the Alina dress

finally finished this beauty last week..


I started this piece about 15 years ago!
realized quickly after starting it that my skill level
at the time wouldn’t match up with the vision..
so it got set aside for a long time.

untitled-1 untitled-1-4

very glad I waited, cause it has turned out
just how I imagined it, all those years ago.
a lot of Perfect materials started surfacing
in the last couple months.


stretch silk, tattered tablecloths, antique bedspread..
vintage slips & rosette dresses are all
worked in.

untitled-1-6 untitled-1-3

the tattered pink velvet on the torso was
a highly prized treasure in my fabric horde.
I still think it’s one of the loveliest things
I’ve ever found.. it was part of a very
tattered antique children’s snow hat.

untitled-1-9 untitled-1-5

it feels so light and elegant on, like wearing a rose petal dress.


it’s hard to let this one go.. but I am.
she’s now available for adoption in the shop


xo S

One thought on “the Alina dress

  1. All of your work; so marvelous, with such interesting and unusual use of fabric and materials. You are such an amazing and profoundly gifted artist; and I am so glad that you are utilizing your talents to their fully creative extent….

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