the Tierney shirt
[ sold ]

38" chest
35" waist
41" hip
29-34" long

a neat patchwork pattern
cotton t, made with
all reclaimed/recycled
materials. elegant & comfy,
it's extra long.. with
uneven hem and cool pointy
sleeves. has a lil pocket
on the chest.
modeled by Fern


the Terese skirt
[ sold ]

elastic waistband
fits 30-35"
34-38" long

a long, boggy witch skirt
with panels of patched
overdyed fabrics; in murky
dark tones. some are sheer,
some solid. a layering of
ethereal, tattered & burnt
ruffles is sewn around the
hem & one small pocket is
perched on the hip. it
has an elastic waistband
& drawstring for comfy fit.


the Ilka cap
[ sold ]

about 18"
side-side x
10" front- back

an elegant Raven cap
made with tattered net,
stretch velvet & black
cheesecloth. dark elf
vibes as well as 40's
vamp, old world farmer,
futuristic past. there
are ties to secure it
or you can pin it
into yr mane.
modeled by Ian


the Merriet cap
[ sold ]

about 12"
side to side x
7.5" front - back

a lovely dark fairy cap
of rich, wine coloured
velvet, tattered textures,
Raven net & more velvet :)
it has ties & a raggedy
patch hem framing the
face. these caps can
be tied on or bobby-
pinned into yr hair.
modeled by Fern


the Meryl skirt
32" waistband
36" hip
40" lower hip
29-38" long
10" waist-flare

a dreamy dryad skirt
of tatters and texture..
endless vintage remnants
dyed & layered into a
witchy forest hem, sprouting
with an assortment of
green leaves. there's a lace
trimmed pocket, and the
skirt closes with a side
zip and hook & eyes.