the Abigail collar ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

13-13.5" around neck
collar is 2" tall
fringe hangs down 6.5"
mustard remnant
hangs to 13"

a beautiful dickensian collar
made with antique remnants
from the 1800's, vintage
velvet & raven fringe. tis
adorned with an umber
diamond-shaped button
& tiny sage hand-stitches.
it closes with adjustable
snaps. elegant & avant garde.


a Lattice bonnet ~ on sale!
[ sold ]

first 2 measures are for bonnet body:
20" side to side,
over head in front
20" behind neck
tassel parts hang
down up to 16"

a latticework bonnet made
with vintage raven remnants..
there are long tiers of strands
on each side & lovely black
woven webs and mourning
tassels sewn in also. it's
very light and elegant,
medieval & elven..
I'm kind of in love with it~


the Oliver bonnet ~ on sale!
27" over head,
side to side
19" center brim to
hem at back of neck
18" brim to brim,
behind head at ear level

a dickensian bonnet patched
together from a myriad of
vintage remnants.. mossy
velvet & sweater meet tweed,
tie and coat lining. there are two
buttons in front for adjustable
closure & it's lined with forest
green cotton.


a Thicket collar ~ on sale!
20" around neck
collar is 2"
5.5-17" long

a soft forest creature collar,
made with vintage moth-eaten,
hand-dyed sweaters. it fastens
with three buttons and can be
worn many ways. it looks lovely
every way you turn it.