the Gemma bloomers
[ sold ]

size S/M
30-34" waistband
11" front waistband
to crotch
12-14.5" long

a cute floral bloomer
100% viscose, super soft
& comfy. there are two side
pockets & a patch pocket on
the bum. they have an elastic
waistband with a drawstring
and hand-stitched eyelet
ruffles at the hems. vintage
green ribbons adorn the sides.


the Flannery skirt
[ sold ]

29-35" waistband
up to 48" hip
30-40" long

a fluttery vintage raven
skirt I've bewitched with
tatters and stripes.. it's a
lightweight soft cotton with
a lovely silhouette. it has an
elastic waistband and the
original skirt tag was sz L.


the Evie skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waistband
31" long

an elegant sheer
skirt with scattered
tatter patches stitched
about, all vintage &
antique remnants.. a
textural & layering dream
come true. it has a
comfy cotton waistband
and side zipper closure.


the Aeon skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband 38" lower, hip 23.5" long

a dapper concoction
from the vault.. antique
stripes and cotton lining
arranged with soft dark
velvet of many hues. there
are two pockets & an trusty
vintage zipper.


the Lellan shorts
[ sold ]

27-29" waistband
18" long
16" waist- crotch

a pair of lightweight 80's
silk shorts, hand-dyed
and stitched with tatters,
leaves & tendrils. they
close with buttons and
zipper in front, have two
pockets & ribbons at the
side for cute adjustable
bloomer styling. these will
be best on a shorter person-
or someone with shorter torso


the Bijoux skirt
[ sold ]

22-26" waist
free hip
19" long

a 90's moda international
skirt that I've done some
witching on~ vintage tattered
remnants are sewn into the
pleats with a subtle dark,
organic effect. this piece is
very lightweight & moves
with the wearer like a lovely
accordion shadow.


the Lila bloomers
[ sold ]

26-29" waist
up to 40" hip
15.25" long

cute vintage floral shorts
that I transformed; dyeing,
hemming, adding lace & ribbons~
they have a super fun bloomer
feel and also have POCKETS!
the waistband is a bit thicc
as these are from the 80's.
ribbons are tattered ties
from a 1950's apron..
the perfect accomplice
for summer~


the Lillian skirt
[ sold ]

waistband fits 33-38"
up to 46" hip
20-25" long

a witchy raven skirt
made from recycled
t-shirts.. it has a neat
diamond patchwork pattern
& tattered jagged hemline.
there's a pocket perched
on the right hip and the
a stretch waistband.
very lightweight and
comfortable, a perfect
go-to for the casual witch


the Harold skirt
[ sold ]

34" waistband
38" hip
20-22" long

something started long ago
& finished at long last~
a raven patchwork of denim
and wool, paint-spattered
jeans & high end hand-stitches.
some of the panels are stretchy
so it has a nice comfy fit. there
are two pockets & a cascade
of perfectly tattered ruffles.
it closes with a heavy duty
vintage trouser button on
the left.


the October jumper
[ sold ]

30-34" waistband
36-41" lower hip
around 26" long
from waist

this wonderful jumper
was made entirely with
hemp fabric scraps gifted
to me from a friend. it has
a neat earthy texture and
most of the fabric has some
stretch, so it's very comfy.
it has a zipper closure and
two adjustable straps. I sewed
on 3 pockets for treasures & the
hem is jagged and witchy~


the Carl skirt
[ sold ]

30.5" waist
43" hip
23.25" long

a lovely raven skirt
reconstruction~ the fabric
feels victorian; has that
shiny cotton look of many
of that era's skirts. but there
was a tag stapled in that said
"8/10/59 CARL" so thinking this
was a costume piece from a
theatre. it was made a lil wonky
& still has a bit of that quality
but it also feels quite magical
& witchy. I gave it a fun tiered
silhouette, a giant pocket &
some neat detailing. it closes
in back with vintage buttons


the Cordelia skirt
[ sold ]

28" waist
free hip
22" long

a sweet cotton skirt
from the vault, dyed
and dyed to a water
colour perfection.
the colours are mottled
and beautifully stained.
it has 2 roomy pockets
& closes in front with
many buttons. there
are tattered white
lace flowers scatter-
sewn adorning.


the Edward skirt
[ sold ]

29" waist
free hip
24-29" long

a lovely lightweight
antique skirt~ the
base is 30's, I believe.
it has a stunning blue
velvet ribbon waistband
& closes with hook and
eyes on the left. I added
raw black silk ruffles,
millinery ribbon & a
modest pocket on the
back. elegant timetravel~


the Vivienne skirt
[ sold ]

26-32" waistband
36-40" hip
21-25" long

a wild floof of a
raven skirt I built
on a crinoline. endless
layers & tatters make for
a stunning fairy silhouette.
it has a stretch waist and
lace accents. I want to see
this on a ballerina :)


the Alice skirt - on sale!
[ sold ]

30" waistband
lower hip 40"
19-24" long

a sweet cotton/silk skirt
I reconstructed with a
myriad of vintage remnants
& tatters. lovely layers, lace
and periwinkle ribbons. it zips
closed on the left.


the Renilde skirt
[ sold ]

34.5" waistband
40" lower hip area
21.5"-22.5" long

happy to share this new raven..
it's patchworked from rugged
vintage remnants.. there are
pieces of business trousers,
50's dresses & a floral coat,
among other things. it has 3
pockets and closes with a vintage
zipper on the right (though this can
actually be worn 'backwards' too).
I love this piece because it feels
multifaceted- no nonsense & almost,
like, business goth, but also so fae
& farmhousey.


the Phryne skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
50" /free hip
22" at longest

a faery reconstruction
that feels like Degas~
a layered net skirt sewn with
tattered antique remnants
& thoughtful lace. crowned
with an 8 pointed star.
it closes with a zip on the
right. a light & lovely piece.


the Heliotrope skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
37" lower hip
18-23" long

a violet faery skirt from
the vault~ many dye baths,
many layers & so many vintage
remnants.. it has elegant angles,
a zipper closure and ribbons
adorning. there is also a small
pocket. cotton, stripes, satin,
lace, tulle & ruffles all stitched
together into a beautiful flower
you can wear.


the Leila skirt
[ sold ]

34" waistband
40" lower, hip
20-22" long

a lovely tattered raven skirt~
faded remnants of a 40's
polka dot dress, vintage coat
lining, overdyed lace, cotton
& silk tatters all patched into
an elegant, lightweight faery
garment. it closes with a vintage
zip on the left, next to a little
pocket for your treasures.


the Victoria skirt
[ sold ]

30" waistband
41" lower hip
33" long

an elegant raven skirt of
dark florals and stripes..
the flower fabric has a neat
sheen to it, that looks different
as the light changes. there are
three pockets and it closes with
a vintage zipper. it has a lovely full
silhouette, and would also work well
with a petticoat underneath.