the Laurel dress
[ sold ]

36" chest
32" waist
up to 44" hip
38-45" long

a magical nostalgia dress, once upon
a time this was *my* dress &
I wore it everywhere.. from forests
to festivals to secret warehouse raves.
over the last month I've slowly been
mending, lining, transforming it.. into
the elegant fairy queen you see before
you. layers of lace and sheer fabrics,
patched & webbed & adorned with
mossy tatters, leaves, tendrils. this
piece truly feels alive.. it reminds me
of the forest, how things are growing
over and through eachother in a
wondrous, hazy mass of verdancy.


the Dolores vest
37" chest
34" waist
18.5" long

a fanciful dark floral
vest crafted from the bodice
of a 90's dress. richly coloured
flowers on the front & fading
stripes on the back. I added
darts for a flattering fit & adorned
it with antique lace bits, old
clothing tags, patches, beading
& a polka dot pocket. there are
also ties at the waist for