feels like
a grown-up Pippi skirt to me


the Emmeline skirt
[ sold ]

22-27" waistband
up to 38" hip
about 32" long

a dreamy dark floral
patch skirt, cotton
& rayon pieced together
w a myriad of ruffles
in Raven, dark violet,
shadowy florals & bits
of dark blue. sporting
velvet accents, leaf
embroidery, tattered ribbons,
a roomy pocket & drawstring/
elastic waistband.


the Farrah skirt
[ sold ]

fits 27-33"
free hip
36-38" long

a long, swampy witch
skirt of lightweight
cotton in overdyed
autumnal colours.
muddy browns, raven tones,
gold & burgundy plaids.
it has a comfy elastic
waistband & 3 pockets.
stitched with tiers of
tattered ruffles.


the Plum skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
free hip
about 33" long

this skirt had quite
the reincarnation, from
a damaged hot pink 50s
ricrac dance skirt into
the shadowy beauty
you see before you :)
it closes w metal zipper
& dark abalone button & has
2 roomy pockets. a
plethora of tattered
ruffles & ribbons are
sewn round the hem in
a rich, dark palette
of fruity burgundy, raven,
russets, purples & violets.
the colours are hard to catch
but somewhere between the
modeled pics & dress form
pics. also darker +
less mottled irl.


the Ethan skirt
[ sold ]

36-44" waistband
free hip
38" long

an elegant & lightweight
cotton skirt from the
Victorian era. it's in
surprisingly strong shape
but had many small holes,
which I mended. the patches
are placed for function
not fashion, so kind of
random but makes things
interesting. I added elastic
to the waistband in addition
to the drawstring. + 2 pockets
& little antique floral accents.
It's a nice larger size
which is pretty rare to
find from this era.
has a slightly musty
smell, so maybe skip this
one if yr sensitive to that


the Leonora skirt
[ sold ]

30-35" waistband
free hip
28-37" long

an ethereal modern
makeover w angelic
tendencies- the fabric
is very lightweight (&
almost sheer) viscose.
stitched with a small
mountain of tattered,
tea-stained remnants in
white & cream.. dusty leaves
of history. many stains,
spots, patina of the ages.
there's 1 pocket, a comfy
elastic waist, and the
ruffled hem goes full
length in back. this was
so fun, I've really been
wanting to do a white
skirt. definitely ephemeral,
some of the fabrics are
delicate. I hope someone
will wear it like this for
awhile and then someday
dye it green!


the Tully skirt
[ sold ]

37" waistband
up to 50" hip
33" long

a precious victorian
Raven skirt, I think
it's a silk/cotton mix.
the fabric is luxurious
with a nice weight to it.
I've done some mends &
added antique accents-
velvet ribbon, trims
and embroidery. also
5 precious buttons for
closure. the original
ruffles at the hem are
shredded & will wear away
over time. the pleating
at waist is odd & stops in
one area. I chose to leave
these elements as they are,
quirks of a hundred year
old character :) it's
pinned to fit forms in pics


the Ciaran skirt
[ sold ]

25.5-30" waistband
up to 40" hip
19.5-23" long

a magical tattered
fairy skirt with
jagged, witchy hem.
overdyed cotton, a green
so dark it's almost
black. patched with
Raven tones varying
in charcoals & dark
blues. 2 pockets and
an an elastic waistband
with drawstring.. it has
precious antique embroidery
patches sewn on the hips.


the Gale skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waist
fits 32-40"
up to 46" hip
30-32" long

a very lightweight
fluttery cotton
skirt in stormy
colours, deep blue,
sooty grey & Raven.
I keep feeling like
this should be worn
by the sea~ very floaty,
like it wants to dance
in the wind :) mottled
dyed colours, tiers of
crumpled ruffles, subtle
stripes & dark florals..
It has an elastic waist
& 2 pockets.


the Tryst skirt
[ sold ]

