the Tilly collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
5.5-16" long

a tattered textile art
collar, many remnants
& eras stitched together
in an elegant textural
feast. It has a different
look each way its turned
& is starred with antique
treasures~ velvet leaf,
flowers, webby poems &
golden ribbon. closes
with a green velvet
button & stretch loop.


the Nixie gloves
[ sold ]

7.5" around widest
part of hand
7" around wrist

a pair of cute reworked
vintage gloves, deep
forest green with brown
& black stitching. adorned
with tattered poms,
rusty ribbons & elven
angles at the wrists.

modeled by Sophie


the Florence collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
can adjust to be larger
4.5-12" long

a delicious forest collar
of rich velvets, mossy
sweaters & chartreuse
silk. leafy green ruffles
frame the face and it
closes with textural
emerald ties.
modeled & shirt
by Sophie


the Bertram collar
[ sold ]

16.5" around neck
1.5-13" long

a jaunty lil Raven
collar of stripes &
tatters.. lovely points
and angles make for
different looks each
way it's turned. soft
velvet, tiny red accents,
shimmery fluting, this
piece is subtle from
a distance but wonderfully
complex up close. fastens
with a trusty vintage button
modeled by Sophie


the Gallica collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
can adjust to be larger
4.5-8.5" long

a lush & regal collar
made with rosey vintage
remnants.. precious
velvets, tattered cotton,
lined with soft hemp silk.
it closes with 2 crimson
ribbons. a vibrant, textural
flower you can wear.
modeled by Ameera


the Clara collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck
at smallest, can
adjust to be larger..
top ruffle is 2.5"
6.5-12" long

a patchwork collar
of many remnants, full
of history.. tattered lace,
stripes, tea-stains, flowers
& tendrils. the ruffles are
from an edwardian petticoat
& the closure ties are a
victorian cream linen.
beautiful theatrical romance
for everyday wear~
modeled by Sophie


Discounted! the Nettie collar
[ sold ]

5" around neck
1.75" collar
5.5" at the longest

a prim raven collar of vintage
net and cotton. it closes with
small black buttons and has
a lovely ruffled collar. perfect
for adding a dash of timetravel
to any ensemble.


the Roxy collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck 2.5-7" long

a lovely Raven collar
made with vintage remnants.
. bits of florals & stripes
embedded with cotton,
coat lining, many treasures
& histories. with dynamically
different looks each way
it's turned, this is quite
a fascinating addition to
the wardrobe.


the Vella collar
[ sold ]

15.5" around neck
4-11" long

the first of a new batch
of Raven collars, made with
vintage remnants. this
one feels very bat-like,
with wonderful points
and angles like wings.
it has a different look
each way it's turned &
can be worn many ways.
these are a fun, easy way
to vamp up an otherwise
simple outfit.


the Emile collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
4-6" long

this raven collar magically
arose out of the current remnants
on my sewing table, quite
sure of who it wanted to be.
it features a delicious
assortment of tatters &
tendrils, with nest and rootling
tendencies. the look is
different each way it's
turned on the neck, and
a vintage stair-step button
secures it. the colour is most
accurate in stock photos


a Petal ascot
[ sold ]

13.5" around neck
1.25" tall collar
front piece is 12" long

this precious piece was
made from fabrics from
the Dress house, a 20 foot
tall dress I made with a friend
about 10 years ago in Oakland.
the fabrics have been aged,
painted & burnt. it has a lovely
tattered pastel goth palette &
soft ribbon collar. it closes
with a hook & loop in back.


the Cybele necklace
[ sold ]

23-24" necklace
centerpiece is
2.5" across
hangs down 8"

a magical witchy
necklace crafted with
precious vintage remnants~
burgundy velvet, black lace
& ribbons with vermillion,
mauve, leaflet, florals &
adorned with a shiny
black berry bead. it
fastens with a scarlet
button and has two
buttonholes for adjustability.


a Leaflet collar
[ sold ]

12.75" around neck
.75" tall
6" at longest

an elegant forest goth
collar made with vintage
remnants. millinery
leaves meet sleek
black fabric and a
pearly bead adorns it.
closes in back with
hook & eye.


