the Rye top
[ sold ]

37" bust
30" waist
18" long

a dusty 40's Raven blouse
reworked w forest & farm
magic. closes w lil
mismatched antique buttons
& has waist ties and loops,
can be tied in back or in
front. patched w rustic
remnants in tawny cotton,
black velvet, dark navy
stripes & olive silk.
I literally found this
in a shed! the fabric
shows age & spots..
I love this visual history~
but if that's not yr thing,
pls don't buy it :)


the Faye top
[ sold ]

shown on 35B bust
fits 33-37" best
14-17" long

a Petal top started
years ago, so happy to
finally finish it.
highly textured, stitched
w many variants of pale pink
in silk & satin. feels very
lush & lovely to wear.
the straps & back are
adjustable w salvaged
bra parts and delicious
tatters adorn the hem
and straps.


the Angelica top
[ sold ]

shown on 35B bust
would fit 33-37 best
14-17" long

a tattered fairy top
made with a patchwork
of vintage remnants.
cotton, shimmer, silk,
adorned with antique
lace accents. the straps
are adjustable & it
has a laceup back framed
with boning


the Filch top
[ sold ]

30-36" chest
15-17" long

a fairypunk crop t
made with vintage
tshirt remnants
patchwork, jagged,
aged, overdyed, lovely
stained colours- stripes,
florals, mottled lace.
it has neat lattice
straps made from shirt


the Finn top
[ sold ]

shown on
34" bust model
(adjustable torso)
about 19" long

a rustic woven
net top made from
a vintage scarf.
it has ties on the
sides for versatility
& is stitched with a
wonderful array of
patches- lush velvets,
workwear remnants, antique
cream lace. a fun hobbity
piece for summer layering.


the Esme top
[ sold ]

14" neck
18-19" long
18.5" shoulder

a soft antique velvet
dickey top I've mended &
elevated with gorgeous
Victorian epaulettes,
golden buttons & tattered
side ties. so fun
to wear, layer & style~
it has hook & loop
closure behind neck.


discounted! the Leil top
[ sold ]

will fit 33-37"
chest best
28-31" waist
16-30" long

a tattered landscape
top patchworked with
varying sheer & textural
creams, whites & peachy
tones. stretch mesh is
at work here to keep it
elegant & comfy. this was
a fun little step in
a direction I've kept on
hold for too long. the
fabrics used are flawed,
stained & aged intentionally


discounted! the Charlotte top
[ sold ]

taken laying flat,
will stretch a couple
inches larger
35" chest
31" waist
33" hip
25" long
19" shoulders
17" armhole
7" bicep

a lovely modern Raven
remix, soft cotton knit
with cute puffed sleeves.
elegant governess vibes
& just the right
amount of patches. 8
tiny vintage buttons
close it & a precious
antique leaf crest is
stitched over the heart.


the Elthe bodice
[ sold ]

best fit for
35-40" bust
15-16" long

an ethereal patchwork
bodice made with salvaged
vintage lace, florals,
velvet, embroidery &
cotton. it laces up with
a pale green silk ribbon,
has adjustable straps &
precious antique lace
trim and adornments.


the Davina top
[ sold ]

34-36" bust
up to 33" underbust
16.5" long

a super cute n flattering
cotton floral top.. closes
with 5 lil vintage buttons
& has a ruffled bust that
can be worn up or folded
down. there are patchwork
stripe & plaid straps,
and a raven eyelet panel
in back.


the Viola shirt
[ sold ]

very adjustable
46" chest, where
it's tied in pics
9.5" armhole
20.5" shoulders
24.5" sleeves

a lovely medieval-style
cotton shirt dyed to a deep
mottled purple, patched with
dark country florals & greys.
3 sets of ties in front, a
dappled collar with patched
points & part of an antique
fan is perched on the back.
the cuffs are extra long
with violet silk & have
2 buttons each.


the Len vest
[ sold ]

45" chest
36" waist
19.5" long

an earthy, weathered russet
cotton vest with regal
collar & shoulder accents.
5 vintage buttons close it
and there are lovely
textures adorning in tawny
& reddish tones.


the Hale top
[ sold ]

33.5" bust
30.5" underbust
15.5" long

a beautifully weathered
cotton top with flattering
darts and angles. dyed &
stained & faded.. patched,
rearranged, stitched by
hand + machine
it closes with 5
precious violet buttons.
soft, washed-out periwinkle
ruffles are sewn in the
bustline and different looks
can be created by how
much it's buttoned. a
special raven lace accent
adorns the left strap.


