Who is Gibbous?

My name is Selene Ahnese.. I’m a self-taught artist, based in
Olympia, WA. I was born under a waxing gibbous moon & have been
designing under that alias for over a decade. Gibbous has
also been home to a handful of friends over the years who
were kind enough to assist me. Most notable of these is
the illustrious Kevin Kreutler, who was a brilliant
co-designer for many years.

Where/how did you learn to sew?

I started at eleven & have been teaching myself ever since.
I’ve picked up tips from books/studying vintage clothes,
but mostly learned through trial & error.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Montana and raised in Oregon.

Where do you find your materials?

Anywhere and everywhere~
I’ve been collecting clothes and fabric for half my life..
Many of my jobs in the past were at thrift & vintage
stores and I acquired all kinds of treasures from them..
Also; surplus stores, flea markets, antique stores,
sales, dumpsters, and many lovely donations.

Who made your website?

This site and the previous one were both collaborations
between me and Peter Hinson

Who is the photographer for your site?

All photos are taken by me unless otherwise credited.

Where is your shop/studio?

I’m based in the woods outside Olympia. Currently I only sell in my shop
here on the site, or in person.

Can I make a donation?

Contributions are always welcome..
I mostly work with pre-1970s vintage and antique
textiles, though there are sometimes pieces from the 70’s
to present day that win my heart. Send me a note if
you’d like to mail a package. Monetary donations can
be made through paypal, to insides@gibbousfashions.com
and go towards keeping these stitching hands warm
& fed. Many thanks to all who support my work,
in whatever way they are able.

Do you take interns?

It really depends on the time and the person.

Do you trade?

I don’t trade for other art much..
The funds made from my work go directly back into the cycle
of creation & are much needed to keep things running.
You’re still welcome to inquire, of course.
I would consider trading/giving credit for the following:
-Pre-1940’s Garments/Fabric (esp. in disrepair & from the 1800s-1920s)
-Large amounts of Fabric Dye
-Large amounts of Antique Beads
-Large amounts of Antique Buttons (dark colors or white)
-Victorian Scrapbooking Materials/Ephemera/Paper dolls
-Antique Millinery Materials (flowers, leaves, etc)
– Beads made of Crystals/Precious Stones

What are your influences/what inspires you?

Nature; things growing & things rotting.. trees, moss, minutiae..
the sea and it’s tangles. Creatures, insects and birds. nests!
My familiars, family and friends.. felinity. Living food. Crystals & stones.
Faerie & the other worlds. Kundalini, yoga, mysticism.. the occult.
Folklore, amulets & talismans. The Victorian era. The Depression era.
Poverty and the creativity born from it. Music + movement.
Self-sufficiency. Ragpickers, crazy quilts, memento mori.

What do you do when uninspired?

It’s pretty rare that I feel uninspired, but when it happens I just
sew all the small bits & scraps together without thinking of what
they will turn into. Some of my favorite creations started this way.
Or I go to sleep. Sleep is very inspiring.

What advice would you give aspiring designers?

Look inward just as much (if not more) as you look outward. You don’t
need to go to school. You don’t need anyone’s approval, acceptance, or
certification to succeed. You do need determination, self-discipline &
a strong work ethic. The longer you work at something, the better
you will get at it. Believe in yourself, fall in love with the unknown,
and just keep going! Have fun, and don’t be afraid to venture into
uncharted territory. The best work out there in any medium is made
for the sheer joy of it, without regard for rules or what came before.
& Please.. work with what already exists, or use ethically produced
materials. Do your research on the dark side of the fashion industry,
sweatshops and all. Be part of the solution instead of the problem. <3

Can I use your photos on my blog, site, etc.?

You’re welcome to share/repost my photos if you include a credit
(Selene Ahnese or Gibbous Fashions) & direct link to this site.

This site was created by Peter Hinson & Selene Ahnese
All content © Selene Ahnese, 2014