the Peat cape
[ sold ]

about 15" aroud neck
collar is 1.5" tall
11.5-17" long

a rich cape made with my
favourite velvets.. deep dark
greens & browns are patched
along remnants of a motheaten
1940's coat. stitched with wild
vintage sweater moss for, it
feels quite formidable and alive.
the cape is lined with various
vintage cottons & closes with
2 antique buttons. tis very soft.
& infused with deep, quiet
forest powers.


a Lattice bonnet
new !
first 2 measures are for bonnet body:
20" side to side,
over head in front
20" behind neck
tassel parts hang
down up to 16"

a latticework bonnet made
with vintage raven remnants..
there are long tiers of strands
on each side & lovely black
woven webs and mourning
tassels sewn in also. it's
very light and elegant,
medieval & elven..
I'm kind of in love with it~


the Rosalyn dress
36-40" bust
31-36" waist
44-50" hip
40.5-47" long

an elegant time capsule dress
made with vintage t-shirts &
stretch fabrics.. hand-dyed to
a vibrant, dark red. parts are
printed with words.. there's a
good sized pocket on the right.
it has a comfortable fit and pretty
lace windows around the bust.


the Oliver bonnet
27" over head,
side to side
19" center brim to
hem at back of neck
18" brim to brim,
behind head at ear level

a dickensian bonnet patched
together from a myriad of
vintage remnants.. mossy
velvet & sweater meet tweed,
tie and coat lining. there are two
buttons in front for adjustable
closure & it's lined with forest
green cotton.


a Thicket collar
20" around neck
collar is 2"
5.5-17" long

a soft forest creature collar,
made with vintage moth-eaten,
hand-dyed sweaters. it fastens
with three buttons and can be
worn many ways. it looks lovely
every way you turn it.


the Olivia brooch
about 2" x 2"

a sweet brooch made with
vintage blue velvet, olive lace,
victorian ribbon & little antique
pearly beads. a lovely addition
to any ensemble.