the Amos shirt
[ sold ]

42" chest
40" waist
38.5" long
20" shoulders
24.5" sleeves

a long, weathered shirt
in rayon.. overdyed
to a mottled grey with
hints of blue. It has a
hidden side pocket,
scattered raven patches
& closes with 7 rustic
buttons. the sleeves
have an elegant medieval
peasant feel with ties
at the sides.


the Maisie top
[ sold ]

best fit for
33-38B bust
16.5-18.5" long

a precious fairy top
made with 90's daisy
print cotton remnants,
edged with black velvet
& white eyelet trim. there
are 3 sets of pale green
ribbon ties and adjustable
straps. subtle & sexy &
fun for layering~


the Sabine top
[ sold ]

best for 34-37" bust
14-16" long

a vibrant, textural
fairy top made with
hand-dyed vintage
dress lining. stitched
with lovely, ragged
remnants, it has adjustable
closure in front with
3 sets of ribbon ties.
precious velvet frames
the neckline & the straps
adjust with cute lil
red buttons. the colour
is showing up ruby red on
some browsers but its more
of a rusty autumn red


the Lila top
[ sold ]

adjustable straps
& bra closure,
fits 32-36B best

a tattered patchwork
fairy top in delicious
shades of olive green.
cotton, crochet, brocade,
velvet, coat lining..
hand-dyed salvaged fabrics
sculpted & sewn. vintage
bra closure in back &
adjustable tie straps.


the Alaric vest
[ sold ]

38" chest
35" waist
23.5" long

made this years ago as
a very tiny coat & just
upgraded it to a larger
sized vest. a dapper,
tattered but regal
piece full of history.
equipped w 5 vintage
buttons, four pockets
& ties at the neck and
waist. the centerpiece
in back was salvaged from
an ancient Chinese slipper.


a Tawny top
[ sold ]

but fits
30-35B best
14-16" long

a lovely lil fairy
top made with rayon,
silk & cotton scraps
in earthy, hawk tones.
antique lace accents,
floral cotton & a bit of
old letters I screenprinted.
the straps and back are
adjustable with bra parts.
one of the straps is a
bit of tattered old
measuring tape.


the Mira top
[ sold ]

would fit 32-36B best
14-16.5" long

a magical sylph/mermaid
top crafted with vintage
remnants. most of the
fabrics have a shimmery
glow about them, and
many hand-dyed for
a layered, living colour
look. the tones & textures
feel very oceanic. it has
adjustable straps & bra
closure in back.


the Olivia bodice
[ sold ]

32-36" bust
15-18" long
17" shoulders
15" armhole
10" bicep
11.5" sleeves

I started this piece as
part of a costume long
ago & it feels lovely to
finally finish it- made
from a vintage dress bodice
of lush, mottled olive
velvet, patched with vintage
remnants & edged w white lace.
it laces up on front, the
eyelets are braced w recycled
corset boning. there's stretch
panels on sides & in sleeves
for a comfy fit- this is def
meant for a smaller-framed
person though, the shoulders
& arms are narrow.


the Lissa top
[ sold ]

adjustable bust,
prolly best coverage
for 34-37"
14-16" long

a lovely russet fairy
top patched together
with vintage lace, tights,
sweater & cotton remnants.
closes in front with
ribbon ties. an elegant
layering piece with
a comfy stretch fit.


the Roxie top
[ sold ]

adjustable bust
& waist- shown
on 34"/29" model
16" shoulders
about 16" long
12" bicep

this started as a makeover
but turned into a
takeover :) a ramshackle
rose top with a myriad
of fabrics & patches..
it has cute puffed sleeves,
a regal collar & tattered,
vintage leather belt
closure. I love the
fairypunk Westwood
creature this turned
into- so delicious!

the Lucia top
[ sold ]

adjustable bust & waist
shown on 34"/29" model
20" shoulders
14" bicep
19" long sleeves
15-20" long

this is a contemporary
piece that I rearranged,
transforming it into an
elegant, vampy concoction
with lovely silhouette
& details. there's a lil
antique spiral perched on
the chest, velvet patch
on the back & ties at the
waist. versatile & really
fun to layer.


the Max shirt
[ sold ]

