the Cadence vest
[ sold ]

fits 31" chest when buttoned
can fit larger w/ top button
30.5" underbust
14" long in back
18" long in front
at points

a cozy velvet vest in the
most beautiful shade of brown..
in spots it's turning almost red.
this is a lovely vintage piece I
worked some magic on.. it has
patches & tiny pearl beads, a
very small pocket & 2 antique
buttons for closure. it's a bit
small on me in photos but I
wanted to show how cute it
looks styled. probably best on
someone with a shorter torso


the Beatrice vest
[ sold ]

38-40" bust
30" waist
20.5"-23" long

a lovely 80's floral vest
reconstructed with black
accents and mustard velvet.
there's one roomy pocket
and 3 button closure. a
flattering cut and dreamy
autumn palette.


the Lilliana vest
[ sold ]

34" bust
(this area is open & can
fit larger measures)
30" waist
25.5-33" long

this is a reincarnation,
salvaged from a coat I made
long ago.. now reborn as an
elegant vest~ a patchwork of
many vintage & antique raven
materials, it has quite an
impressive presence. some of
the fabrics are stretchy for a
comfortable fit. there are two
pockets and it fastens with 5
vintage buttons. I added some
ties at the waist for adjustability.
looking forward to this beauty
flying off into the night for some
long-awaited adventures!


the Faelynn vest - on sale!
[ sold ]

33-36" bust
30" waist
about 16" long

a lovely patchwork raven vest,
with 2 pockets & 5 buttons.
it has beautiful textures and
many shades of black. there's
an antique lace piece sewn on
the back and ties for
an adjustable waist.