30" waistband
up to 44" hip
30-36" long

this piece had quite
the transformation~
arriving in a theatre
costume lot, diving in
the dye-pot, mending,
colour study, a whole
new dark floral lifestyle.
shadowy red with yellow
& blue flowers peeking thru,
tiered, tattered, burnt
ruffles, hidden side
pockets & dark hearts
falling down the hip.
closes w vintage zipper.


the Muriel skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waist fits
free hip
35-41" long

a sea-swept skirt
in vintage rayon..
overdyed muddy florals
in grey violet blues
(more grey than showing
up in photos).. wallpaper
prints, lace tatters &
tiers of remnant ruffles
round the hem. 8 precious
buttons, 3 pockets & an
elegant embroidered flower
perched at the hip.


the Scuttle skirt
[ sold ]

33" waistband
39" lower hip/bum
40-43" long

a vintage 40's rework,
acetate taffeta with a
wonderful, crinkled texture.
sewn with panels for a
mermaid silhouette, and
tattered remnants round
the hem. has a metal side
zip, one pocket & antique
embroidery accents.


the Asher skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
35" hip
23-31" long

a lovely, full Raven skirt
in tiered cotton.. layers
of witchpoints are sewn
round the hem & many
remnants of varying eras
& fabrics are patched
about. it closes with
a vintage zipper & has
a small pocket. lil
antique black lace
flowers adorn it.


the Brianne skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits
free hip
37-39" long

a lovely vintage
Irish linen skirt
bewitched with ragged
ruffles, all salvaged
vintage fabrics. elastic waist, stitched
with pillars, antique
embroidered leaves, flowers
and 2 pockets. the colours
are stormy, blue-black, greys,
matte & shimmery Raven.


the Antha skirt
[ sold ]

29-34" waistband
29-36" long

a dark floral medley
of shadows & spring,
vintage cotton teeming
with different patterns;
some of the fabrics
date back to the 30s.
this one really hits
so many styles close to
my heart- gunne, grunge,
prairie, depression era, goth,
farm life, 60's, 90's, etc.
the colours are a bit
brighter in pics than irl.
it has elastic waist &
4 pockets (2 are hidden).


the Elspeth skirt
[ sold ]

26-33" waistband
up to 40" hip
36-41" long

an epic Raven skirt
in lightweight cotton,
almost sheer. it flares
beautifully & gets very
full at the hem, with
endless tiers of tattered
ruffles.. a myriad of
reclaimed vintage fabrics,
adorned with raggedy ribbons.
it has a comfy elastic
waistband & two pockets.
precious antique lace
accents are perched at
the hips.


the Hera skirt
[ sold ]

30-33" waistband
free hip
28" long

a soft Raven skirt
in lightweight cotton,
subtle stripes & slightly
sheer. sewn with tattered
remnant-ruffles in varying
black, grey, blue-black
tones. the waistband is
elastic in back & stitched
with rustic bands in front.
it has one pocket & vintage
ribbons trailing down.


the Libby skirt
[ sold ]

30-33" waistband
free hip
34-37" long

a dark floral in rayon
and autumn tones-
stitched w layers
of tattered ruffles,
overdyed, tawny, olive
plaid.. it has one pocket
and a side button closure.
there are panels of elastic
in waistband for a comfy
fit & black cotton pillars
with tattered antique lace


the Marilou skirt
[ sold ]

26" waist
free hip
34" long

a sweet vintage
cotton floral;
daisies floating in
murky green & pink
clouds. stitched with
tattered strands & tiers
of ruffles in a myriad of forest tones.. one pocket & many tattered leaves
closes in back with a zip
& snap. colours are better
irl, they're showing up
a lil off in pics


the Marta skirt
[ sold ]

28-34" waistband
34-37" long

a lovely full storm
skirt in mottled Raven
cotton, with
tattered pillars &
tiers of ruffles. dark
florals, greys, blue-black
and bits of violet. all
the fabrics are recycled
vintage & overdyed in
shadow. it has one
pocket, an antique
lace crest & a comfy
elastic waistband.
colours are most accurate
in dress form pics


the Cybel skirt
[ sold ]

