Greetings, from a quietly thawing forest..
this winter has been quite long and provoking.
it feels like so much has been
germinating in the dark~ inside & outside..
now we prepare for the resurgence of Spring.
I’m finally getting back to taking photos, of other
people, in my clothes and visions.


happy to share my first portrait in many years~
this is my longtime friend & muse Matthew
(aka Chains) resting between shadow and light,
in the forest where I live.

Matthew.. Cascadia 2019untitled-1-7

this marks the beginning of something I’ve long envisioned,
and a waking up/ Regeneration of sorts. I’m looking
forward to weaving together the many mediums
that beckon; in a more symbiotic way this year..
& it will also be lovely to collaborate regularly
with other magical earthlings again

xo S

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