the Dinah skirt
[ sold ]

27.5-33" waistband
free hip
27-32" long

a stormy Raven skirt
in vintage rayon, dyed
to a mottled, speckled
grey-black. it feels
almost alive, like dark
clouds moving very slowly.
there are 3 pockets, 2 are
hidden.. layers of ragged
remnant ruffles are layered
at the hem in varying shades
of black & grey. patches &
pillars are scattered about
& 3 antique botanical lace
treasures adorn it.


the Amos shirt
[ sold ]

42" chest
40" waist
38.5" long
20" shoulders
24.5" sleeves

a long, weathered shirt
in rayon.. overdyed
to a mottled grey with
hints of blue. It has a
hidden side pocket,
scattered raven patches
& closes with 7 rustic
buttons. the sleeves
have an elegant medieval
peasant feel with ties
at the sides.


the Alice skirt
[ sold ]

31" waistband
39" hip
23-28" long

this piece started many
years ago.. I'm so happy
to finally see it complete-
an intricate concoction
of reclaimed vintage fabrics,
layering of antique lace &
tea-stained ruffles. there
are 4 pockets, a side zip
closure & endless textures.
truly a feast for the eye.