the Cecil mantle
[ sold ]

15" around neck
21" long in front
19" long in back

excited about this
offering~ a victorian
mantle that I've done
some stitching on to
make it wearable again.
it closes with hook & eyes
at the neck and has streams
of stunning jet beads at
the points. the beading is
in good condition. this is
a slightly delicate but very
wearable piece of history.


the Algae bonnet
new !
26" side to side
over head
18" front to back
over head

a vibrant patchwork
lace bonnet, dyed to
seaweed perfection.
made with precious
antique materials, it
has a lovely mix of
ragged elegance.
there are two silk
ties on the sides


the Cordelia skirt
new !
28" waist
free hip
22" long

a sweet cotton skirt
from the vault, dyed
and dyed to a water
colour perfection.
the colours are mottled
and beautifully stained.
it has 2 roomy pockets
& closes in front with
many buttons. there
are tattered white
lace flowers scatter-
sewn adorning.


the Marigold romper
38" chest
33" waist
31" long
34" shoulder-crotch

a cute floral romper
in lovely lightweight
fabric.. it has a loose
fit with a tie at the waist
for adjustability. there
are 2 pockets and
fluttery fairy sleeves.
the hems are adorned
with black ruffles
& pale pink ribbons.


the Harriet vest
[ sold ]

40" bust
31" underbust
14" long

a cute folk vest reconstruction,
of green woven stripes
with vintage lace & black
velvet. it closes in front
with 3 little black buttons.


a Leaflet collar
12.75" around neck
.75" tall
6" at longest

an elegant forest goth
collar made with vintage
remnants. millinery
leaves meet sleek
black fabric and a
pearly bead adorns it.
closes in back with
hook & eye.


a Vermillion collar
13.5" around neck
1-2.5" tall
ribbon hangs
to 6"

a dreamy collar in
some of my favourite
colours.. Vermillion &
mauve mixed with
black florals are so
delicious! an antique
frog closure adorns it.
it fastens with a hook
& eye in back.


a Kitty collar
13.25" around neck
about 1" tall

a cute goth collar
with antique folk trim
and vintage pearly beads.
this is like the ones I make
for myself, I love them cause
they make me feel like a cat :)
closes with a hook & eye


an Amethyst jumper
[ sold ]

27-30" waist
35-39" hip
35" long

finally making some
of these jumpers for
the shop! I make these
for myself a lot, and wear
them all the time. this one
is vintage violet stretch velvet,
with adjustable straps. there's
a wide elastic band at the waist.


a Russet fancy
3" x 1.5"

a rich forest fancy
made with vintage
materials.. cotton,
velvet, even a bit of
suitcase lining! a
trusty hair-clip is
sewn to the back
for pinning it into
your mane~


a Rose bralette
30-36" chest
30-34" ribs
13-17" long

a Rose fairy bralette~
lush vintage stretch velvet
and lace patched together
into a perfect summer top.
it closes with 3 vintage
buttons in back.