a makeover for Phine


I just finished this dress makeover for the lovely Phine in Germany.
I think this is one of my favourite makeovers to date!


it was a great excuse to dive into my t-shirt trunks & rediscover
all the bounty there.. I love how using these faded vintage
shirts brought an air of history and weight to the dress.
you can just make out some of the words on the torso.
it reminds me of old buildings with the vintage painted
ads fading off into oblivion.

untitled-1-11 untitled-1-8

I cut the bottom of the original dress and
reincorporated it into the hem area, which created
a nice sense of colour balance with the top.


untitled-2 untitled-2-2

a lot of these pieces have been dyed, but some have just faded
and aged into perfect old farmhouse tones.

untitled-1-5 untitled-1-3 untitled-1-4

aand.. I remembered to take a before picture for once! take a look~


I do feel pretty proud of this one, mostly because I realllly want
to keep it, haha. which I think is a high mark of success :)

xo S

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