the Cinder bonnet- on sale!
[ sold ]

26" over head
21" behind neck
ribbons are 11-14"

a soft quilted bonnet made
with vintage velvet & victorian
trim. lined with beautiful old
floral cotton. a chain link &
ribbon can tie under chin
or behind head. there are
some hook & eyes on the
back so it can also worn
like the first photo. this
is super soft, cozy &
comforting. it's going to
be someone's best friend
this winter.


the Ada bonnet- on sale!
[ sold ]

24" over head
17" behind neck
16" ties at neck

an ethereal offering of
delicate patchwork. antique lace,
net, linen , gauze & tatters
sculpted into an angelic bonnet.
velvet flowers & pearly buttons
adorn the sides. it can tie in front
under chin or behind neck

the Limerick bonnet
24" over head (around face)
16" over head (brim- back of neck)
16" behind neck

a rich velvet bonnet with mossy textures. the colours are very vibrant & alive.
it's lined with tawny vintage
coat lining & has two long
tattered ties in front.


the Moss bonnet
[ sold ]

23" over head (around face)
16.5" over head (brim-neck)
16.5" behind neck

a forest bonnet made in rich green,
black & brown velvets.. patched
endlessly into a cascade of moss.
the inside is lined with vintage
coat lining. there are ancient
tarnished beads sewn to each side
& green velvet ribbons tie it in front.
it's really cozy.. i want to keep it


the Gillian bonnet
[ sold ]

22" over head
16.5" behind neck
ribbon ties are about 16" long

a lovely brown bonnet from the vault,
stitched with antique lace & tatters.
it ties in front with brown ribbons
& is lined with reclaimed antique
coat lining. prefect for yr fall adventures~


the Brier bonnet
[ sold ]

about 22" over head
about 14.5" behind neck
about 18" around widest part of head (at eye level)
ribbon ties are 18" long

a growing forest bonnet made from a scarf made & overdyed long ago.. flowers, patterns, stripes & silk.. all patched together like a beautiful leaf pile. there are ribbon ties on the sides for all your bonnet tying needs.


the Agatha cap
[ sold ]

15" point to point, behind neck 20" point to point, over head

a sweet little hat patchworked from antique lace and crochet. the first in a series of lace caps i've been working on. inspired by antique children's christening ensembles & the lovely flappers of the 20's.


the Iris bonnet
[ sold ]

22" overhead 17" behind head 15 1/2" ribbon ties

another bonnet from the vault, made from lovely vintage velvets.. stitched with black lace, patches & two little brass buttons.. there are black ribbon ties on the sides, and it's lined with floral cotton.

the Delphineum bonnet
[ sold ]

21" over head 14" behind head ties are 18" long

a long lost treasure bonnet, unearthed in the studio after many years.. made from vintage navy cloth embroidered with floral designs.. lined with soft blue velvet, and stitched with antique crochet flowers, petals & tiny silver beads. there are two long ties perched on the sides.