the Florian bonnet
[ sold ]

main fabric part is
about 12.5" side to side
full length with ribbons
is 51"

this is an experiment I fell
in love with~ I'm definitely making
more. an open ribbon-work bonnet,
it has ties in the back and on the
sides & can be worn many ways.
it feels lovely and fae and medieval..
a patchwork web of vintage ribbons,
fabric and history.


a Lattice collar
[ sold ]

14" around neck
3.5-7" long

an elegant lattice collar
made with raven remnants
& vintage green velvet. tis
adorned with 2 dramatic
black berry beads & closes
with a large hook & eye. it
looks equally beautiful
pinned into the hair as
a fascinator~


a Thicket collar
new !
20" around neck
collar is 2"
5.5-17" long

a soft forest creature collar,
made with vintage moth-eaten,
hand-dyed sweaters. it fastens
with three buttons and can be
worn many ways. it looks lovely
every way you turn it.


the Olivia brooch
about 2" x 2"

a sweet brooch made with
vintage blue velvet, olive lace,
victorian ribbon & little antique
pearly beads. a lovely addition
to any ensemble.


the Regent collar
14" around neck
centerpiece is about 4"

a soft raven collar made
with vintage velvet- the part
round the neck is stretch velvet
so it's very comfortable. tiny pearly
beads adorn it and a large hook &
eye close it.


a Pickwick collar
13.5" around neck

ribbon is 1/2"
black centerpiece is
about 2" at tallest

a neat lil collar made
with some vintage velvet
remnants from a long ago
gibbous skirt. 2 antique
blue buttons adorn it &
it closes with hook and eye.


a Garter collar
14" around neck
cloth part is 1.75" tall
cloth with garters
is 2.5" tall

a magical collar made with
gibbous remnants & antique
garters.. this mix makes for
a neat organic-meets-medical-
corset feel. it has a comfortable fit
and the garters definitely give you
a unique sensation. it closes with a
large hook & eye