33-37" waistband
39" hip
36-39" long

a dark floral cotton
with grey-green blooms,
stitched with tiers
of tattered ruffles
in raven tones, dark
blues, violets & greys.
it closes with 10 lil
mismatched vintage buttons
& there are elastic panels
in the waist for a comfy fit.
2 pockets perch, antique
centerpiece in back &
many ribbons are adorning.


the Luned skirt
[ sold ]

36" waistband
42" lower hip
24-31" long

a fluted witch skirt
in a murky mermaid palette.
largely rayon & cotton~
most of the fabrics were
overdyed so the colours
are peeking through shadow.
it has a side zip, ties at
the waist, 2 pockets and
a deliciously layered hem,
teeming in dark florals,
stripes, tartan.. many
shades of blue-black,
violet, Raven & greys.


the Lucinda skirt
[ sold ]

32-38" waistband
up to 42" hip
29-39" long

a rustic dark floral skirt
with varying cotton panels..
many shades of Raven, lace,
plaid and overdyed flowers.
there are two pockets &
the waistband is elastic
in back. the hem is full
with layers of ragged
ruffles & longer in back.
there are two pockets,
lace & ribbons adorning.


the Dinah skirt
[ sold ]

27.5-33" waistband
free hip
27-32" long

a stormy Raven skirt
in vintage rayon, dyed
to a mottled, speckled
grey-black. it feels
almost alive, like dark
clouds moving very slowly.
there are 3 pockets, 2 are
hidden.. layers of ragged
remnant ruffles are layered
at the hem in varying shades
of black & grey. patches &
pillars are scattered about
& 3 antique botanical lace
treasures adorn it.


the Mistle skirt
[ sold ]

33-34" waistband
45" hip
35-36" long

a lovely dark floral
in rayon with daisy,
leaf & cherry print.
tiers of ruffles in
dark red, forest green
tartans, and dark navy
blue-black. two front
pockets & a rose pocket
in back. it closes with
9 beautiful tiny antique
buttons. I love the colours
on this one so much.


the Hannah skirt
[ sold ]

a long, elegant Raven
skirt in varying shades
of black. tiers of
ragged ruffles growing
at the hem, 2 pockets
& many tatters & patches
splashed about. a side
opening at the left
closes w 5 vintage
buttons & there's a
stretch elastic


the Tish skirt
[ sold ]

27-36" waistband
free hip
36-38" long

a dreamy dark floral
in rayon.. dark blue-
black, dusty pink flowers
with alternating tattered
ruffles in grey, black
and plum. it has 2 side
pockets, little antique
raven leaves & an
elastic waistband.


the Adrian skirt
[ sold ]

30" waistband
free hip
23-28" long

lovely Raven magic
in lightweight cotton.
a very full skirt hemmed
with a mountain of pointy
tatters. eyelet, lace,
silk, satin, tshirts,
hemp, stripes & wool.
witchy patchwork with
2 pockets & a zip/hook
closure in back.


the Alice skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
39" hip
23-28" long

this piece started many
years ago.. I'm so happy
to finally see it complete-
an intricate concoction
of reclaimed vintage fabrics,
layering of antique lace &
tea-stained ruffles. there
are 4 pockets, a side zip
closure & endless textures.
truly a feast for the eye.


the Ciri skirt
[ sold ]

32-39" waistband
28-35" long

a contemporary skirt
I worked some witchery on..
this is about half synth,
half natural fabrics. tiers
of ruffles, some are silk
salvaged from a 50's
dress, interspersed with
floaty greys reincarnated
from curtains. vintage buttons
in the front, elastic waist
in back & hidden pockets at
the sides. a bit more
business witch than my usual,
but a fun experiment :)


the Evelyn skirt
[ sold ]

28-32" waistband
36-39" long

a dreamy vintage
skirt with cool
pastel florals~
stitched with
tiers of tattered
ruffles & two pockets.
it closes in front
with 13 old buttons
and has a comfy
elastic waistband.


the Lauren skirt
[ sold ]

