stamp pin #6
new !
about 1.25" x 1"

a rusty coloured pin
stitched with an antique
stamp & tattered vintage
ribbon. super fun for
dressing up coats, vests
and dresses. mix & match it
with your other buttons
and brooches.


the Larch pin
new !
3.5" tall
1.5" wide

a forest pendant pin
made with antique mossy
velvet & lace. three bits
of labradorite adorn it.
lovely as a centerpiece
or an accessory.


the Bethany pin
new !
1.5" x 1 3/8"

a tiny thing made
of dreams. antique
red cotton is hand stitched
with lace tendrils & antique
candy ribbon remnants.
it's like a faery wafer you
can wear! delicious~


the Lovis fancy
new !
4" x 2"

this is a special one.
vintage leaf-tone tatters
are sewn around two twigs.
one perfect black bead looks
out, like an eye of the forest.
a hair-clip is sewn to the back.
the greens are a bit
darker than the photos


stamp pin #5
new !
1.5" tall
1.25" wide

a deep violet pin
with an antique tree
stamp, tiny pearly beads
& a hand-dyed ribbon.
perfect for dressing up
other garments, hats, etc.


the Liliya pin
[ sold ]

about 2" tall
and 1.75" wide

a neat lil prototype pin
of vintage black velvet,
hand-sewn with precious
laces and crowned with a
rosette. a weird & wonderful
folklore egg you can wear.


stamp pin #4
new !
1.5" x 1.25"

a lovely lady stamp pin
stitched on red cotton
with antique ribbon.
perfect for dressing up
coats, vests & dresses


the Marietta collar
15" around neck
2-6" tall

a layered collar of many antique
remnants, silk & lace encrusted
with pearly beads of all sizes.
it has a different look each way
you turn it & a button closure.


the Greta pin
[ sold ]

about 1.5" across
chain hangs down 2"

an elegant lil crustacean
pin with a mix of pearly
beads from many eras.
there's edwardian lace
growing around the cluster,
and a reclaimed chain
loops down.


stamp pin #3
[ sold ]

about 1.5" x

antique stamp pin
with a lil landscape &
lots of stitches.
vintage ribbons hang
down and a pin is
sewn to the back.
great for adorning
coats & dresses


an OK fancy
4.5" x 2"
at largest

a beautiful collage
for your mane. the stripes are
lining from an antique hat &
the lace is edwardian.
a hairclip is sewn to the back


the Flora pin
6" tall
2.5" at widest
.75" at thinnest

a velvet flower with
tiny beaded thorns
(or dewdrops? hmm)
there are 2 pins sewn
on the back, for affixing
to your ensemble.


stamp pin #2
[ sold ]

about 1.75" x
ribbons are
about 5.5"

the second stamp pin
features an antique queen
stitched with tiny edwardian
lace pods. there are vintage
ribbons hanging down &
a pin is sewn to the back.
perfect for dressing up yr
coats & dresses.


the Leaflet strand
[ sold ]

leafy part is
5.5" x 3"
ribbons are 26-30"

this beauty can be worn many
ways, necklace, belt, fascinator..
an island of leaves & tatters
stitched to layered ribbons
in many shades of green.
the perfect elven accessory.


the Margot pin
2.5" x 2"
fringe is
about 3.5" long

a lovely antique madonna
stamp stitched in amongst
snaking 1800's cording
a bit of mourning fringe
& tattered antique lace
adorns it as well. a pin
is sewn to the back.


stamp pin #1
[ sold ]

about 1.75"x 1.75"

the first of a flock~
lovely lil pin with
antique stamp print
& hanging ribbons.
there's a pin sewn
to the back. great for
adorning your coat or


the Lila pin
[ sold ]

5" x 3" at largest

elegant forest pin
adorned with russet
velvet and tiny pearl
beads. great for adding
a bit of forest magic to
your outfit. pin is sewn
to the back.


the Nancy pin
[ sold ]

3.5" long
white piece hangs 15.5"
1.75" wide

the perfect mix of
regal & ragged, to
dickens up your coat..
made with vintage
remnants & ribbon
a pin is stitched to the back


the Hattie fancy
[ sold ]

