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 the last month has been such a shift for me, from the usual hermit stitchery track.
since my last post, i worked on installations for a huge haunted Halloween rave,
braved the cold front of Oregon for a couple weeks, dealt with broken computers,
learned how to use a fancy phone & threw an immersive Hypnagogia show here in Oakland.
i didn’t sew for almost a month.. such a weird feeling! it’s good to be back.


my cat friends are glad too.. they are used to a constant companion here in the studio, haha..
thankfully i had some really wonderful cat-sitters while out of town.


it was freeezing up north.. very difficult to be outside much, but i bundled up and took alot of walks; admiring the fall colours & beautiful plants. these berries were one of my favourite discoveries. they look straight out of Faeryland. their book name is Calicarpa~


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it feels like i brought the rain back with me, it’s been abundant  since i got home. everything feels so alive & happy. the sunsets have been especially beautiful, too.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 6.44.44 PM

preparing to be a dream show hostess.. so in love with this weird faery hologram fabric :)

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there really is no place like home.  sometimes i forget how beautiful and special it is here.
on returning from a trip it’s especially stunning. i feel so lucky to live in such an oasis of
plants & history.


now it’s time to play catch-up.. make circus costumes, send a dress to Germany, post new things in the shop! & go to the dentist. to support this trip i’m having a toothsome sale.. the handful of things in the shop are marked down 10-30% til December 23rd.

cheers <3s

ps. i made an instagram if you guys want to keep in touch over there too.. http://instagram.com/seleneahnese

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