the Vale dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
28" waist
37" hip
34-37' long

an elegant ice queen dress
whose construction has spanned
many years. it feels fitting that I
finished it right before a snow
storm. the bodice has shimmery
sequins, silver velvets & cotton
from an antique men's work
shirt. the skirting has been
overdyed & the back is a sea
of tattered ruffles.. it closes
with a vintage zipper.


the Maris dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
32" waist
40" hip
36" at shortest
47" at longest,
in back

an ethereal lace patchwork dress,
overdyed it to a deep-sea green..
adorned with vintage burgundy
velvet & antique metallic gold
fabric. it has a lovely fit &
silhouette.. it slips on over head
without zipper or buttons.
this is somewhat ephemeral,
being made from vintage lace..
it should be treated & worn
with care


the Ingrid dress
[ sold ]

34" bust laying flat (stretches up to 37"
30 waist
up to 40" hip
32"-42" long

a sweet dress in shades
of ochre & dusty pink,
overdyed to a mottled
perfection. it has two little
pockets for treasures and
closes with a vintage zip in
back. great for layering or
on it's own to beckon Spring.


the Delmare dress
[ sold ]

up to 36" bust
free waist
up to 45" hip
42" long

a dreamy sea dress made
from a vintage net scarf.
it has a nice roomy fit
that is very comfortable.
the straps are antique green
velvet ribbon & there's a
millinery leaf adorning the


the Limb dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
30" waist
40" hip
35" long

a dress from my closet vault,
I used to wear this beauty alot.
it's a cotton base patched with
vintage remnants & lace. it
has 2 pockets- one is a Pippi patch.
this definitely needs some love &
mending.. there are stains and
parts in need of patching. offering
it at a deal in hopes it will find a
good home with a crafty person.


the Aurora dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
31" waist
38" hip
36-40" long

I'm offering this special
dress from my own closet.
I've worn this for many years
but it's ready to find a new
home. it's extra tattered & aged,
so I'm pricing it at a bargain.
it's a patchwork of many
antique & vintage materials,
some dating back to the 1800's.
it slips on and off without a
zipper & has adjustable straps.
it's served me well & I hope it
finds a magical new wearer.


the Rhizome dress
[ sold ]

(it has a bit of stretch)
33-38" bust
31-36" waist
33-38" hip
37" long

a lovely felted dress
I did some reconstruction
magic on.. it feels like wearing
a root system! would be great
on a curvier person. it looks
awesome by itself or layered
with other colours.


the Henry dress
[ sold ]

34-37" bust
30-38" waist
up to 42" hip
36-37" long

excited about this one~
a lightweight dress stitched
from prints custom silkscreened by
my friend Ogo, aka Tessellate.
it has a nice, free shape that's super
comfy & will fit multiple sizes. there's
a ribbon tie to bring it in at the waist.
the fabrics have been tea-stained to
age parts of them & feature
multiple Mary prints, Henry Darger,
and grids of antique stamps.


the Lirian dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
31" waist
free hip
36-43" long

an epic leaf dress, spanning many
years of stitching. it's a veritable
time capsule! hand-dyed repeatedly
for tones of spring, summer &
autumn. it's made from a wide array
of remnants, vintage & antique
cotton, silk, lace, coat lining, etc..
it closes in back with a vintage
zipper. there are more photos
& details in the diary.


the Alma dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
32" waist
up to 42" hip
about 40" long

it's always exciting when
I can manage to make a
simple dress! hand dyed
vintage lace & soft woven
fabric unite in a lighweight
diaphanous faery dress.
it's adorned with precious
ribbons & buttons up on
the left side.


the Sophie dress~on sale!
[ sold ]

36" bust
up to 33" waist
up to 40" hip
35" long

a lovely simple raven dress
made with vintage cottons
in alternating shades of black.
there are 2 pockets & it zips
in back. a perfect mix of
elegant & ragged; made to last
but with some raw edges.
it's a bit large on the dress
form in photos. there are ties
in back that adjust the waist.


