there’s a new dress in the shop..* made from antique & vintage crochet. i have a handful of other pieces that will be added over the next week, also. time is passing a bit too fast, as always. i am dancing to keep up with the stitchery & deadlines but at the same time feeling kind of stubborn, and making sure to schedule time for  the other less demanding, but equally important areas of life.


like my dear crystal friends, feline friends, plant friends.. oh and human friends too~ in off moments i’m still excavating my house, clearing space and old projects to make room for the new. there are a couple surreal shows i’m helping with/organizing in the next month, as well. somehow it will all come together.


i’ve been allowing myself a bit of thrift store hunting.. i tend to find wonderful things in October, so many stores put out the tattered old dresses as costumes (what the heck!). i found this beauty a few days ago. she was actually in a pile behind the counter and my heart did a weird lunge at the sight of her. the colours are so stunning.

untitled-1-124 untitled-1-122

one of the shows i’m helping with is a surrealist halloween party.. stitching together all the plastic in reach, and using the remnants from the dress house kevin & i made a couple years back. i’ll try to get some good photos of the installations.


this ^is a special project i did last week, it was such a great interlude from making functional things.  i’ll post pictures of the finished piece soon. it’s flying off to Ohio in the next couple days.

untitled-1-128last but not least, a precious Rose collar, made from many red remnants.
it sold, but i thought you might like to see it.


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