the Clara top
[ sold ]

fits 31" -38" chest
about 16" long

a lovely fairy top made
with hand-dyed mustard lace
& silk remnants. it laces up in
back & is adorned with a tattered
rusty ribbon. the scalloped lace
makes for some elegant sheer
magic and wonderful layering
potential :)


the Lyra bodice
[ sold ]

fits 30-33" bust
18" at longest

a lovely elven fairy
top made with emerald
silk velvet from the 1920's.
it has a mossy green lace-up
with tattered black ribbons.
stunning on it's own and
also fun to layer~ the perfect
summer forest accomplice.


the Galen top
[ sold ]

fits 32-26B best

a neat raven experiment
patchwork of varying
velvets, stripes, silk &
nocturnal trims. some
of the fabric is stretch
so it has a comfy fit.
it laces up in back
with a silk walnut


a Milkweed top
[ sold ]

fits 32-36B best
17-23" long

a lovely tattered faery top
in shimmering tones of
silvery milkweed. the
colour is magnificent &
difficult to capture in photos
hand-dyed, sculpted &
patched into an elegant faery
leaf of a garment. it laces up
in back with a cerulean
ribbon. the loops are
repurposed key rings :)


the Louis cardigan
[ sold ]

32-42" chest
26-38" waist
14-17" armhole
26.5" long sleeves
8-14" bicep
8-10" cuff
18-21" shoulders
25" long

an elegant Raven in cardigan
form.. it closes with 15 small
vintage buttons, has extra
long sleeves & wonderful
lace cutouts. there are tattered
sweater patches sewn on the
shoulders that give a lil epaulette
effect & one trails down the right
arm. this is very stretchy and
comfy, could fit a myriad of sizes.


the Chaplin shirt
[ sold ]

42" chest
39" waist
25.5" long
sleeves are 26" long
armhole is 18" around
17" shoulder-shoulder

a black cotton raven
shirt stitched with tattered
remnants & bits of antique
lace. it has a jaunty collar
& cuffs. elegant on it's own
or layered with a vest~


the Hila shirt
[ sold ]

33-38" chest
26-30" waist
about 14" long

a fun experiment patched
together with vintage tights,
stretch lace and burgundy
velvet. very stretchy, comfy
and sheer. this will age
beautifully too & look
very fairypunk, as the
tights fabric gets holes
in it.


a Rose bralette
[ sold ]

30-36" chest
30-34" ribs
13-17" long

a Rose fairy bralette~
lush vintage stretch velvet
and lace patched together
into a perfect summer top.
it closes with 3 vintage
buttons in back.


the Lettie shirt
[ sold ]

laying flat, chest is 29"
stretches up to 37"
underbust 26"
stretches up to 32"
12.5" long

an intuitive patchwork
lattice crop top shirt~
made with vintage t-shirt
scraps so it has a comfortable
stretch fit. quite versatile &
fun to layer. I'm excited to
make more lattice clothes :)


the Miriam shirt
[ sold ]

31" chest, laying flat
stretches up to 37"
28" waist laying flat
stretches up to 33"
35" hip laying flat
stretches up to 39"
29.5" long

an elegant patchwork
camisole, made with
reclaimed vintage t-shirts
& stretch fabrics. 90's flowers,
textural grey lace, stripes &
a decollete web.. it has a
great fit and I made it extra
long.. it's perfect for wearing
with a skirt or jumper.


the Cora shirt
[ sold ]

this is adjustable
but would fit a 32"-33" bust
best. about 16" long
depending on strap

a delicate camisole shirt
patched together with
antique lace and cotton remnants.
it has 8 ribbons for closure
in front. the straps are
adjustable. elegant &
ephemeral & dreaming of
another era.


the Elsbeth shirt- on sale!
[ sold ]

32-38" bust
30-36" waist
27" long
including fringe

an elegant web shirt made
from a vintage scarf and
thin, soft t-shirt remnants.
it has a great shape, and it's
stretchy & very comfortable.
I am quite tempted to keep
this one~


the Agnes shirt
[ sold ]

34" bust laying flat
but stretches to 40"
32 ' waist laying flat
but stretches to 36"
21" long in front
25" long in back
(at longest)

a lovely piece from the vaults,
started a decade ago & finished
just now~ all hand dyed fabrics.
a woven, patched together shirt
stitched with a plethora of vintage
lace & crochet. soft and webby, it
feels like it was made for a spider faery.


the Nadia shirt
[ sold ]

30-36" bust
27-32" waist
28-40" hip
25" long

a lovely, soft vintage t-shirt,
hand-dyed, cut up & patched with
windows of grey-violet mesh.
it's super long and comfortable,
perfect for shadow layering &
late night dancing.


the Lorien shirt
[ sold ]

34-36" bust
up to 30" waist
up to 40" hip
30" long it has a bit of stretch

a lovely leaf like shirt,
crafted with reclaimed materials.
green yarn webs cover the bust,
and the lower part is made from a
lightweight mossy sweater.


the Sylvie shirt
[ sold ]

fits 29-34" bust about 24" long

a soft vintage t-shirt, stitched with stripes and black crochet. it has asymmetrical straps.. a lovely piece for daily wear.