the Clementine vest
new !
35.5" bust
27.5" waist

a neat vest experiment
that came out super flattering.
i'm excited to make more~
it buttons behind neck and in
front at the waist. made with
reclaimed vintage materials.


stamp pin #6
new !
about 1.25" x 1"

a rusty coloured pin
stitched with an antique
stamp & tattered vintage
ribbon. super fun for
dressing up coats, vests
and dresses. mix & match it
with your other buttons
and brooches.


the Larch pin
new !
3.5" tall
1.5" wide

a forest pendant pin
made with antique mossy
velvet & lace. three bits
of labradorite adorn it.
lovely as a centerpiece
or an accessory.


the Bethany pin
new !
1.5" x 1 3/8"

a tiny thing made
of dreams. antique
red cotton is hand stitched
with lace tendrils & antique
candy ribbon remnants.
it's like a faery wafer you
can wear! delicious~


the Lovis fancy
new !
4" x 2"

this is a special one.
vintage leaf-tone tatters
are sewn around two twigs.
one perfect black bead looks
out, like an eye of the forest.
a hair-clip is sewn to the back.
the greens are a bit
darker than the photos


stamp pin #5
new !
1.5" tall
1.25" wide

a deep violet pin
with an antique tree
stamp, tiny pearly beads
& a hand-dyed ribbon.
perfect for dressing up
other garments, hats, etc.


the Liliya pin
[ sold ]

about 2" tall
and 1.75" wide

a neat lil prototype pin
of vintage black velvet,
hand-sewn with precious
laces and crowned with a
rosette. a weird & wonderful
folklore egg you can wear.


stamp pin #4
new !
1.5" x 1.25"

a lovely lady stamp pin
stitched on red cotton
with antique ribbon.
perfect for dressing up
coats, vests & dresses


the Marietta collar
15" around neck
2-6" tall

a layered collar of many antique
remnants, silk & lace encrusted
with pearly beads of all sizes.
it has a different look each way
you turn it & a button closure.


stamp pin #3
[ sold ]

about 1.5" x

antique stamp pin
with a lil landscape &
lots of stitches.
vintage ribbons hang
down and a pin is
sewn to the back.
great for adorning
coats & dresses


an OK fancy
4.5" x 2"
at largest

a beautiful collage
for your mane. the stripes are
lining from an antique hat &
the lace is edwardian.
a hairclip is sewn to the back


the Flora pin
6" tall
2.5" at widest
.75" at thinnest

a velvet flower with
tiny beaded thorns
(or dewdrops? hmm)
there are 2 pins sewn
on the back, for affixing
to your ensemble.


the Margot pin
2.5" x 2"
fringe is
about 3.5" long

a lovely antique madonna
stamp stitched in amongst
snaking 1800's cording
a bit of mourning fringe
& tattered antique lace
adorns it as well. a pin
is sewn to the back.


the Matilde pin
3.5" x 2.25" at largest

an elegant pin for your coat
crafted with vintage ribbon &
remnants. the centerpiece is an
antique stamp print bordered
with tiny burgundy beading.
there's a pin sewn to the back
which can also be swapped for
a hairclip if you want to wear it
in your mane.


the Mira pin
4" x 2.25"

a dandy lapel pin
made with striped remnants,
velvet & antique victorian lace.
there's a pin stitched to the back. this can be swapped for a hairclip if you'd rather wear it in your mane