28-33" waistband
29-31" long

a lovely vintage Raven
number in rayon, with
neat shimmer swirls in
the fabric. gathered in
front w elastic waist in
back.. there's one side
pocket & a waterfall of
tattered ruffles at the
hem, as well as some fun
bits and patches sewn on
the sides like leaves~


the Henrietta skirt
[ sold ]

37-46" waistband
60" hip
36-47" long

a lovely tiered cotton
Raven skirt with tattered
ruffles at varying lengths.
adorned w many patches,
remnants & precious leaf-
lace and flowers. It has
an elastic waistband w a
drawstring & one pocket.


the Xanthe skirt
[ sold ]

33" waistband
24-30" long

a deeply autumnal,
pleated skirt in
squash-coloured cotton..
stitched with a wild
array of tattered vintage
remnants- old coat linining,
scarves, wool, silk. there
are upholstery patches, a
pocket, waist ties & a
zipper in back. it feels
like wearing a falling leaf~


the Harriet skirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
40" hip
28-35" long

an elegant patchwork
Raven skirt with a
gothic wallpaper vibe.
the front panel is an
almost sheer, lightweight
tshirt fabric,and the
rest of the pieces are
mostly reclaimed vintage
cotton. there are 3 pockets,
side zipper & a bit of stretch
in the waistband. precious
antique lace is scattered
about & tiers of raggedy
ruffles finish it off.


the Farrah skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waistband
fits 26-34"
26-33" long

a lovely crinoline
skirt explosion,
stitched with lil
red remnants. they
have a neat petal
effect, floating on
the tulle. it has
comfy elastic waistband
& jagged fairy hem.


the Millicent skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits
35-38" long

a flowing, witchy
Ravens skirt in
reclaimed cotton..
stitched with patches
& layers of tattered
ruffles, it has one
pocket & a cute collar
waistband, with elastic
in the back. there's alot
of volume with this one,
I'd recommend wearing a
slip or petticoat under
for ease of movement.


the Frankie skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
39" hip
33-40" long

a faded black linen
beauty, patched with
cotton remnants..
sporting 3 pockets,
antique lace accent,
tattered ribbon &
a layered, witchy
hem. closes with a
side zip & hook. I
love how versatile
this one feels, could
be easily be worn fancy
or casual fae.


the Gemma skirt
[ sold ]

28" waistband
38" hip
34-37" long

a lovely antique Raven
lace skirt with tiers
of tattered cotton
ruffles. It has a side
zip/button closure, a
big pocket & precious
cream lace and flower
accents. goth elegance with
endless layering potential ~


the Valerie skirt
[ sold ]

33.5" waistband
40" hip
27.5" long

a witchy Raven rework,
in cotton & rayon~
the main body of skirt
is a lacey crochet;
interspersed with soft
black velvet. it has one
roomy pocket, side zip
closure & precious antique
lace accents adorning.
skirt is pinned to fit
in pics


the Cicely skirt
[ sold ]

29-30" waistband
free hip
41-47" long

a dreamy, voluminous
skirt of patchwork
cotton florals &
plaids.. a variety
of blues, greens, violets..
it has adjustable
button closure and
one big pocket. this
was a fun prairie
diversion experiment,
inspired by gunne &
my early teenage
sewing projects.

modeled by Safra


the Harkin skirt
[ sold ]

27" waist
a out 25" long

a lovely lightweight
theater skirt, made of
cotton & stitched
with panels of vintage
velvet & tattered remnants.
the colours are hard to catch
in photos, most accurate in
hanger pics. the skirt is a
rusty red and the velvet
paneled hem is mostly a
vibrant valentine red.
it has one small pocket &
has a button & zipper closure.


the Agnes skirt
[ sold ]

29.5" waistband
free hip
39-43" long

a voluminous vintage
skirt I've bewitched
with tattered Raven
remnants.. it has
a full, jagged hem,
one pocket & closes
with a side zipper
& odd but cool velcro
panel (makes the waist
band a bit adjustable too).
unsure of the fabric
content but it has a nice
weight to it & the inside
is shiny & satin-like.


