new collars & update



there are 2 new collars in the shop,
paying homage to the sea & miss Havisham :)


i’ve also marked down many of the pieces that have been there for awhile.. <3


nearing the finish line with a very fancy wedding dress,
destined for Kassidy in Texas.. it’s turning out quite beautiful..
i’ve been spending all my nights with it & the Agatha Christie mysteries.


the grey blue wedding dress (my previous commission) was delivered to it’s bride today.. i was overjoyed to hear that it fits her well & she absolutely loves it.. it’s so strange and wonderful to make these dresses long distance without ever meeting the person!
it really feels amazing when the dress works out perfectly. these modern times, i say..



other things;
dressing up kitties, kundalini, raspberry leaf tea….. moon gazing, learning feng shui~
autoharp. nocturnal world// oppossums \ playing with silhouettes, passionflower.
polishing the new website, \calcite// fad gadget. seeds. the faery oracle;
hours of hand-stitching. studying amulets, color symbolism;
slowly recording songs.. AURYN.
clearing clutter.. it’s almost my birth day & i’m getting rid of alot of belongings.
space in all contexts is looking like the most valuable gift these days.



^beautiful foods from my window; french baby lentil, mung bean, radish & alfalfa sprouts


happy spring



2 thoughts on “new collars & update

  1. so many visual delights here…
    the collars, the red velvet settee, lace-adorned kitties.
    you’ve made me want to start sprouts again.
    all those and your sparkling list of current interests– so inspiring!

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