the Lydia dress
new !
34" bust
31" waist
free hip
40" long
straps are 15.5"

a patchwork collage dress
lovingly madewith remnants
from the 40's-80's. stripes,
florals, text & polka dots all
nest in with lace & hand stitches.
it has two pockets and zips in back.


the Felicity jumper
30" waist
skirt is 20.5" long
straps are 30-35", & cross in back

a sweet floral jumper I made
from an 80's dress. the straps
are adjustable & it buttons up
on the right. there's a huge
velvet pocket for collecting
treasures. I've been obsessed
with jumpers lately! they are
so fun to wear.


the Errant necklace
about 17" around neck
14" long including strands

a raven puzzle necklace,
pierced with pearl beads
shards of lace, strands &
leaves. adjustable buttons
perch at back of neck.


the Dinah collar
14-16" around
centerpiece is 5.5" long

sweet collar made with antique lace,
woven fabric & soft red cotton.
it buttons behind neck. it adds a
nice vintage panache to shirts &
dresses.. plotting to make many
more of these.


the Beetle bonnet
21" over head,
side to side
14" over head,
front to back

formerly known as the
Tansy bonnet, this took
a dye bath and was
reborn a beetle, with tiny
old red buttons adorning
yellow velvet and teal tatters. this would be best on someone
with a smaller head.


the Emma halter
16-18" around neck
27-30" underbust/ribs
about 10" long

a fairytale halter with pale
pink lattice ribbons.. it has
pretty rosebud trim in the
center. created with antique
materials. it has adjustable
button closures behind neck
and underbust.


the Matilde pin - on sale!
[ sold ]

3.5" x 2.25" at largest

an elegant pin for your coat
crafted with vintage ribbon &
remnants. the centerpiece is an
antique stamp print bordered
with tiny burgundy beading.
there's a pin sewn to the back
which can also be swapped for
a hairclip if you want to wear it
in your mane.


the Mira pin - on sale!
[ sold ]

4" x 2.25"

a dandy lapel pin
made with striped remnants,
velvet & antique victorian lace.
there's a pin stitched to the back. this can be swapped for a hairclip if you'd rather wear it in your mane