a wedding dress for Jamie


this beauty is finally done and getting ready to fly off for her wedding~


I’ve been working on this dress for about 4 months now..
it’s quite the labryinth. I had a nice stash of edwardian
skirting fabrics and used many layers here.
all the side textural work is hand-sewn.

untitled-1 untitled-1-3

it can be tricky with commissions because they need to be
fairly planned out, without many surprises or diversions from
the original path. so the challenge I play with
(so as to keep growing & having fun)
is continuing  to bring in new elements/try new
things while staying within the safe zone, so to speak.

untitled-1-4 untitled-1-6

the bride who commissioned this is a beautiful celestial faery
named Jamie, and she has incredibly vibrant red hair.
when I saw her in the dress at our fitting, I was
stunned by the gorgeousness!
can’t wait to see the wedding photos.


I worked in tiny galaxy details for a starry feeling..
there are tiny silver stitches and little silver & pearly beads.
it’s amazing how much they catch the light when the dress moves~
looking forward to experimenting with this more!

untitled-1-16 untitled-1-14

I often find/inherit the lovely embroidered edwardian dresses
& skirts in ravaged states.. where the cotton is rotten
but the flowers are intact. I hand-stitched some of
these blooms trailing down the right side of the torso.

untitled-2-2 untitled-1-7

one of the main inspirations for this was a dress I made many years ago
called Celestine. she had one of these stars too ^+^

untitled-1-9 untitled-1-10

it was lovely to just use subtle bits of silver fabric in this.. the torso has
some behind the lace, which gave it an interesting moonshadow look.

ok, next to finish is a pastel dream dress! see you in a bit :)


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