the Clementine vest
[ sold ]

35.5" bust
27.5" waist

a neat vest experiment
that came out super flattering.
i'm excited to make more~
it buttons behind neck and in
front at the waist. made with
reclaimed vintage materials.


the Anthea vest
[ sold ]

35" bust up to 30" waist 20" long in front 18" long in back collar is 2 1/2"

i reconstructed this vests a couple years back, it has a great collar, two pockets, five buttons, striped lining, and ties in the back. vintage remnants, lace and little maps of stitches adorn it. a dapper addition to any ensemble.


the Jeremy vest
[ sold ]

37" chest
35" waist
27" long in front at points
22" long in back

a dapper gentleman's vest stitched with vintage remnants.. striped wool, velvet & a bit of antique mourning lace. a silkscreened stamp, ribbon & white hand-stitches are perched on the left. 6 vintage buttons close it.


the Benedict vest
[ sold ]

36" chest
32-34" waist
24 1/2" long in front
21 1/2" long in back

a gentleman's vest patched together with vintage forest green velvet, vest remnants & patches. there are 2 pockets and a ribbon belt in the back for adjustability.. silkscreened antique stamps are perched over the heart, and there's a storm of tiny green stitches on both sides of the chest. both practical & regal, this would be a dashing addition to any gent's wardrobe.