the Forest cape ++


new in the shop.. the Forest cape. made in my favourite shades,
channeling the haunted green forests of the northwest..



this piece just came together out of a couple odd green patchworks i had started,
and the forest coloured remnant mountain. it really wanted to exist.. most
of the time i was barely even paying attention, just doing what i was told.



i still haven’t made it up to the northwest.. it’s calling me rather insistently at this point.


this piece would looks so wonderful adorning a fey creature,
perched in a mammoth, moss covered tree.



thanks for all the recent purchases.. i’ve been sending packages left and right,
it makes me so happy to see these pieces flying out to all their different destinations.


the Ramona dress just flew off to miss Lacey Bryant, a lovely painter i’ve long admired..
her work is all kinds of magical, i’m so glad one of my creations is going to live with her.

tigresse sentimentale 34,5 x 37 x 16 cm , resine epoxy-acier-0097ce217b8dc81b016bdae6b649e5b8

&last month i sent a bonnet to live with Clémentine de Chabaneix, in France.. another lovely artist you should check out. she makes beautiful sculptures & drawings.

i also got my first order from Poland the other day..
i feel like my work travels for me, haha. it’s wonderful.
someday i will be able to follow suit.



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