34" chest
17-18" long

a fun fairypunk
t patched together
from vintage shirts.
I've saved this wild
things remnant for 15
years, haha~ happy to
finally ressurect it.
definitely has a bit of
age & subtle stains but
that just adds to it's
character ;)


the Ember top
[ sold ]

adjustable bust
will fit 33-37" best
about 16" long

a vivid fairy top
in fiery nasturtium
shades.. made from a
vintage dress bodice,
stitched with tatters
& remnants. the colours
are mottled & wild
and it laces up with
red hand-dyed cord.
modeled by Sophie


the Tierney shirt
[ sold ]

38" chest
35" waist
41" hip
29-34" long

a neat patchwork pattern
cotton t, made with
all reclaimed/recycled
materials. elegant & comfy,
it's extra long.. with
uneven hem and cool pointy
sleeves. has a lil pocket
on the chest.
modeled by Fern


the Lou top
[ sold ]

fits 30-37" chest
24-30" waist
16.5-20" long

a patchwork Raven
top made with vintage
stretch fabrics- lace,
stockings, net, and a
ruched panel in front
with really stunning
texture. also serving
tattered hem & elegant


the Dinah top
[ sold ]

fits 33-36B best
15-16.5" long

a magical lace-up
fairy top in lush
leafy green shades.
vintage velvets, stretch
lace & tatters.. salvaged
victorian boning stitched
inside framing the opening
& a dark green ribbon
closes it. colours are most
accurate in modeled pics

the Eloise shirt
[ sold ]

36" chest
33" waist
20" shoulders
25" long
sleeves 27" long

a shadowy, sheer silk shirt,
dark blue overdyed with
black.. it has lace & net
patch panels & a ruffle
flourish on one shoulder.
extra long sleeves with
tattered cuffs. this is really
fun to layer & style~


the Eustace shirt
[ sold ]

42" chest 37" waist 19.5" shoulders 29" long 28.5" long sleeves 14.5" bicep 9" cuff

a regal Raven, lightweight
cotton collar shirt..
stitched with a myriad of
patches & textures.. 13
buttons for closure, a
serpentine lace accent
over the heart, tattered
cuffs & Edwardian remnants
adorn the collar.


the Cleo top
[ sold ]

33-36" bust
12-16" long

a dreamy Raven fairy
top.. patchwork stretch
fabrics of varying lace,
mesh, embroidery, fishnet..
it has a jagged hem of
points & tatters & a
flattering, comfy fit.


the Fia top
[ sold ]

fits 30-35" chest
17" long

a tattered crop top
concoction, patched
together with hand-dyed
& aged vintage stretch
fabrics. Raven & burgundy
with a rusty ribbon.
one strap is a tshirt
remnant, the other is a
relic of antique necktie


the Petra top
[ sold ]

fits 32-38" bust
15-17" long

a lovely patchwork of
reclaimed vintage t-shirts
in greens & browns. This one
feels like Neverland to me~
it has a comfy stretch fit,
jagged fairy hem & cute
tattered accents.


the Fuchsia top
[ sold ]

fits 31-36" chest
28-32" waist
16" long

a neat, odd blouse
concoction of stretch
velvet, 40's overdyed
t-shirt & tattered
faux fur edwardian
child spat. It closes
in front w an assortment
of vintage buttons &
has a flattering, comfy
fit. fairy time travel ftw!
modeled by Piper
& /earrings by


the Phoebe top
[ sold ]

fits 31-36" bust
up to 33" waist
15-19" long

an ethereal fairy top
made with reclaimed
vintage materials~
sheer florals, striped
stockings, tattered silk
& russet stretch lace.
I hand-stitched a few
precious antique leaves
& flowers on the neckline.


the Wist top
[ sold ]

fits up to
38" chest
32" waist
15.5-17" long

a lovely Raven blouse
patched together from
cotton remnants.. full
of subtle magic in pleats,
stripes & leafy accents.
it has a perfect tattered
hem & epic Lacey window
on the back.


the Sylvan top
[ sold ]

33-37" bust

a lovely tattered
fairy top in deep
forest tones.. lush
velvets, cotton &
coat linings. there's
a stretch panel in back,
lace-up in front &
adjustable tie straps
adorned with leaves.


the Vera top
[ sold ]

fits 34B -36B
15-18" long

a stitchy witchy
Raven top made with
a myriad of vintage
remnants. velvet, cotton,
eyelet, coat lining, bits
of old gentleman's shirts..
it has adjustable straps
& bra closure in back.


