the Charlotte skirt
30" waistband
38" hip
30" long

this skirt means business~
a medley of vintage trouser
& skirt remnants patched
together into a formidable ally
or opponent. it boasts 8
pockets, closes with a vintage
zipper on the right & has a
boxy business style fit.


the Adelaide sirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
38" hip
16.5-19" long in front
23" at longest in back

like a patchwork time capsule,
the last of the ruffle skirts. bits &
pieces spanning many eras stitched
in endless tatters and tiers. there is
a zipper on the right and a pocket on
the left. infused with tea stains &
forest sunlight.


the Florence skirt
[ sold ]

32" waistband
37" lower hip
22" long in front
26.5" long in back

a rare (these days) Raven skirt made with reclaimed materials. it zips on the left side and has a suitcoat pocket on the right. stitched with tiers of ruffles & tatters in a map of inky patchwork.

the Helena skirt
[ sold ]

31" at waist 36" lower hip 21-23" long

a lovely brown linen concoction.. made entirely with vintage & antique materials.. tiers of ruffles and tatters, rich brown velvet, spiderweb lace, ribbons and crochet. it closes on the left with a trusty zipper and has a back pocket. elegant & formidable, i can see this out on the town or deep in the forest.


the Estrella skirt
[ sold ]

31" around waistband
37" hip
about 19" in front
21" long in back

a map of stitches & history, this skirt was reincarnated from a dress i made many years ago. it's quite the collection of remnants, patches, lace & tatters. it closes on the right with a vintage metal zipper, and has a pocket perched on the left. tiers of ruffles, millinery flowers, and tiny pearl beads adorn it. it was repeatedly tea-stained for an especially antique, weathered look.