a Leafing collar
new !
14"-16" around neck
front piece is 9" long

a forest collar of
leaflets & vines, made
with vintage materials
arranged in an elven
constellation. it has snap
closures at two spots, so
it can be worn as a choker,
or more loosely on
the collarbones.


the Emily collar
[ sold ]

collar is 1 3/8"
front piece is 9" long

a black ice concoction
of a collar, with chandelier
crystal, beads, velvet & fringe
adorning. it looks lovely &
different each way you turn
it & closes with adjustable
button closure.


the Avian collar
new !
14.5" around neck
4"-13" long

an elegant quilted collar
made with vintage & antique
cottons, silks & lace. it has a
bird-like feel to it, lightweight
and layered with jaunty angles
at the neck. it close with an
antique mother of pearl button.


the Belinda fancy
[ sold ]

2" x 3.5"

a vibrant fancy in rusty orange tones.
it's stitched with a flower, leaves &
little pearly beads. a hair-clip is
sewn to the back, so you can wear
it in your mane.


the Merel collar
[ sold ]

14.5-15" around neck
4" at long in center

a lovely collar made with hand dyed
vintage velvet & remnants, adorned
with little ancient pearly beads.
it closes in back with adjustable
hook & eyes. the collar is a deep
dark plum colour, set off beautifully
with rust & russet tones. a wild &
elegant piece.


the Leona fancy
4" x 2"
strands hang down
7" at longest

a forest fancy made with
lush antique fabrics.. there
are strands of ribbon that hang
down and a mossy old button
perched at the top. fancies are
little art islands with a hair-clip
sewn to the back. a fast & original
way to faery up any ensemble.


the Locke collar
17" around neck
6.5" long

a dickensian collar
from the gibbous vault..
tis tattered and regal, with a
soft lining.. adorned with an
organic looking cord from
the 1800's.. it closes with a
hook & eye in front & can be
worn at many angles for
different looks.


a Violet collar
6.75-7" around neck
centerpiece is 3" long

a sweet collar made with
vintage cotton, velvet, trim and
a ribbon flower centerpiece.
it has a hook & eye closure
in back with 2 eyes for


an elven badge
2.5" x 2"

a magical forest badge pin
made with vintage remnants
& soft mossy velvet and stitched
with archaic pearly beads. so
elven and stylish, this will
lend a leaf of nature magic
to any ensemble.


stamp pin #9
1.5" x 1.5"
ribbon is 3.75"

antique horse & rider stamp print
sewn to black cotton & adorned with
tiny 1920's beads & a bb amethyst.
a dreamy bit of history & character
to affix to your coat, dress,
hat or choker.


a victorian pin
about 1 3/4 x 1 3/4"
fringe is around 3"

an elegant pin made with
black cotton, stitched with
precious ivory lace from the
1800's & adorned with black
mourning fringe, also from the
victorian era. a tiny time capsule
you can wear.


stamp pin #8
1 1/2" x 1 3/8"
ribbon is 5 1/4"

a lovely lil bee stamp pin,
on black cotton. there's a
dark purple ribbon adorning.
a lovely accessory for your
winter wardrobe.


stamp pin #7
1 1/2" x 1 3.8"
ribbons are 3"

a new batch of stamp pins!
this one is super dark & over
inked. adorned with 4 ribbons,
salvaged from a piece of victorian
fringe trim. these are a quick,
lovely way to spruce up your outfit.
they look great on coats, dresses,
or even attached to a choker,
as shown here.


the Cora shirt
this is adjustable
but would fit a 32"-33" bust
best. about 16" long
depending on strap

a delicate camisole shirt
patched together with
antique lace and cotton remnants.
it has 8 ribbons for closure
in front. the straps are
adjustable. elegant &
ephemeral & dreaming of
another era.


the Elsbeth shirt
32-38" bust
30-36" waist
27" long
including fringe

an elegant web shirt made
from a vintage scarf and
thin, soft t-shirt remnants.
it has a great shape, and it's
stretchy & very comfortable.
I am quite tempted to keep
this one~


the Agnes shirt
34" bust laying flat
but stretches to 40"
32 ' waist laying flat
but stretches to 36"
21" long in front
25" long in back
(at longest)

a lovely piece from the vaults,
started a decade ago & finished
just now~ all hand dyed fabrics.
a woven, patched together shirt
stitched with a plethora of vintage
lace & crochet. soft and webby, it
feels like it was made for a spider faery.


the Delmare dress
up to 36" bust
free waist
up to 45" hip
42" long

a dreamy sea dress made
from a vintage net scarf.
it has a nice roomy fit
that is very comfortable.
the straps are antique green
velvet ribbon & there's a
millinery leaf adorning the


the Margot collar
14.5" around neck
1.75" tall

a lovely, autumnal forest
collar made with magical
shimmery vintage remnants,
velvet & millinery leaves.
simple, elven elegance that
lends itself to any ensemble.
it closes with a vintage button
in front.


the Stella coat
up to 40" bust
up to 32" waist
17" long
sleeves are 23" long
armhole is 17" around

a nostalgia coat from my closet~
this is a reconstruction I did
about a decade ago. it has
special silkscreens on the back-
the eye was made by my friend
Ogo and the dolls are from
a weird lovely shop I worked at
back then. this has a lot of
history & magic in it. there
are a couple stains on the arm
and many patched holes