a Celandine strand
new !
152" long

a lovely fae strand in a
dreamy palette- pale blue,
mustard, olive & an array of
greens. made with vintage
tatters & remnants, strands
are great fun to wear, play
& decorate with. I feel
more like a plant every
time I wear them.


a Harvest strand
new !
152" long

a rich autumnal strand in
beautiful harvest colours.
made with vintage remnants
& tatters. strands are lovely
Gibbous vines you can wear,
decorate, or tie your friends up
with. this one is a real feast for
the season, brilliant textures..
it also has pale blossoms
and leaves adorning.


the Crimson dress
new !
chest is 36" laying flat
stretches up to 38"
waist is 28" laying flat
stretches up to 34"
up to 42" hip
39"-44.5" long

it's been fun to work with all these
vintage velvets~ this dress has
quite a wealth of colour, ranging
from bright red currants to
deep dark wine. it also feels
wonderful to wear~ much of the
material has stretch.. so there's
no need for a zipper. a little
pocket is perched on the right


a Gingerbread skirt
30" waistband
36" hip
40" lower hip/bum
18-20" long

delving into my prints &
making some fun experiments..
this skirt is patchworked from
many different fabrics.. it has
a zipper closure & 2 pockets.
some of the fabric has a bit of
stretch to it, so the fit is comfy.
it feels like a fairypunk gingerbread
house to me :)


the Mathilde bonnet
bonnet part is 20" over head, side to side full measure is 30" 18.5" from front center to back hem

a gem from the vault~
I started this many years back,
it's a sweet fairytale bonnet
made with 30's black silk velvet.
there are lovely peachy ribbons
adorning and black ties at the
neck for closure. I didn't want to
completely renovate it & line it,
because there's magic in it's
tattered glory. so I'm selling it
as is (it's functional and
sound, but will prolly need
mending down the road)
at a discount price. it's
quite a magical accomplice
& is looking forward to
adventuring with someone special


the Louis collar
13" around neck
9.5" long in front

a handsome hand-dyed crochet
collar, adorned with vintage black
ribbons and 1800's mourning tassels.
a precious antique wooden button
finishes it off. it closes in back with
another button & loop. this is quite
dynamic addition to any ensemble &
very fun to style.


the Octavia bonnet
20" over head
(side to side)
17" over head
(front to back)

a lovely, tattered faery thicket
bonnet.. made from hand-dyed
vintage crochet and lace. rusty
ribbons are perched on either
side & can tie under chin or
behind the head. this one feels
like it was plucked from a tangle
of roots in the forest.