the Louis collar
13" around neck
9.5" long in front

a handsome hand-dyed crochet
collar, adorned with vintage black
ribbons and 1800's mourning tassels.
a precious antique wooden button
finishes it off. it closes in back with
another button & loop. this is quite
dynamic addition to any ensemble &
very fun to style.


the Abigail collar ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

13-13.5" around neck
collar is 2" tall
fringe hangs down 6.5"
mustard remnant
hangs to 13"

a beautiful dickensian collar
made with antique remnants
from the 1800's, vintage
velvet & raven fringe. tis
adorned with an umber
diamond-shaped button
& tiny sage hand-stitches.
it closes with adjustable
snaps. elegant & avant garde.


the Peat cape
[ sold ]

about 15" aroud neck
collar is 1.5" tall
11.5-17" long

a rich cape made with my
favourite velvets.. deep dark
greens & browns are patched
along remnants of a motheaten
1940's coat. stitched with wild
vintage sweater moss for, it
feels quite formidable and alive.
the cape is lined with various
vintage cottons & closes with
2 antique buttons. tis very soft.
& infused with deep, quiet
forest powers.