Spring blooms



the last commissions are almost done & I’ve been playing a bit again..
working on the fancies has been a fun way to get my spontaneity back.
it’s also so lovely to be able to finish something quickly after so many long-term projects.


the batch above have all flown to their new homes,
but there are a handful of others available in the shop.


i love this one, named for Goldberry.. my favourite Tolkien character.

untitled-1-294 untitled-1-255


this one has incredible weaving and fringe from the 1800’s.


it also looks really good on Toby, haha


the Pansy fancy is my favourite. it has bits of labradourite, amethyst & jet.
I love crystals.. been working with them & studying their properties for years.
they’ve been a powerful influence in my life. so glad to be stitching them now, too.


another new creation.. the Helena skirt. available in the shop


even though the stitches have been keeping me busy, I’ve been making a bit of time to get outside. we have a new garden space where I live, and it’s been fun to plant seeds and watch things grow. so grateful to live in such a beautiful little jungle.

untitled-1-286 j

this vest is flying to Finland in the next few days. I really love sending things to Finland.
someday I’m going to fly there myself, and meet all the faeries. Iceland too.


most of my evenings look like this. I’m a lucky lady. <3s

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