the Ida bonnet


finished this beauty last week- a custom sister to the Ada bonnet
from last summer. I’ve been calling this one Ida :)
Ada lives in Japan now, and Ida just flew off to China.

untitled-1-14 untitled-1-5 untitled-1-8

this was really fun to make. it’s odd- sometimes ‘remaking’ a piece is like pulling teeth
but sometimes it’s easier on the second round. grateful this was the latter.


I lovve how it looks in the light.. I’ve already been plotting some ethereal diaphanous
dresses for quite awhile and this really convinced me that those need to exist!

untitled-1-4 untitled-1-9

It’s ¬†funny, when repeating something, how difficult it is to stay on track. my brain
doesn’t like repeating, it wants to try new things, and I have to constantly rein it in on
commissions. but they do give me tons of new ideas in the process.

untitled-1-7 untitled-1-13 untitled-1

hurray! another piece done and en route to it’s new life.
I also just finished a wedding dress that’s been in the works for 6 months,
will be sharing photos here soon :) I love finishing things!


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