the Octavia bonnet
new !
20" over head
(side to side)
17" over head
(front to back)

a lovely, tattered faery thicket
bonnet.. made from hand-dyed
vintage crochet and lace. rusty
ribbons are perched on either
side & can tie under chin or
behind the head. this one feels
like it was plucked from a tangle
of roots in the forest.


a Charm collar
13" around neck
treasures hang to
4.5" at longest

this collar asked to be made~
at first I was envisioning it
to be a strand of treasures,
to hang above a door..
it definitely still can be, but
I made it wearable as well.
lil tatters are stitched upon
eachother with ribbon rose
& a pom from a child's hat.
it closes with a large hook
& eye and will no doubt
surround you (or your
door) with good fortune &
fine conversation


a Filigree ascot
13.25" around neck
collar is .75"
front is 7" long

a romantic & dandy
adornment concocted
from black cotton, vintage
lace & antique curtain
remnants.. crowned with a
black filigree centerpiece.
it closes with a large hook &
eye in back and lends an air
of tattered aristocracy to
your elegant neck.


the Leif collar
13" around neck
.75-3" long

a wild leafy collar for a
wild leafy person. bits of
fabric history compiled
together in brown & black
stitches, adorned with soft
black poms that look like
soot sprites. this is one of
those pieces that really
activates your elf power.
closes with a large hook
& eye in back


the Leila collar
[ sold ]

14.25" around neck
collar is 1"
front hangs down 11.5"

a regal collar concocted
from a myriad of tattered
antique remnants. a panel
of hooks presides over
lace centerpieces, tea-stained
and evocative of another era.
it closes with hook & eye
in the back. a dignified
adornment for any occasion~


the Courtney jumper
29" waist
33" hip
22" long

a neat jumper experiment I
made a few years back. the
straps are removable & a
adjustable. it closes with
vintage buttons & has 2
roomy pockets. it can be
work backwards, & with straight
or crossed straps for different
looks. shown here over a
petticoat, it looks especially
timeless with skirts underneath,
to fill it out.


the Robin dress
measures are taken
laying flat but
stretch comfortably
up to 7" larger
33" chest
29" waist
36" hip
38" long

a lovely patchwork dress
made from soft reclaimed
t-shirts in forest colours..
there's a lil pocket perched
on the back & a decorative
sailor tie at the neckline.
the first in a new series of
t-shirt dresses fusing fashion
& comfort :)