Phine sent this coat to me in a bundle of clothes
to make over for her.. about 8 months ago :/
it usually doesn’t take me that long to get
going on a makeover but I just couldn’t get
the feel for what to do with this.

Screen shot 2019-07-01 at 10.41.01 PM

thank goodness she’s also an artist (so she understood)
in addition to being a very lovely & patient client.


a few nights ago, I walked by it & finally
got some instructions :)


and now it is reborn and it’s really, really lovely


here’s the lowdown:
I dyed it, replaced the zipper with one from a vintage coat,
brought in the sleeves to be more elegant,



replaced the stiff arm seams with stretch velvet..
added some spidery black lace,

untitled-2-2 untitled-1-9


I adjusted the hood a bit
& stitched some vintage trouser remnants to the cuffs,
to make the sleeves longer.


there’s a button option to wear it without the zipper  too.


the colour variance in the photos is driving me crazy,
some are taken with phone and some with
fancy camera. the true colour is kind of
in between the two :)

excited to have this beauty finished!

xo S


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