3" x 5" at largest

a leafdrop fancy of
antique velvet, silk,
& iridescent beads.
a lovely fae addition
to any ensemble.
there's a hairclip
sewn to the back


the Matilde pin
3.5" x 2.25" at largest

an elegant pin for your coat
crafted with vintage ribbon &
remnants. the centerpiece is an
antique stamp print bordered
with tiny burgundy beading.
there's a pin sewn to the back
which can also be swapped for
a hairclip if you want to wear it
in your mane.


the Lilian fancy
[ sold ]

4.5" x 3" at largest

a lush leafy fancy in rich
shades of eggplant & golden
velvet. adorned with pearl
beads. there's a hairclip
stitched to the back.
this can be traded for
a pin if you'd rather
wear it as a brooch.


the Mira pin
4" x 2.25"

a dandy lapel pin
made with striped remnants,
velvet & antique victorian lace.
there's a pin stitched to the back. this can be swapped for a hairclip if you'd rather wear it in your mane


the Finn fancy
[ sold ]

4" x 2.5"
at largest

a forest fancy concoction
of velvet & tattered remnants.
millinery leaves peek out
between the fabrics. there's a
hair clip stitched to the back.


the Viola collar
[ sold ]

17" around neck
3.4-4" tall

a quilted velvet collar in
regal dusty pink & black,
studded with tiny antique
jet beads and candlelabra
lace. it fastens in front with
a cloth-covered button.


the Elland collar
3-4" tall
5.5" to points
16" around or
19" around

a jaunty collar of vintage
blue velvet & butterscotch
gown remnants. cozy and
versatile, it closes with hook
& eyes two places; so you can
wear it multiple ways.


the Arya collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
between 3"-6.5" long

a lush forest collar made with
soft vintage coat lining & deep
brown-black velvet. it feels like
shadows and winter, hence it's
namesake. rough root-like fibers
are stitched to the outside &
tiny blood red beads cluster
around the button closure.


the Rosebeth collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
2.5" at shortest
6" at longest
tendrils hang down to 14"

an elegant rose nested in
layers of hand dyed
milkweed greens. velvet, silk,
cotton & tiny seed stitches
creep lovingly around the
collar. it has a different feel
each way you turn it, and closes
with a small blue button.


the Delara necklace
[ sold ]

main centerpiece is 6" x 4"
15" around neck

a lush velvet concoction
with silk, satin, twigs & leather.
stitched with heart protection &
projection in mind. a rich vibrant life
force, but also ephemeral..
just like us.
it closes behind neck with
a hook & loop


the Cleo necklace
[ sold ]

hangs at 10"
bow part is 3.5" x 4.5"

this lovely lil bow necklace
materialized before me..
pieced with vintage remnants &
perched on a pale blue ribbon.
it has snaps to close it. this piece
has alot of wintry magic sewn in.


the Galene fancy
[ sold ]

main body is 2.5" x 3"
ribbons are 25"-28"

a lovely sea fancy,
made with hand-dyed antique
fabrics. many tattered lace
specimens are sewn in, and
some look like lil ghosties.
tattered ribbons are stitched on
and can be worn in many ways.
a sturdy hairclip is sewn to the back.


the Penny collar
[ sold ]

17" around neck
4.5"-8.5" tall

a lightweight patchwork collar
of polka dots, burgundy velvet,
bits of black eyelet & antique
stamps. there is a snap in front
to close it.


the Brighid necklace - on sale!
[ sold ]

15" around neck
2" tall
front center is
2.5" long w/ chain

an elegant necklace of
macrame, antique lace,
and brass chain. it features
an antique african brass ring
closure and beads of brass & copper.


the Ahti necklace
measures 16" in length flat
about 15.5" around neck
tallest stone is 2.5"

a stunning piece by Hali Autumn,
made with abalone collected by
her uncle in Santa Cruz. the beautiful
pieces are strung on waxed cotton,
macrame with tea stained silk,
the toggle clasp & accent beads
are sterling silver. it has a lovely,
cool weight when worn, like it
transfers instant deep sea powers
to it's wearer


the Kitsune collar
14.5" around neck
as a choker
19" around neck
as a collar

a beautiful tattered
collar necklace.. the star
ingredients are 120 year
old silk and velvet. it has
many snaps sewn in
and can be worn at least
2 ways, as a choker, or as
a neckpiece. this is ephemeral
& should be worn with care.