the Lellan top
[ sold ]

up to 35" bust
up to 32" underbust
16-18" long

a fun Peter Pan-esque
summer top of green cotton
& ragged remnants. soft &
lightweight with leafy
accents. the straps thread
through the neckline and tie
in center which makes this
area very adjustable &
there are ties in back for
added adjustability.


the Katya top
[ sold ]

fits 34-36" bust
14-16" long

a trellis top I
started many years ago,
recently resurrected
and finished. it has
a ravey camo fairygoth
vibe that surprised me :)
made with reclaimed
t-shirt remnants. it's
stretchy and comfy,
looks lovely worn on
it's own or layered.


the Lisette shirt
[ sold ]

40" chest
39" waist
24-28" long

a lightweight cotton
sleeveless collar shirt,
enchanted with Raven remnants
stripes, embroidered windows,
sheer plaid, tattered greys
& a velvet floral center-
piece. this is a cool piece
for layering, it can look
fancy or casual depending
how you style it.


the Severus cardigan
[ sold ]

size L
36-44" chest
36-46" waist
30.5" long
arms are 28" long
up to 14" bicep
19" shoulders

a beautiful woven linen/cotton
cardigan I've bewitched
with vintage touches..
it has cute cashmere
cuffs with sheer trim,
a tattered neckline,
lovely old buttons
& mothic embellished
holes scattered about.
there are tiny black
cord centerpieces
on the chest & back.


the Matilda blouse
[ sold ]

36 up to 31.5"waist 18.5-19.5" long 19" armhole 26.5" long sleeves 20" shoulder 8.5" cuffs

a stunning elf queen
puff-sleeved blouse,
this was originally a
handmade 80's formal.
I did some reconstruction
magic & it now closes with
8 rustic buttons, has
a tattered layered hem,
velvet accents & ribbon
ties. the original dress
had some initials sewn
inside and I relocated
them to the left arm.


the Florin top
[ sold ]

fits 32-37" chest
16-25" long

a rustic witchy top
made from a vintage
lightweight woven cotton
scarf & raven remnants.
the fabric has lots of history
& magic in it, I wore the scarf
for many years :) it has a
tattered fringe hem & rough
hewn patches.. ties on the left
side for adjustability.


the Lyra bodice
[ sold ]

fits 30-33" bust
18" at longest

a lovely elven fairy
top made with emerald
silk velvet from the 1920's.
it has a mossy green lace-up
with tattered black ribbons.
stunning on it's own and
also fun to layer~ the perfect
summer forest accomplice.


the Galen top
[ sold ]

fits 32-26B best

a neat raven experiment
patchwork of varying
velvets, stripes, silk &
nocturnal trims. some
of the fabric is stretch
so it has a comfy fit.
it laces up in back
with a silk walnut


a Milkweed top
[ sold ]

fits 32-36B best
17-23" long

a lovely tattered faery top
in shimmering tones of
silvery milkweed. the
colour is magnificent &
difficult to capture in photos
hand-dyed, sculpted &
patched into an elegant faery
leaf of a garment. it laces up
in back with a cerulean
ribbon. the loops are
repurposed key rings :)


the Louis cardigan
[ sold ]

32-42" chest
26-38" waist
14-17" armhole
26.5" long sleeves
8-14" bicep
8-10" cuff
18-21" shoulders
25" long

an elegant Raven in cardigan
form.. it closes with 15 small
vintage buttons, has extra
long sleeves & wonderful
lace cutouts. there are tattered
sweater patches sewn on the
shoulders that give a lil epaulette
effect & one trails down the right
arm. this is very stretchy and
comfy, could fit a myriad of sizes.


the Chaplin shirt
[ sold ]

42" chest
39" waist
25.5" long
sleeves are 26" long
armhole is 18" around
17" shoulder-shoulder

a black cotton raven
shirt stitched with tattered
remnants & bits of antique
lace. it has a jaunty collar
& cuffs. elegant on it's own
or layered with a vest~


the Lettie shirt
[ sold ]

laying flat, chest is 29"
stretches up to 37"
underbust 26"
stretches up to 32"
12.5" long

an intuitive patchwork
lattice crop top shirt~
made with vintage t-shirt
scraps so it has a comfortable
stretch fit. quite versatile &
fun to layer. I'm excited to
make more lattice clothes :)


the Lorien shirt
[ sold ]

34-36" bust
up to 30" waist
up to 40" hip
30" long it has a bit of stretch

a lovely leaf like shirt,
crafted with reclaimed materials.
green yarn webs cover the bust,
and the lower part is made from a
lightweight mossy sweater.