a Vermillion collar
[ sold ]

13.5" around neck
1-2.5" tall
ribbon hangs
to 6"

a dreamy collar in
some of my favourite
colours.. Vermillion &
mauve mixed with
black florals are so
delicious! an antique
frog closure adorns it.
it fastens with a hook
& eye in back.


the Claudette cape - on sale!
[ sold ]

17" around neck
about 11" long in front
14" long in back

an elegant antique
silk velvet cape that I
fixed up and added some
faery glamour to. it's become
quite the dream piece, with
some mysterious powers!
closes in front with
a hook & eye.


a Leafing collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck
2.5"-7" tall

a forest collar in lush
shades of green.. velvet,
cotton, silk & layers
of leaves. sculpted with
stitches to an elegant
fit, it closes with a
vintage button & loop.
it has a different look
each way it's turned,
like all forest things :)


an Equestrian collar
[ sold ]

13" around neck
.75"-1.75" tall

a lovely power collar
fashioned with remnants
from an 1800's waistcoat.
two leaves of velvet and
a sea strand are sewn in
front, a hook & eye close
it in back.


a Spider collar - on sale!
[ sold ]

13.5" around, laying flat
stretches up to 14.5"
1-8" long

elegant goth remnant
collar in the realm of a
spider goddess~ built on
soft stretch t-shirt fabric
for a comfy close fit, it closes
with hook & eye in back.
many bits of history, lace,
tassels & texture live here.


the Devs collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck
2.5"-7" long

a lovely raven treasure collar,
patched together with a
myriad of vintage remnants.
adorned with black beads,
labradorite & a lil curtain
of black fringe. it has a
different effect each way
it's turned & is lined with
sleek, soft fabric.


the Charlie collar
[ sold ]

5" around neck
1.5"-8" long

a precious raven patchwork
collar of velvet, cotton,
eyelet, coat lining & magic.
it has a neat sculptural
jagged shape that lends
a different look each
way it's turned.


the Esme crown
[ sold ]

adjustable size

a lovely crown from the vault
I recently unearthed & revamped.
I used to wear this for special
occasions & it has a lot of magic
in it. the frame is wire stitched
with soft pale pink fabric & very
comfortable to wear. there is
elastic that holds it onto the head.
all of the flowers are on wire
strands and it can be shaped in
many different ways.


the Pom collar
[ sold ]

smallest it can be
is 15" around neck
4"-8" tall
laying flat: 24" x 8" at largest

a weird & wonderful
collar from the vault~
made with lovely oceanic
vintage fabrics; adorned
with violent red poms
floating amongst tattered
sea tendrils. I feel like it
was stolen from the neck
of some futuristic sky
siren with a taste for blood.


the Colette collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck
3-10" tall

treasures from the vault that
I finally finish.. a vibrant
rusty collar with lots of chaos
stitching.. red thread scrawls,
antique velvet, gunne sax satin
& alll the tatters.. it has different
looks each way it's turned,
a soft tawny collar & a paint
chipped old button to close it.


a Nocturne pin
[ sold ]

2 1/3" x 1 1/2"
at largest

a neat floral ribbon pod
pin, made with vintage
materials.. it has a cool
sculptural feel & makes
a compelling centerpiece
or addition to any outfit.
lil lace filaments and a
ribbon tendril adorn the


a Victorian pin
[ sold ]

1 4/8" x 1 1/3"
fringe is 3 1/2"

a regal time traveling
talisman, this pin is hand
stitched with black cotton
and woven victorian mourning
fringe. it looks great on your
coat, dress, hat.. or even a


a Rust pin
[ sold ]

2" x 1"
at largest

a dreamy time-traveler,
this one's stolen my heart.
lush rusty velvet and
a perfectly stained bit
of dress-lining, hand
stitched with a bundle of
antique gold thread.
it makes any dress or coat
go up about a hundred points.


an Eclipse pin
[ sold ]