the Sylvan collar- on sale!
[ sold ]

16" around high neck
18" around lower neck
about 9" tall

an icy silver collar, stitched
with antique lace, pearl beads
& tatters. two buttons close it
in front. super mermaid feels
with this one, the silvery fabric
plays with light like the seaside.


the Lilliput collar
about 15" around higher neck
18" around lower neck
about 6" long in front &
8" long in back

a lush floral collar concoction
of antique lace, coat lining, silk
& mustard ribbons. it closes in front
with a snap & looks different each
way it's turned.. lined with soft
pink silk velvet.


the Caspian collar
[ sold ]

15.5" around neck
5" long at shortest
8.5" at longest

a simple, regal power piece,
made for a prince on the go..
with vintage russet coat lining,
black velvet & a handful of precious
antique treasures.


the Delilah collar
[ sold ]

14" around neck
main part is 9" long
silk bits go to 12"

lovely floral explosion
in the form of a collar..
millinery flowers, silk & velvet.
it has a lil button and loop to
close it. one could totally pin this
and wear it as a headband also.


the Trellis halter
[ sold ]

15-16" around neck
30-34" around underbust/ribcage

i started this piece years
ago & it was finally completed
yesterday. a grid web of stitches &
tatters. made entirely with reclaimed
materials. it buttons behind the neck
and behind ribcage. there are
multiple spots to secure it for
adjustability. it could be worn
many other ways too.


the Cleodora necklace
[ sold ]

about 15" around neck
3.5" at longest

a precious siren necklace
created from reclaimed
materials. soft antique rope,
evening gown remnants & a
cluster of pearly beads.
it closes with a button & loop
on the left.


the Grapeseed necklace
[ sold ]

main body is 8.5" x 5"
ties are 1" wide and 13" long

an elegant vineyard concoction
of hand-dyed lace, cursive, seedlike beads, twig & hand stitches. it can also be worn as a headband


the Belden necklace
[ sold ]

main body is about 6.5" x 4"
strands part is 13" long
17" around neck

a patchwork crochet collar
necklace, made with reclaimed
antique materials. it closes with a
button on the left. a forest collage
of velvet, crochet, net & chain.


the Rosen necklace
[ sold ]

main body is
about 3.5" wide
and 13" long
the ties are both
14.5" long

an interesting lil creature
i made with hemp silk scraps.
almost entirely hand-sewn,
it's a versatile piece that can be
worn many ways.


the Audrey collar
[ sold ]

10" long including fringe
6" without
about 9" wide
ribbon ties are 30" & 20"

a lovely little collar from the vault.
crafted with antique lace, fringe &
millinery flowers. the ribbons are
long enough that it could also be
worn on the head or at the waist.


the Elsie scarf
[ sold ]

4" at widest
86" long including ribbons

an ephemeral scarf made with
the lightest antique silk, ribbons &
tattered millinery flowers.. studded
with precious beads. this piece can
be worn on the head, the neck or the
waist. it makes me think of Mucha &
flower maidens~


the Veruca chemisette
[ sold ]

5" x 12" main piece
each neck tie is 18"
each waist tie is 23"

a lovely dickensian piece~
a patchwork of eyelet, stripes,
antique lace, silk & black velvet.
modeled after the 1800's dickies,
it can be worn over or under.
it looks especially nice peeking out
of a vest.


the Rosamund collar
[ sold ]

main piece is 5" x 6"
ties are 15" and 29"

a rich rosey adornment for
hair or neck.. antique velvet,
millinery flowers..
iris, petal, pod.
i'm convinced it's impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing this.


the Iris necklace
[ sold ]

20" long
1-3" wide

the first collaboration with my
dear friend Hali Autumn.
antique beads, rhinestones,
silk, leather & victorian fringe.
it has multiple ties for
adjusting & can be worn
at different lengths.


the Cora chemisette
[ sold ]

12 x 7" main
18" + ties at neck
19" + ties at waist

a lovely lil blouse modeled
after the chemisette / dickie styles of
the mid 1800s. it can be worn over
clothes or peeking out of a vest.
made from a myriad of reclaimed
vintage & antique materials.


