things have been crazy! i’m moving to the northwest in 5 days &
my house has been a whirlwind of packing, parties & beautiful visitors.
i’ve been taking of advantage of my last weeks in the bay to make
photographs with some of the lovely friends i will miss here.

i met Chelsea Friedman about 9 years ago. some friends & i moved into
an old victorian house she had started in Oakland, called Hauntington.
it was precious, spooky & beautiful.. with a dark & whimsical glamour.
it housed a revolving cast of ragged, romantic mutants, many of which
are now beloved family. it was the beginning of a very magical era for me.


Chelsea was one of my first fae friends in an intense, urban city
that wasn’t so friendly at first.. a little later i visited her in a
shadowy little shack behind the Katabatik house; it was filled with dolls,
moss & lace.. that was where she made marionettes at the time.
i quickly became enchanted by this mysterious creatrix.


she has since become one of my faery sisters.
through songs and stitches, sea talks, catdances, forest walks.
a muse & a mirror that i treasure & love.
our worlds weave together; support & inspire one another.

here is a video of her last dance performance, in the Stanislau forest..
it was the most magical experience to run through the woods & stumble upon this.
tis a visual collaboration with our friend Jonathan Bernbaum.

these are some of her incredible assemblage & puppet creations..



she hand sews all their tiny clothes!

this one is my favourite.. it feels so alive,
like it might leap off the wall to tell you a wintery limerick.

oh yea! ,,Chelsea’s work will be on display at Field Day in April.
the opening reception is April 7th from 7-10pm
if you’re in the bay, make a trip out~
there is really no substitute for seeing these beauties in person!


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