Hali Autumn

untitled-1-14i’m excited to announce that i’ve started featuring some of my sister witchwife
Hali Autumn’s beautiful jewelry creations in the gibbous shop!


Hali is an avid creatrix in many mediums,
and a collector of antique treasures & natural wonders.
She has also been repairing & repurposing
antique jewelry for many years, and has a wealth of
knowledge in that area i’m excited to learn from.


for the last few years, we’ve  been curating events together &
made a lil community to foster them called ALVA~
i will write more about that soon but here’s the fb page if
you want to get on board before then..


these two Hali creations are going up in the shop today;

the Ahti necklace

untitled-2-6& the  Brighid necklace


go check them out, they are beautiful..
& keep an eye out here for future treasures.
we’ll also be collaborating on some neat fashion &
film projects in the next year, which is really going to be quite epic~

xo S

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