the Bethany collar
[ sold ]

main collar is 15" x 6.5"
1st ribbon ties are 11" long
18" long

a very special piece from the vault..
started long ago with a map in mind.
it can be worn as a collar, a hat
or a belt. there is a mix of tea stained
antique lace from the 1800s-1960s
quilted in with hand stitches &
lil buttons.


the Charlotte fancy
[ sold ]

4.5" x 2.5"

a lovely fall fancy in deep reds~
overdyed, tea-stained, stitched
with silk & lace & petrified roses
(made by Valerie Mallory). a sturdy
hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Gudrun necklace
[ sold ]

main body of piece is about 22" x 6"

a tattered web woven & stitched out
of vintage tatters & beads.
it ties behind the neck & around
the waist but could be worn many
other ways, too.


the Milla collar
[ sold ]

body is about 9.5" x 2.5"
ties are 11-17"

a sweet lil headband turned collar
stitched with antique lace, pearly
beads & millinery flowers.
the ties are stretchy and
ensure a good comfortable fit.


the Entish collar
[ sold ]

about 16" around neck between 4.5" - 6.5" long about 3.5" x 4"

a forest collar in some of my favourite colours.. lush mossy greens, olive & rust. made with reclaimed vintage fabrics-velvet, stripes, coat-lining.. it closes with an antique button & loop. the collar looks different each way you turn it. for the versatile elf~


the Alice fancy
[ sold ]

about 3.5" x 4"

a beautiful cloth flower for your mane.. crafted with antique velvet, kimono cloth & millinery flowers in perfect rosy shades. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Sunday collar
[ sold ]

15.5" around neck
between 3"-8" long

a sweet confection patchwork of antique lace & cotton.. adorned with a tattered millinery flower i aged & tea-stained. the collar closes with a precious old cloth button & loop. it looks different each way you turn it.. a lovely addition to any ensemble.


the Yule fancy
[ sold ]

about 4" x 2.5"
mossy parts hang down about 4"

this one makes me miss the north.. a fae concoction of velvet, tattered lace & real lichens, adorned with wire berries & mossy strand. perfect for winter magik & Yule merriment.


the Vale fancy
[ sold ]

about 4" x 2.5"

a rich midnight fancy in black velvet & burnt umber lace, scattered with tiny jet beads from the 1800's. subtle and lovely, full of nocturnal elegance. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Fen fancy
[ sold ]

about 5" x 2.5"

a lovely autumnal fancy, made with reclaimed fabrics. stitched with a burnt flower, oak twig & wire berry. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back. the perfect treasure for a forest fae.


the Althea fancy
[ sold ]

about 4" x 2"

a sparkle + bead encrusted fancy for your hair.. made with vintage violet fabric remnants, bits of metallic lace & feathers. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back. a tiny enchanted sculpture you can wear.


the May fancy
[ sold ]

fancy is 7 x 5" at largest
ribbon ties are around 17"

a beautiful bit of texture in pale pinks and cerulean.. stitched with white lace & pearl beads. this piece is quite versatile, it looks lovely in the hair or worn at the neck. the fabrics are stained, tattered & delicate.


the Claudia collar
[ sold ]

32" including ties front at longest is 8.5"

a lovely lil fae aristocrat collar, fashioned from vintage & antique remnants. adorned with an ancient sea-blue frog, peachy millinery flowers, and old pearl beads.


the Goldberry fancy ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

6" at longest
3" at widest

a lovely faun fancy, crafted with rich, brown vintage velvet, green coat lining & millinery leaf.. adorned with twig, antique honey bead & ancient gold metallic lace. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.
*:on sale til May 17th:*


the Lucinda fancy
[ sold ]

about 3" x 3"

a regal fancy made with vintage black & burgundy velvet, and stitched with precious corded fringe from the 1800's. a bit of brown spiderweb veil & vintage button are the final touches. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Brianna fancy
[ sold ]

3 1/2" x 4"

a prim fancy crafted with vintage remnants in deep brown, mustard, tawny & scarlet.. there is an interesting found filigree piece sewn in, as well as a bit of moss lace & a fine old cloth button. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Pansy fancy
[ sold ]

