a little treasure


Hallo diary, and guests!
It’s been ages since I posted here, which I’m looking forward to remedying.
there are lots of interesting new tangents afoot that will be making their way
to this little window soon. but for now, I just really want to show you
this pincushion I made~





a lovely client in Seattle asked me to make one for her and I kind of blanked,
but said yes anyway. i made the body of it outside on one of the first warm,
sunny days we’ve had here.. my cats were gallavanting around
and thought I was making them a supreme new cat toy, haha



I stitched all the flowers, beads, leaves on last night and it slowly went from
a strange lil blob into.. something elegant and fae and dreamy.
it looks delicious. I couldn’t stop bopping it around
& everyone in my house wanted to eat it.


untitled-7sometimes making things that are other people’s request/idea is just the
ticket~ for being pushed into a new way of looking at what you do.
when there isn’t enough time for experimenting & play, things get
mechanical, boring & lose their luster. this definitely seemed like an
obligatory project at first, but it became really inspiring.


this is the end of my pincushion speech.. i love it, it feels awesome, and now
I want to make more plushy stuffed things :)
Happy Spring~


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