the Adelaide sirt
new !
32" waistband
38" hip
16.5-19" long in front
23" at longest in back

like a patchwork time capsule,
the last of the ruffle skirts. bits &
pieces spanning many eras stitched
in endless tatters and tiers. there is
a zipper on the right and a pocket on
the left. infused with tea stains &
forest sunlight.


the Delilah collar
new !
14" around neck
main part is 9" long
silk bits go to 12"

lovely floral explosion
in the form of a collar..
millinery flowers, silk & velvet.
it has a lil button and loop to
close it. one could totally pin this
and wear it as a headband also.


the Trellis halter
[ sold ]

15-16" around neck
30-34" around underbust/ribcage

i started this piece years
ago & it was finally completed
yesterday. a grid web of stitches &
tatters. made entirely with reclaimed
materials. it buttons behind the neck
and behind ribcage. there are
multiple spots to secure it for
adjustability. it could be worn
many other ways too.


the Ada bonnet
24" over head
17" behind neck
16" ties at neck

an ethereal offering of
delicate patchwork. antique lace,
net, linen , gauze & tatters
sculpted into an angelic bonnet.
velvet flowers & pearly buttons
adorn the sides. it can tie in front
under chin or behind neck

the Belden necklace
main body is about 6.5" x 4"
strands part is 13" long
17" around neck

a patchwork crochet collar
necklace, made with reclaimed
antique materials. it closes with a
button on the left. a forest collage
of velvet, crochet, net & chain.


the Limerick bonnet
24" over head (around face)
16" over head (brim- back of neck)
16" behind neck

a rich velvet bonnet with mossy textures. the colours are very vibrant & alive.
it's lined with tawny vintage
coat lining & has two long
tattered ties in front.


the Rosen necklace
main body is
about 3.5" wide
and 13" long
the ties are both
14.5" long

an interesting lil creature
i made with hemp silk scraps.
almost entirely hand-sewn,
it's a versatile piece that can be
worn many ways.


the Moss bonnet
23" over head (around face)
16.5" over head (brim-neck)
16.5" behind neck

a forest bonnet made in rich green,
black & brown velvets.. patched
endlessly into a cascade of moss.
the inside is lined with vintage
coat lining. there are ancient
tarnished beads sewn to each side
& green velvet ribbons tie it in front.
it's really cozy.. i want to keep it


the Eudaemonia dress
34" bust
30" waist
free hipx
40" long
shoulder - waist (vertical) 14"

it feels like i've been working
on this dress through multiple
lifetimes, now. tis a patchwork of
reclaimed materials, many scraps
of history aligned elegantly.
vintage shopping bags, silk,
steeped scarves, lace, eyelet,
cotton, edwardian ruffles, secrets.
it closes in back with a vintage zipper.


the Lindi collar
22" x 8"
ties are 15.5"

a sculptural sea collar stitched with
bright red pom berries. ribbon ties
close it. lined with soft vintage
bridal fabric.