a coat for an elven groom


I just finished this special coat makeover..
it was a custom project for Copernicus,
the elven groom of the beautiful mermaiden Yuri.
She is the bride that my last wedding dress was made for.


their wedding is going to be held outside and the colours
are green, purple & gold. I’m so excited to see photos.
they are such a sweet and lovely couple!




this was really fun to work on~
I think green is one of the most invigorating colours
to work with, I feel more alive when surrounded
by these growing tones. my table was covered
with leaves for a day to pick out the perfect ones
for some elven epaulette action




this reminded me how much I miss making dapper elven clothes,
I’m excited to delve back into them this winter.



really happy with how it turned out.. I think it’s getting
a bit easier for me to not go overboard :)

onto the next! the shop is slim right now, and it’s
because I’m focusing on clearing out my studio home before
winter arrives! I’ll be spending so much time indoors
that it’s become a priority to make space in here.

I’m selling lots of relics, vintage, fabric & old projects
over in my ( garage sale ) on etsy. take a peek
periodically if you like my world/work and great deals!
you never know what will end up over there :)
I surprise myself sometimes and
I’m the one who collected all this stuff, haha~


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