the Viola collar
17" around neck
3.4-4" tall

a quilted velvet collar in
regal dusty pink & black,
studded with tiny antique
jet beads and candlelabra
lace. it fastens in front with
a cloth-covered button.


the Elland collar
3-4" tall
5.5" to points
16" around or
19" around

a jaunty collar of vintage
blue velvet & butterscotch
gown remnants. cozy and
versatile, it closes with hook
& eyes two places; so you can
wear it multiple ways.


the Charlotte skirt
30" waistband
38" hip
30" long

this skirt means business~
a medley of vintage trouser
& skirt remnants patched
together into a formidable ally
or opponent. it boasts 8
pockets, closes with a vintage
zipper on the right & has a
boxy business style fit.


the Tansy bonnet
20.5" over head
16" around head
14.5" around neck
ties are 12" long

a sweet faery bonnet of
pale yellow, velvet and tatters.
the back is stitched over with
red thread webs. there are
vintage ties that can fasten
under chin or behind head.
it's a dainty size and shape,
elegant like a new flower.


the Gale bonnet
23" over head
22" around head
15" around neck
closures hang 5-7"

a storm bonnet made with vintage
remnants, soft and lightweight.
deep blue velvet is stitched in
amongst churning grey tatters.
it has a button closure that can
fasten under chin or behind head.
this one is a roomier size & would
be good for someone with a
formidable mane.


the Aubrey dress
bust is open/ adjustable
waist is ^ up to 34"
up to 38" hip

this is a neat experiment dress
i made a few years back.. it's kind
of an apron dress, with tie closures
on the sides and open from under
arms to waist. patchwork turned map,
there is a wealth of antique lace, net
& ribbons.. even a bit of my old diary
cursive in the center. much of the
fabric is delicate, so this should be
worn with care


the Estella dress
35" bust
31" underbust
30" waist
up to 42" hip
40-48" long

i've seen this elegant creature
in my mind for a long time.
a pale flower stitched, with the
loveliest tatters & textures
in the lightest shades of pink.
it's very lightweight & fluttery.
there's a small pocket on the
right hip & the dress closes in
back with a vintage zipper.
larger photos in the diary


the Ahti necklace
measures 16" in length flat
about 15.5" around neck
tallest stone is 2.5"

a stunning piece by Hali Autumn,
made with abalone collected by
her uncle in Santa Cruz. the beautiful
pieces are strung on waxed cotton,
macrame with tea stained silk,
the toggle clasp & accent beads
are sterling silver. it has a lovely,
cool weight when worn, like it
transfers instant deep sea powers
to it's wearer


the Kitsune collar
14.5" around neck
as a choker
19" around neck
as a collar

a beautiful tattered
collar necklace.. the star
ingredients are 120 year
old silk and velvet. it has
many snaps sewn in
and can be worn at least
2 ways, as a choker, or as
a neckpiece. this is ephemeral
& should be worn with care.


the Lilliput collar
about 15" around higher neck
18" around lower neck
about 6" long in front &
8" long in back

a lush floral collar concoction
of antique lace, coat lining, silk
& mustard ribbons. it closes in front
with a snap & looks different each
way it's turned.. lined with soft
pink silk velvet.