new fancy trio







last night i took a break from the wedding dress i’ve been immersed in, to finish
a few tiny treasures that have been sitting by for months.

a Long time ago, before i made clothes.. i made faery wings;
and traveled around to festivals selling them. well.. the very last batch
of wings i made were *not* cute.. they were real-looking, leathery,
like strange creatures that might bite you, rather than grant wishes.
i’d had a breakthrough, i thought.. they were surreal & stunning.
but..  no one wanted to buy them, haha..
they were too ‘creepy’. these wings went through many moves
& storage units with me until one day i just decided to
cut most of them up. i unearthed the fabric from them recently,
and am planning to give it new life. there is a bit of faery wing
stitched into all three of these fancies :)
you’ll probably be seeing more soon.


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