a twin Valentine strand
[ sold ]


I found another length
of this Valentine magic,
stitched together many
years ago from a mountain
of lush red remnants..
velvet, cotton, ties,lace,
t-shirts. these are lovely
to hang up in your home,
to adorn altars or for
gatherings.. you can even
wear them like a wild foliage
scarf..versatile & delicious~


a Valentine strand
[ sold ]

510" long

a delicious piece of
history, I originally
made this for a Halloween
rave in Oakland, as entrails
for a giant heart! it's an
extremely long strand of
lush red toned remnants
& tatters stitched into an
endless winding valentine
tendril.. lovely for hanging
up in the home or for events.
it's lived in my house for
quite a long time & I'm
definitely going to miss it.


a Celandine strand
[ sold ]

152" long

a lovely fae strand in a
dreamy palette- pale blue,
mustard, olive & an array of
greens. made with vintage
tatters & remnants, strands
are great fun to wear, play
& decorate with. I feel
more like a plant every
time I wear them.


a Harvest strand
[ sold ]

152" long

a rich autumnal strand in
beautiful harvest colours.
made with vintage remnants
& tatters. strands are lovely
Gibbous vines you can wear,
decorate, or tie your friends up
with. this one is a real feast for
the season, brilliant textures..
it also has pale blossoms
and leaves adorning.


a Fairy Floss strand- on sale!
[ sold ]

88" long

a pale floral concoction
in lovely antique pinks..
velvet, shimmer and lace
are sewn amongst these
vines, and there are many
lovely pink flowers blooming.
these are fun to wear,
decorate & play with.


a black Violet strand- on sale!
[ sold ]

98" long

a lovely length of foliage,
made with reclaimed vintage
materials & adorned with deep
blue and violet blossoms. these
add delicious texture to any
room, party or outfit~


the Lada strand
[ sold ]

160" long

a come hither Spring strand
in a vibrant array of pinks &
peaches. I don't work with pink
very often, but this kind of
changed my mind. it's hard
to stop looking at it. blooming
with pink blossoms.. lovely to
wear or hang above your bed


a Pearly Elven strand
[ sold ]

148" long

a forest strand in shades of
green.. adorned with many kinds of
leaves, pale flowers & pearly beads.
made entirely with vintage & antique
reclaimed materials.. these are fun
for decorating, wearing, or getting tied up in a leafy bundle.


a Rose strand
[ sold ]

about 176" long

a lush floral strand in rich shades
of red. made with antique & vintage
remnants, adorned with blossoms &
tatters. these are quite fun to wear or
to fancy up your home. I have a lot of
these red ones hanging up in my
studio & they are like delicious
eye candy, haha


a black Floral strand
[ sold ]

228" long

the longest strand yet,
a gorgeous black patchwork
piece, adorned with an
abundance of tattered
flowers & leaves.. this
one would be so great
hanging above a bed.. or
you can just wrap yourself
up in it & look like a painting..


an Elven strand
[ sold ]

93" long

a leafy elven strand in
many shades of green..
created with vintage & antique
materials; adorned with a
myriad of leaves. it's lovely
to wear for some extra foliage
power, or to decorate your lair.


a Garden strand
[ sold ]

125" long

a lovely floral garden
strand, made with vintage
& antique materials.. this one
feels very folkloric to me, like
it fell out of a fairytale. it makes
a beautiful scarf or decoration
for home or faery party..


a Lilith strand
[ sold ]

134" long

a Lilith strand.. made with
vintage materials & adorned
with violet grey leaves. I've mostly
made these in the past to decorate for events. organic looking and versatile, they're also fun to wear or hang up around your lair.