1 1/2" x 2"
at largest
fringe hangs down
about 5 1/4"

a magical celestial
pin of oakmoss velvet,
woven cream ribbon &
black fringe. 4 black beads
cluster near the ribbons.
these pins are a quick
& sure way to fancy up your
coats, dresses, hats, etc.


a Leaf pin
[ sold ]

1" x 1 3/4"
at largest

a lovely leaf pin
of butterscotch &
olive.. growing with
a strand of cream victorian
lace.. I love this one, it
feels 1800's and also
sweetly 1970's.


a Snow pin
[ sold ]

1 1/2" x 2 3/4"
at largest

a precious snow pin
handstitched with
tiny pearly beads and
curls of velvet from
an antique lampshade.
these can be worn in
so many ways & add a
special magic touch to
any ensemble


a Filigree pin
[ sold ]

1 3/4" x 3" at largest

a decadent little art pin,
all hand-stitched with
shimmery peach tatters.
there's a strand of
handmade victorian
lace adorning & a black
art nouveau archway
framing the top. these
are lovely to wear on coats,
hats or on ribbon necklace.


the Felix ascot
[ sold ]

14" around neck
collar part is 4-7"
front is 11" at longest

an elegant elven ascot/
collar in lovely forest
greens- tattered lace,
velvet, coat lining, cotton..
soft, lightweight & cozy.
it closes with an antique


a Plankton collar
[ sold ]

14" around neck
13" at longest
1.5" at shortest

a dreamy, light oceanic
collar of pale blue silk, slip
and antique lace menagerie.
it has a kind of wing effect
if you wear it to one side..
quite a few looks in this :)
there are many tiny hand-
stitches & it closes with a
vintage pearly button.


a Forest dickey
[ sold ]

14" around neck
collar is 1.25" tall
11" at longest
in front

a lovely deep forest faery
take on the dickey.. I'm
excited to make more of
these & ascots too. this
one is a textural dream in
green velvet & precious, tattered
remnants. the collar part
is the waistband from an
antique apron & it closes with
a button in back. there's also
a special jet bead sewn in
amongst the leaves~


the Adrian ascot
[ sold ]

14" around neck
collar part is 2" front hangs down 11" at longest

a wonderfully tattered ascot
made with a myriad of antique
& vintage remnants. weathered
& tea-stained, it lends an air
of ragged royalty to any outfit.
the collar part is made with
soft cotton so it feels lovely
on~ it closes with a giant hook in the back.


the Siobhan collar
[ sold ]

13.5" around neck
7.5 long in front
ribbon collar is 3/4"

an elegant adornment
fit for a cosmic mermaid~
antique silk velvet in a riotous
magenta stitched with muddy
lace, cream fringe & varying
pearly beads. the collar is a
vintage pink velvet ribbon
turned inside so it is very soft
on the neck. closes with a
trusty hook & eye~


the Julien collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
3-7" long

a lovely velvet raven collar
that flew together out
of some Gibbous relics..
this has about 6 looks in it,
each way you turn it, there's
a different effect. lined with
soft remnants, the fit is very
cozy. it closes with a weathered
old flower button.


the Aislinn collar
[ sold ]

13" around neck
6.5" long in front

all the ingredients for
this have been pinned
above my worktable for a
month.. it's so nice to see it
all sewn together, finally!
a magical landscape of
velvet, lace & muddy
remnants, with floating
pearly beads and burgundy
button. it closes with a
vintage hook & eye.


the Louis collar
[ sold ]

13" around neck
9.5" long in front

a handsome hand-dyed crochet
collar, adorned with vintage black
ribbons and 1800's mourning tassels.
a precious antique wooden button
finishes it off. it closes in back with
another button & loop. this is quite
dynamic addition to any ensemble &
very fun to style.


the Peat cape
[ sold ]

about 15" aroud neck
collar is 1.5" tall
11.5-17" long

a rich cape made with my
favourite velvets.. deep dark
greens & browns are patched
along remnants of a motheaten
1940's coat. stitched with wild
vintage sweater moss for, it
feels quite formidable and alive.
the cape is lined with various
vintage cottons & closes with
2 antique buttons. tis very soft.
& infused with deep, quiet
forest powers.