still playing catch- up.. posting a lot of pieces from the field day project in the shop..
the Edith dress is pictured above. made from an antique apron & remnants
from a 1950’s dress.  it’s flying off to the UK tomorrow.



the Raven fancy.. also new in the shop


finally making some time for playing with fabric, new experiments,
and (gasp) making some clothes for myself, haha.


this lovely lady, Maki, stayed with us for a week. she loved the studio and kept burrowing into fabric caverns. my cats were a little upset though, at having a stranger in the studio.


the Estrella skirt.. reincarnated from a dress made many years ago, it feels new and old
at the same time; a map of history. available for adoption in the shop.



the Raven collar, another recent creation.. it will fly off to Colorado soon.


some lovely things waiting to be finished


the Walnut fancy.. another new piece in the shop

i’m heading to the northwest for a week or so, to visit family & friends
(and get a bit of autumn in my life).. looking forward to a break, and to seeing my
dear ones. my hands will be itching to sew by the time i get home.
anything purchased in the next week will ship after i return, around the 24th.

[edit] my trip was rescheduled.. so all shipping is on schedule as usual.


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