the Verdant dress- on sale!
[ sold ]

up to 40" hip
37"-44" long

this elven leaf dress came out
quite lovely- it's a dream on,
the bodice and much of the skirting
is an incredibly soft stretch silk.
the dress has a lil pocket on the right
and closes on the left with buttons
and hook & eyes. the dress has been
overdyed to a mottled leaf colour~


the Estella dress
[ sold ]

35" bust
31" underbust
30" waist
up to 42" hip
40-48" long

i've seen this elegant creature
in my mind for a long time.
a pale flower stitched, with the
loveliest tatters & textures
in the lightest shades of pink.
it's very lightweight & fluttery.
there's a small pocket on the
right hip & the dress closes in
back with a vintage zipper.
larger photos in the diary


the Ostara dress
[ sold ]

33" bust
29" waist
free hip
45" at longest (back)
36" long in front
14.5" long straps

this sweet dress is the last
piece i finished in oakland.
made with overdyed eyelet,
& antique quilt remnants.
there's a pocket on the left
& it zips in back. there are
lovely crochet flowers
perched at the decollete'.


the Eudaemonia dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
30" waist
free hipx
40" long
shoulder - waist (vertical) 14"

it feels like i've been working
on this dress through multiple
lifetimes, now. tis a patchwork of
reclaimed materials, many scraps
of history aligned elegantly.
vintage shopping bags, silk,
steeped scarves, lace, eyelet,
cotton, edwardian ruffles, secrets.
it closes in back with a vintage zipper.


the Gillian dress
[ sold ]

36" bust 28" waist 37" hip 38" lower hip 35- 39" long 16" shoulder- waist

this beautiful piece was gifted to me by a friend and i did some reconstruction work on it.. the bust has lovely netting stitched in, there are little scattered rhinestones and tattered ruffles & ribbons on the sides. it has a drop waist and zipper in the back. such a fun party dress~


the Ochre dress
[ sold ]

33 1/2" bust
29" waist
37" hip
37" long in front
40" long in back
it could fit a bit larger than these measures,
the mesh stretches & skirt is pleated

this dress grew over years.. it started as a skirt long ago, took a dip in the dye pots, went in a drawer, became a dress last fall, went back in a drawer, and now surfaces after a few finishing touches. made with soft mesh, cotton and silk. adorned with precious antique lace, vintage eyelet & buttons. it closes on the right with an olive zipper. i really love this one.. feeling tempted to keep it


the Ramona dress
[ sold ]

32-38" bust
25-32" waist
34-44" hip

a sweet dress made from vintage & antique crochet.. it laces up in back, has soft velvet straps & is threaded with pretty brown ribbon around the hemline. a beautiful piece of history that you can wear.


the Edith dress
[ sold ]

34" bust
28" waist
36" hip
32" long in front
34" long in back

a sweet dress marriage between an antique apron & a prim 50's dress.. hand-dyed for mossy undertones. it closes in back with a trusty old zipper, has pleating in back & buttons on the sides. the bust has beautiful open lacework and grey hand-stitches.

the Martha dress ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

33" bust
29" waist
38" hip
36-43" long

a beautiful web dress, patched together with hand-dyed vintage remnants. it closes in back with a pale pink zipper. the torso is a striking floral net design that stops near the hips. lace, patches & ribbon are sewn in, also. an elegant creature. i'm tempted to keep it.

~ on sale til 12-23 ~

the Cassia dress
[ sold ]

34 1/2-35" bust
28" waist
37 1/2" hip
12" straps
between 37-39" long

a lovely autumn slip dress, stitched
with antique & vintage velvet,
lace, necktie remnants, silk, crochet &
tattered scarves. all the fabrics were
hand-dyed for those perfect fall colors.
it has a bit of stretch and a flattering fit.