a wedding dress for Kara


I’ve spent many months working on this beauty & yesterday
she flew off to meet her bride, a magical fairy named Kara.




the wedding date had to be rescheduled at one point,
and then delayed again because of the current covid pandemic,
so I ended up spending a much longer stretch with this dress
than usual.. it’s been fascinating ¬†witnessing and
sometimes pausing it for weeks or months in many
different stages of development.


it’s like I can see the finished dress and all the other
dresses hidden within it, simultaneously!



I used a wide range of greens in this, and spent a lot of time
just arranging the fabrics and trying to get the colour flow right.
many of the greens have been dyed repeatedly to get those
deep, layered ‘growing’ tones.


the lace-up back was salvaged from an antique corset.
the moon was a special request & has a magical relic inside.



I had a lot of fun with the foliage parts. that’s usually my favourite,
placing the leaves and flowers. It feels very fairy..
like being in Fantasia.. which I watched while
finishing the dress :)



as with the last few weddings, I used a fair amount of
edwardian dress & skirt remnants in this.. they are usually in
pretty rough shape (the ones I get, anyway) and it feels really
lovely to salvage the embroidery for crowning areas
of these special dresses. they get to shine again.


I can’t wait to see Kara in this..
she already looks like a beautiful fairy from
Brian Froud’s paintings.. I think some serious
magic is going to ensue when this dress lands on her! :)


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