the Terese skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waistband
fits 30-35"
34-38" long

a long, boggy witch skirt
with panels of patched
overdyed fabrics; in murky
dark tones. some are sheer,
some solid. a layering of
ethereal, tattered & burnt
ruffles is sewn around the
hem & one small pocket is
perched on the hip. it
has an elastic waistband
& drawstring for comfy fit.


the Anya skirt
[ sold ]

30" waistband flares out to 45"
below pleats
30" long

a charming vintage
folk skirt that I've
fixed up- printed cotton
with spots & squares, a
velvet pocket & tiers of
ruffles. hand-dyed ribbon
accents and side hook/snap
closure. it has a great
silhouette + mega flounce
power :)


the Meryl skirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
36" hip
40" lower hip
29-38" long
10" waist-flare

a dreamy dryad skirt
of tatters and texture..
endless vintage remnants
dyed & layered into a
witchy forest hem, sprouting
with an assortment of
green leaves. there's a lace
trimmed pocket, and the
skirt closes with a side
zip and hook & eyes.


the Geraldine skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits
28-30" long

getting back to the
dark florals with
this elegant, overdyed
rose skirt~ it has
tiers of tattered ruffles,
one pocket & a side zip
& button closure. adorned
with 2 magical green ribbons.
the waistband is part
stretch for a comfy fit.
skirt is pinned smaller to
fit model & form in pics


the Lexa skirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
21-26" long

a lovely lightweight
cotton skirt with a jagged,
patchy hem. sewn with
tattered vintage remnants
& precious antique lace
accents. closes with
a side zip & has a
medium sized pocket
near hem.


the Harvey skirt
[ sold ]

fits 29-34"
28-31" long

a rustic linen skirt
stitched with tiers of
tattered Raven ruffles,
most of the fabrics are
cotton/silk but there
are some shimmery synths
sewn in too. There's a
spacious pocket & it
has an elastic waistband.

the Lilliana skirt
[ sold ]

fits 27-35"
30-34" long

a delicious violet
concoction, of Edwardian
skirt, paint-stained
trousers, 30's floral
dress remnants.. grey
coat lining, rusty
purples, deadstock
black cotton.. it has
an elastic waist, 3
pockets & a comfortable,
roomy fit. this one really
took me awhile but i think
it was worth the wait.


the Tippen skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits
25-32" long

a sweet silk tiered
Raven skirt of the tatter
witch variety.. it has
lil cascades of remnants
spilling down the sides,
one pocket, elastic waist
and layered hem. very light
weight & versatile, could
fill out a lot with under
skirts or be worn as is for
a more subtle look~


the Felicity skirt
[ sold ]

fits 27-34"
27-30" long

a dark floral paisley
tiered cotton skirt..
hand-dyed with tattered
ruffles & elastic waistband.
adorned with tattered burgundy
velvet & precious antique
Raven lace. also has 2
pockets for treasures :)


the Marybeth skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits 37-42"
49" hip
37-39" long

a lovely tiered
Raven skirt in Swiss
check cotton~ it has
an elastic waistband,
tattered ruffles round
the hem & a roomy pocket
adorned with precious antique
lace accents & ribbon.


the Tallulah skirt
[ sold ]

30" waist
37" hip
40-42" long

a long elegant vintage
skirt I've mended &
transformed. the silhouette
is very flattering with a
high waist, & hugs the curves.
tiers of Raven ruffles,
remnants, tatters dance
round the hem & its
adorned with ribbons
and tiny precious leaves.
It has one pocket in
front and closes in back
with zipper and hook & eyes.


the Deidre skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
up to 45" hip
40" long

an epic Raven skirt
with tiers of ruffles,
tatters & stripes.
this skirt is acetate
fabric and has a neat
crinkle texture & shimmery
look. there are 2 pockets
& precious antique lace
accents. It closes in
back with a Kuppenheimer
button & zipper.


the Miriam skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waistband
fits 34.5-40"
29-33" long

a raggedy Raven skirt
in natural materials..
many panels & textures
with subtle stripes,
watery silk, embroidery
and velvet patches. it has
2 hidden side pockets
adorned with tiny
hand-stitches & tattered
ribbons on each side.
the skirt is pinned
smaller to fit form &
model in photos


the Phryne skirt
[ sold ]

