the Veruca collar
[ sold ]

13.25-14" around neck
1.5-6" long
ribbons hang down
15" at longest

an elegant raven collar, made
with precious vintage remnants.
it has a different feel each way
it's turned, which makes it
versatile & full of surprises.
lovely tattered ribbons hang
down one side & it's adorned
with vintage beads that catch
the eye like shining berries.
it closes with an adjustable hook


the Vyvian collar
[ sold ]

13.5-14" around neck
14.5" at longest
.75" at smallest

a rich collar of tattered,
hand-dyed, rose tone
remnants.. reminiscent of
circuses and boudouirs of old.
soft vintage ribbon lines the
neck & it closes in back
with a hook. there are two
loops for adjustability.


the Beatrice collar
[ sold ]

14-14.25" around neck
buckle hangs 5.5" long

a lovely buckle collar
made with reclaimed vintage
materials. the band is stretch
velvet, which gives a close and
comfortable fit. it closes in back
with a hook & there are two
loops for adjustability. it looks
amazing worn forward or


the Lilia collar
[ sold ]

15" around neck
front is 10.5" long
back is around 3"

a romantic collar of
decadent antique lace,
adorned with precious
velvet flower & foliage.
it closes in back with a
little blue button.


a Garnering collar
[ sold ]

13.5" around neck
about an inch tall
jewels hang about 3.5"

a lovely autumnal collar;
soft vintage ribbon, remnants
hand stitched pleats and flute.
vibrant russet flowers and
precious vintage jewel parts
adorn it. I only just now
realized the shimmery parts
cast rainbows in the sunlight!
it closes in back with hook & eye


a Lilith collar
[ sold ]

13.25" around neck
.75" tall
4.5" including leaf

a lovely dark leaf collar~
made with a soft vintage ribbon
& precious hand-dyed trim.
a stormy leaf is perched front
& center, and it closes in back
with black snaps.


a Beheaded collar
about 14" around neck
about 1" tall
3.5" tall w elf body

cute n creepy beheaded elf
collar made with a dress zipper
remnant. tiny pearly beads adorn
it. the inside is soft vintage satin
& it has an adjustable hook
& eye closure in back.


an Algae collar
13.5" around
base is .75" tall

a special lil sea thing collar~
vintage remnants hand stitched
into algae creatures, adorned with
tiny pearly beads. the base is cotton
and it closes with a hook & eye.


the Errant necklace
about 17" around neck
14" long including strands

a raven puzzle necklace,
pierced with pearl beads
shards of lace, strands &
leaves. adjustable buttons
perch at back of neck.


the Dinah collar
14-16" around
centerpiece is 5.5" long

sweet collar made with antique lace,
woven fabric & soft red cotton.
it buttons behind neck. it adds a
nice vintage panache to shirts &
dresses.. plotting to make many
more of these.


the Laramie collar - on sale!
[ sold ]

16" around
2" tall at closure
averages 5" tall
with tendrils to 11"

a lovely tattered forest collar
, inspired by the summer pageant.
made with reclaimed vintage
materials and adorned with
millinery leaves. it has a neat
different effect each way you
turn it & closes with an antique
button. for city or forest elves~


the Marianne bra - on sale!
[ sold ]

fits a 34-36B best

a vibrant faery-bondage bra
made with vintage remnants..
velvet, cotton, aprons, piping
& bra parts are fashioned together
in a gorgeous web that is also
secure & supportive feeling.
the straps and closure are
adjustable. it has a comfortable
feel to it because some of the
fabric is stretchy.


the Vesper scarf~on sale!
[ sold ]

47" long
5" at widest
1.5" at narrowest

a rich raven patchwork of
vintage & antique remnants..
there are blue violet leaves perched
on the sides next to giant old coat
buttons. this can be worn so many
ways~there's a button closure and
hook & eye for fastening as a hat,
a collar, or behind the waist
to adorn the shoulders.


the Leona halter
[ sold ]

16-18" around neck
30-34" underbust/ribs
12.5" long from shoulder

an elegant raven halter in
patchwork fabrics.. there
are remnants of dresses &
trousers, cotton and velvet,
as well as some stretchy fabric
which gives it a really good fit.
there are adjustable button
closures behind neck and


the Emma halter
16-18" around neck
27-30" underbust/ribs
about 10" long

a fairytale halter with pale
pink lattice ribbons.. it has
pretty rosebud trim in the
center. created with antique
materials. it has adjustable
button closures behind neck
and underbust.


the Tabitha halter~on sale!
[ sold ]

15-17" around neck
29-31" underbust/ribs
about 11" long

an elegant window halter
made with antique
materials. ancient hand
stitching, edwardian lace
and beautiful angles.
it has adjustable button
closures behind neck and


the Matilde pin - on sale!
[ sold ]

3.5" x 2.25" at largest

an elegant pin for your coat
crafted with vintage ribbon &
remnants. the centerpiece is an
antique stamp print bordered
with tiny burgundy beading.
there's a pin sewn to the back
which can also be swapped for
a hairclip if you want to wear it
in your mane.


the Mira pin - on sale!
[ sold ]

4" x 2.25"

a dandy lapel pin
made with striped remnants,
velvet & antique victorian lace.
there's a pin stitched to the back. this can be swapped for a hairclip if you'd rather wear it in your mane


the Arya collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
between 3"-6.5" long

a lush forest collar made with
soft vintage coat lining & deep
brown-black velvet. it feels like
shadows and winter, hence it's
namesake. rough root-like fibers
are stitched to the outside &
tiny blood red beads cluster
around the button closure.


the Rosebeth collar
[ sold ]

16" around neck
2.5" at shortest
6" at longest
tendrils hang down to 14"

an elegant rose nested in
layers of hand dyed
milkweed greens. velvet, silk,
cotton & tiny seed stitches
creep lovingly around the
collar. it has a different feel
each way you turn it, and closes
with a small blue button.


the Trellis halter
[ sold ]

15-16" around neck
30-34" around underbust/ribcage

i started this piece years
ago & it was finally completed
yesterday. a grid web of stitches &
tatters. made entirely with reclaimed
materials. it buttons behind the neck
and behind ribcage. there are
multiple spots to secure it for
adjustability. it could be worn
many other ways too.