2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

this one makes my heart sing.
deep blue-violet velvet and hand-dyed green remnants are stitched together into a precious shell flower.. there is a bit of labradorite and amethyst sewn in, as well as tiny antique jet beads. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Elsie fancy
[ sold ]

4" x 2 1/2"

a fancy straight from faeryland, made with reclaimed vintage fabrics.. adorned with moss, a velvet millinery leaf, oaken twig & a tiny snail-shell. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back, for perching this treasure in your mane.

the Evelyn fancy
[ sold ]

5" x 2 1/2"

a fae fancy crafted from reclaimed vintage materials, in vibrant shades of hand-dyed green. bits of moss, an oak twig & two little pearl beads adorn it. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.

the Octavia fancy
[ sold ]

4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

a regal, romantic fancy made with reclaimed vintage fabrics.. in bold shades of olive green, burgundy & violet. a bit of precious antique gold lace is sewn in, above an old pearl bead & cluster of little brass chains. a sturdy hair-clip is stitched to the back.

the Maude fancy
[ sold ]

3 1/2" by 6" (at longest)

a little nest for your hair, inspired by my love of black floral victorian hats. millinery flowers, velvet, leaves, brown webs & black lace are stitched in.. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.

the Rowan collar
[ sold ]

about 17" around neck
between 4-6" long

a soft, regal collar made from reclaimed vintage & antique velvets, wool & coat lining remnants. there are bits of antique fur sewn in & ancient brass beads adorning. it closes with a button and loop. a dapper addition to any ensemble~

the Loxley collar
[ sold ]

about 17" around neck
between 5 1/2" - 9" long

a regal forest collar that feels like Robin Hood.. made entirely from reclaimed antique & vintage materials in lovely shades of green and brown. it closes with an old star button & loop. it looks different each way you turn it. lined with soft cotton.

the Forest cape
[ sold ]

collar is about 3 1/2" high
18" around neck
9 1/2" at longest in front
21" at longest in back

a lush green cape made from a myriad of vintage & antique remnants in all my favourite shades. soft velvets mix with tattered lace, eyelet, wool, coat linings, and mossy tangles. it closes in the front with two antique brass buttons, and has quite the regal collar.


the Rose collar
[ sold ]

about 16" around neck
between 4-9" long

a textural collar i made by stitching alll the red scraps together.. rich velvets in different tones of rose, cotton, silk, linen.. some of the fabric is from a museum. the collar is lined with soft silk velvet & closes in front with an antique button. this piece looks different every way you turn it.. perfect for a versatile faery fashionista.


the Magpie collar
[ sold ]

about 15" around neck 8 1/2" long in front at points 9 1/2" long in back at point

a regal collar-capelet, made with vintage & antique remnants.. adorned with filigree lace, velvet and pleats. a little black nest is stitched on the left. it closes with a button & loop, and has a detachable lower placket that can button on each side.


the Faun fancy
[ sold ]

about 3" x 4 1/2" at widest

the perfect adornment for fall.. like a bundle of leaves in your hair (with a longer lifespan). made from vintage remnants in deep rust & browns, crowned with a bit of antique fur & a twig from my favourite oak tree. a sturdy hair-clip is sewn to the back.


the Raven fancy
[ sold ]

about 3"x4" at widest fringe is about 5" long

a midnight fancy, made with vintage raven remnants, stitched with antique lace, black beads, feathers & fringe. a beautiful adornment that can be worn many ways. there is a sturdy hair-clip sewn to the back.


the Walnut fancy ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

about 3 1/2" x 4"

elegant foliage for your hair.. a fancy made from forest coloured remnants.. vintage silk, velvet & coat lining; a nutshell from minnesota is perched in the folds. a sturdy hairclip is stitched to the back.

~ on sale til 12-23 ~

the Cerulean collar
[ sold ]

about 17" around (adjustable) between 1-6" long

a lovely sea treasure, made with hand-dyed remnants & tatters.. stitched with tiny precious pearl beads & some from the 1920's.. can be worn quite a few different ways, making it quite the versatile accessory. ties with faded vintage ribbons. there are larger pictures in the diary