a coat for Danishka


long time no post..
sadly social media has devoured
the time that I used to spend here. if somehow you’re seeing this
but not that, my accounts on fb & instagram are both
also going to try and share more here again.. hopefullly


well, I just finished this makeover for the awesome & stylish film director Danishka Esterhazy..
and I love it so much that it feels important to  commemorate it in this here diary.



I forgot to take ‘before’ photos but it was just your
average, plain black Gap (I think) blazer, very basic.



this piece feels like a return to a style I haven’t had the
time/space to do for years.. and it’s absolutely wonderful.
didn’t realize quite how much I miss the ragged, regal
vampire knight vibes.. but oh, I do.


there’s something so very delicious about extremely high collars,
extra long cuffs, and the mixing of elegance with utility.
it all just feels so right.


pardon the poor quality modeled photos-
my phone seems to be rebelling against our Gibbous endeavors.
now for the detail shots! taken with a proper (heavy) camera~


I felt like this coat was just as excited to exist as I was to make it :)
materials were jumping into the project bag left & right.


I save/salvage pockets from all the garments
that come through my workshop
& have a wonderful Pocket Box to pull from. I love
to imagine all the history and different owners/ belongings
that pockets have seen.

I hand-stitched this black velvet on to preserve the pocket
that was already on the coat. now it’s just hidden :)
the dark purple fabric above was the lining from a vintage bag.
the lace next to it is a bit of the hem
from a vintage slip I wore obsessively in my early 20’s.




I forgot to steam the back, but it just adds to that
knight-sleeping-in-the-hedge feel, right?


lots of collar pics because this is my favourite part :)
the ruffles at the top are incredible lush satin..
I salvaged this trim from an antique fur coat
that was falling apart. they sure knew
how to do luxury back then. it feels and looks top-notch.


this hand stitched area is actually from the inner arm seam
of a 1940’s dress that I altered to fit me.
someone’s secret, hidden repairs are now
the crowning glory of this magical coat~!
I swoon.



and now we have come to the end of this coat’s tale.
thank you for reading and allowing me to sing it’s praises.
I could probably do some magic like this to your coat,
so send me a note if this project has stirred your heart :)

oh &
happy new year!

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