the William coat
[ sold ]

42" chest
35" waist
21" long
19" armhole
24" long sleeves

a regal coat reconstruction
of tattered elegance.. it has
knightly angles, beautiful
sun-fading & a many faceted
collar. the outer collar is
adorned with antique black
sequins & there are buttons
to hold it up when desired.
two lavish ruffled cuffs & two
pockets finish it off.


the Kerr coat
[ sold ]

38" chest
34" waist
27" long
19" shoulder-shoulder
sleeves are 24.5" long
13" around bicep
9.75" around cuff

a rare nostalgia offering~
I began working on and wearing
this coat about 12 years ago.
recently unearthed it and took
the time to bring it back to life.
it is worn in the most lovely way,
and feels comforting & familial,
like borrowing a friend's coat.
11 vintage buttons close it in front.
it has two frankenstein pockets,
stretch panels in the arms for a
neat fit, and hundreds of
stitches & memories. the script
on the back is from a collection
of letters I saved from a dumpster
many years ago & silkscreened. this
would be best gently worn or living
with a crafty person, who can
continue to mend it as it will
need over time.. more photos in
the diary


the Rex coat
[ sold ]

40" chest
36" waist
20" long
sleeves are 25" long
armhole is 19"
14" around bicep
10" around cuff
collar is almost 3"

an awesome vintage 80's coat
that I altered and adorned with
vintage patches and treasures.
the coat is made with checker-woven
black silk, so it has a really unique
texture. the patches are tags from
antique clothes, boy scouts & the
key patch is by Tessellate
there are two pockets and
jaunty cuffs as well~


the Stella coat
[ sold ]

up to 40" bust
up to 32" waist
17" long
sleeves are 23" long
armhole is 17" around

a nostalgia coat from my closet~
this is a reconstruction I did
about a decade ago. it has
special silkscreens on the back-
the eye was made by my friend
Ogo and the dolls are from
a weird lovely shop I worked at
back then. this has a lot of
history & magic in it. there
are a couple stains on the arm
and many patched holes


the Aubrey cloak
[ sold ]

hood is 25" over head from neck 16" around neck from 6.5-8.5" long in front from 9.5-12" long in back

a midnight cloak patchworked from vintage sweater remnants. stitched with lace and tattered textures.. velvet, cashmere, cotton and acrylic fabrics are worked in, with tiny vintage beads adorning. there is a button & loop in front as well as a ribbon tie.