a magical green dress for Jeston


oh my gosh, this has been quite the dream-
a commissioned makeover of a green silk Betsey Johnson dress
doesn’t happen every day!


honestly I had a bit of anxiety about this in the beginning~
the original dress was so stunning
and silk can be quite a tricky mistress.


once I started, though, everything just flew together.
the dress completely took over and gave me directions.


I had been saving a few decadent silk fabrics
in the same tones, and they fell into place perfectly..
the stripes are from a lovely vintage collar shirt I used to wear.
I love the vertical visual aspect they lend to this.
it feels very absinthe fairy, too :)


sewing different silks together is crazy scary, for me at least.
they are so slippy and the machine kept messing up what
I’d pinned. after a couple tries, I found the best way
for much of this construction was to  hand-stitch them
and then go over those stitches with the machine.
time consuming but way less stress!
thankfully it worked out well.



I love how light and lovely silk feels. every time I tried the dress on,
I felt transformed! like my actual physical, mental, emotional state
would alter and become more spry and happy.


this project has felt especially magical & I’m so happy
with the end result. it’s really inspired me to work with
silk more instead of just hoarding it, haha


for the decollette, I used a super sheer vintage green scarf
and sewed the silk ties that were in the sleeves over
it like vines. I didn’t intend for it to be so 20’s/
art deco but it sure hit that mark.
a happy accident!

here are some before pics:


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