32-36" waistband
34-40" long

the first of the dark
florals.. muted grey,
brown & black in a
flowing cotton skirt
with tiers of ruffles
in silk, rayon & cotton.
it has elastic waist
in back & 9 buttons
in front, as well as
2 pockets for treasures.
the top ruffle in back
is a darker brown than
showing in photos


the Vincent skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits
up to 48" hip
27-34" long

a tattered witch skirt
in many shades of Raven, most
of the fabric used is cotton
or rayon, much faded, dyed,
aged, mottled. layers of
points and panels make
for a textural feast~
there are 2 pockets &
an elastic waist band.
it has precious lace
accents on sides.


the Wuthering skirt
[ sold ]

30-34" waistband
34-44" long

a billowing skirt made
with many Raven remnants &
panels, adorned with tiers
of tattered ruffles. most of
the fabrics are cotton &
rayon. there's elastic in back
of waistband, two patch pockets,
and an epic, romantic silhouette.
tattered lace, ribbons, subtle
stripes peek out here & there.
a haunting skirt for time-travels~


the Meredith skirt
[ sold ]

waist fits 29-34"
free hip
37-39" long

a lovely flowing witch skirt,
made with rayon, the fabric is
lightweight & fluttery with a
silk-like, buttery feel. it
has a wonderful tiered hem of
tattered ruffles, most of them
are organza. It has an elastic
waist & 3pockets. a perfect
accomplice for haunting the
woods, I named this after my
dear friend Meredith.. you can
find her music by searching for
'the Parlour Trick' bandcamp.


the Elizabeth skirt
[ sold ]

39" hip
23" long

a cute fairy business
skirt of natural fibers
with pleats, patches
& tendrils. it has two
pockets, a side button/zip
closure & precious lace
accents. the materials

range from 1800's mourning
to 90's tatters.


the Millthwaite skirt
[ sold ]

fits 28-36"
32-39" long

a lovely lightweight
charcoal skirt with
Raven accents.. tiers of
remnant ruffles create
a vividly textural, witchy
hem. there are 3 pockets
and it has a comfy
elastic waistband.


the Farragut skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits 31-35"
37-40" long

a lovely vintage
cotton skirt I dyed
& bewitched.. it
has layers of ruffles
and two pockets in the
folds. the dyeing
came out wonderfully
mottled, and there are
rusty spots as well as
blue, grey violet tones
peeking out in a dusky
muddle. it has a comfy
elastic waistband.


the Finley skirt
[ sold ]

33.5" waistband
41" hip area
21-23" long

a lovely Raven skirt
of black cotton, patched
with many bits & tatters.
vintage lace, velvet,
slips, stripes & stories.
it zips on the right &
has 2 small pockets.
there are some special
golden stars embroidered
on the back & tiers
of ruffles finish it off.


the Gregory skirt
[ sold ]

33" waistband
40" lower hip
23-27" long

a flouncy wintry witch
skirt- patchwork wool
patterns with tiers of
tattered ruffles adorning
the hem. it closes with a
vintage zip & has two


the Hilde skirt
[ sold ]

29.5" waistband
up to 40" hip
20.5-26" long

romantic frankenstein
of a 90's lace miniskirt &
lush hand-dyed brown velvet..
a tattered coat pocket is
sewn to the hip, with black
sequins dripping out..
there are vintage lace
accents & a winking rhinestone
adorning the black velvet side
as well. spooky spiderweb lace
hem, elven angles & a raven
ribbon finish it off. this
will be fun to style,
as the lace parts are unlined
& see through.


the Felicity skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waistband
up to 38" hip
23-28" long

a lovely lightweight
Raven skirt with ruffled
tiers & layered tatters.
the base is rayon and
I've adorned it with
many textural vintage
remnants. it has one
pocket and a side zip.
wonderful worn as is
and could also be layered
beautifully with other
skirts beneath.


