the Heliotrope skirt
[ sold ]

29" waistband
37" lower hip
18-23" long

a violet faery skirt from
the vault~ many dye baths,
many layers & so many vintage
remnants.. it has elegant angles,
a zipper closure and ribbons
adorning. there is also a small
pocket. cotton, stripes, satin,
lace, tulle & ruffles all stitched
together into a beautiful flower
you can wear.


the Courtney jumper
29" waist
33" hip
22" long

a neat jumper experiment I
made a few years back. the
straps are removable & a
adjustable. it closes with
vintage buttons & has 2
roomy pockets. it can be
work backwards, & with straight
or crossed straps for different
looks. shown here over a
petticoat, it looks especially
timeless with skirts underneath,
to fill it out.


the Lindsey skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
up to 42" hip
24-27" long

a vintage skirt from France
that I reconstructed. it closes
with a zipper, and is adorned
with tattered stripes, antique
lace & a lil blue pocket. the
fabric has a neat ribbon & bow
pattern woven in.


the Raina skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
up to 41" hip
21.5" long

a forest skirt reconstruction
with a beautiful floral thicket
pattern. it has plaid patches,
lovely pleating & a secret
pocket.. it's adorned with
h precious antique white lace
centerpieces and two
black ribbons.


the Leila skirt
[ sold ]

34" waistband
40" lower, hip
20-22" long

a lovely tattered raven skirt~
faded remnants of a 40's
polka dot dress, vintage coat
lining, overdyed lace, cotton
& silk tatters all patched into
an elegant, lightweight faery
garment. it closes with a vintage
zip on the left, next to a little
pocket for your treasures.


the Victoria skirt
[ sold ]

30" waistband
41" lower hip
33" long

an elegant raven skirt of
dark florals and stripes..
the flower fabric has a neat
sheen to it, that looks different
as the light changes. there are
three pockets and it closes with
a vintage zipper. it has a lovely full
silhouette, and would also work well
with a petticoat underneath.


the Felicity jumper
[ sold ]

30" waist
skirt is 20.5" long
straps are 30-35", & cross in back

a sweet floral jumper I made
from an 80's dress. the straps
are adjustable & it buttons up
on the right. there's a huge
velvet pocket for collecting
treasures. I've been obsessed
with jumpers lately! they are
so fun to wear.