made some beautiful new portraits last month~


this elven prince goes by the name of Kean Sanguine..
we are both Oakland- Olympia transplants &
knew eachother long ago from the underground
parties thrown by Katabatik in the bay area.
it’s neat and reassuring to re-meet people up here in
the northwest and see how they are making their lives
in this more forest / less city environment.


 I’m also find it very reassuring &
oddly healing to hang out with people and cover them
in leaves & dirt, arranging them in the forest
and capturing their beauty.
bringing out the elemental in people is becoming
one of my favourite pastimes.

ig 00-25-41

Kean is a prominent DJ here in Olympia &
you can keep up with his sounds & shows on
soundcloud or facebook

til next time~

xo S

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