the Gemma bloomers
[ sold ]

size S/M
30-34" waistband
11" front waistband
to crotch
12-14.5" long

a cute floral bloomer
100% viscose, super soft
& comfy. there are two side
pockets & a patch pocket on
the bum. they have an elastic
waistband with a drawstring
and hand-stitched eyelet
ruffles at the hems. vintage
green ribbons adorn the sides.


the Flannery skirt
[ sold ]

29-35" waistband
up to 48" hip
30-40" long

a fluttery vintage raven
skirt I've bewitched with
tatters and stripes.. it's a
lightweight soft cotton with
a lovely silhouette. it has an
elastic waistband and the
original skirt tag was sz L.


the Evie skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waistband
31" long

an elegant sheer
skirt with scattered
tatter patches stitched
about, all vintage &
antique remnants.. a
textural & layering dream
come true. it has a
comfy cotton waistband
and side zipper closure.


the Lellan shorts
[ sold ]

27-29" waistband
18" long
16" waist- crotch

a pair of lightweight 80's
silk shorts, hand-dyed
and stitched with tatters,
leaves & tendrils. they
close with buttons and
zipper in front, have two
pockets & ribbons at the
side for cute adjustable
bloomer styling. these will
be best on a shorter person-
or someone with shorter torso


the Harold skirt
[ sold ]

34" waistband
38" hip
20-22" long

something started long ago
& finished at long last~
a raven patchwork of denim
and wool, paint-spattered
jeans & high end hand-stitches.
some of the panels are stretchy
so it has a nice comfy fit. there
are two pockets & a cascade
of perfectly tattered ruffles.
it closes with a heavy duty
vintage trouser button on
the left.


the October jumper
[ sold ]

30-34" waistband
36-41" lower hip
around 26" long
from waist

this wonderful jumper
was made entirely with
hemp fabric scraps gifted
to me from a friend. it has
a neat earthy texture and
most of the fabric has some
stretch, so it's very comfy.
it has a zipper closure and
two adjustable straps. I sewed
on 3 pockets for treasures & the
hem is jagged and witchy~


the Carl skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waist
43" hip
23.25" long

a lovely raven skirt
reconstruction~ the fabric
feels victorian; has that
shiny cotton look of many
of that era's skirts. but there
was a tag stapled in that said
"8/10/59 CARL" so thinking this
was a costume piece from a
theatre. it was made a lil wonky
& still has a bit of that quality
but it also feels quite magical
& witchy. I gave it a fun tiered
silhouette, a giant pocket &
some neat detailing. it closes
in back with vintage buttons


the Renilde skirt
[ sold ]

34.5" waistband
40" lower hip area
21.5"-22.5" long

happy to share this new raven..
it's patchworked from rugged
vintage remnants.. there are
pieces of business trousers,
50's dresses & a floral coat,
among other things. it has 3
pockets and closes with a vintage
zipper on the right (though this can
actually be worn 'backwards' too).
I love this piece because it feels
multifaceted- no nonsense & almost,
like, business goth, but also so fae
& farmhousey.


the Phryne skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
50" /free hip
22" at longest

a faery reconstruction
that feels like Degas~
a layered net skirt sewn with
tattered antique remnants
& thoughtful lace. crowned
with an 8 pointed star.
it closes with a zip on the
right. a light & lovely piece.


the Heliotrope skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
37" lower hip
18-23" long

a violet faery skirt from
the vault~ many dye baths,
many layers & so many vintage
remnants.. it has elegant angles,
a zipper closure and ribbons
adorning. there is also a small
pocket. cotton, stripes, satin,
lace, tulle & ruffles all stitched
together into a beautiful flower
you can wear.


the Leila skirt
[ sold ]

34" waistband
40" lower, hip
20-22" long

a lovely tattered raven skirt~
faded remnants of a 40's
polka dot dress, vintage coat
lining, overdyed lace, cotton
& silk tatters all patched into
an elegant, lightweight faery
garment. it closes with a vintage
zip on the left, next to a little
pocket for your treasures.