the Moss bonnet
23" over head (around face)
16.5" over head (brim-neck)
16.5" behind neck

a forest bonnet made in rich green,
black & brown velvets.. patched
endlessly into a cascade of moss.
the inside is lined with vintage
coat lining. there are ancient
tarnished beads sewn to each side
& green velvet ribbons tie it in front.
it's really cozy.. i want to keep it


the Elsie scarf
4" at widest
86" long including ribbons

an ephemeral scarf made with
the lightest antique silk, ribbons &
tattered millinery flowers.. studded
with precious beads. this piece can
be worn on the head, the neck or the
waist. it makes me think of Mucha &
flower maidens~


the Lorien shirt
34-36" bust
up to 30" waist
up to 40" hip
30" long it has a bit of stretch

a lovely leaf like shirt,
crafted with reclaimed materials.
green yarn webs cover the bust,
and the lower part is made from a
lightweight mossy sweater.


the Eudaemonia dress
34" bust
30" waist
free hipx
40" long
shoulder - waist (vertical) 14"

it feels like i've been working
on this dress through multiple
lifetimes, now. tis a patchwork of
reclaimed materials, many scraps
of history aligned elegantly.
vintage shopping bags, silk,
steeped scarves, lace, eyelet,
cotton, edwardian ruffles, secrets.
it closes in back with a vintage zipper.


the Veruca chemisette
5" x 12" main piece
each neck tie is 18"
each waist tie is 23"

a lovely dickensian piece~
a patchwork of eyelet, stripes,
antique lace, silk & black velvet.
modeled after the 1800's dickies,
it can be worn over or under.
it looks especially nice peeking out
of a vest.


the Lindi collar
22" x 8"
ties are 15.5"

a sculptural sea collar stitched with
bright red pom berries. ribbon ties
close it. lined with soft vintage
bridal fabric.