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the last months are such a blur.. just starting to catch up and get planted in the present.
many lovely things have been happening.. Hali & I made a Wickerlady;


I sewed some neat weird textiles for a window collaboration with Art Moura..


finally finished editing some photos with my friend Ana taken a month ago.. we dressed her up in regal victorian tatters and played on the roof while she was in town.


I managed to meet the photoshoot deadline for the circus..
the leotards still need a bit of fine tuning (sewing stretchy costumes
for aerialists is quite challenging!) but they are nearing completion, thankfully..


definitely the biggest recent project was a magikal show I organized
here in Oakland, for Imbolc.. a celebration of the return of the light~
it was a huge undertaking but so incredibly beautiful.
it kind of seems like a dream now. flowers, lanterns, altars, bones..
strange + wonderful music, ritual, dance.. honey, seedlings, rosey teas,
stick weaving, a starry eyed crowd, grass, soil, light & shadows.


our beloved Faery Queen, Angelique, perched on the altar


my music project (ANTHER) opened.
the visuals were by the amazing light artist Azael Ferrer Gordo


i think my favourite  moment that night was the magikal ritual performance by STORIWR



Bryan LeFey’s latest music venture STELLAR ANGLES was also fantastic.


the altar  room looking into main room. we brought rolls of sod in and made a grass floor :)


the Tea Womb, a woodshop closet turned magikal tea bar. it smelled heavenly in there~

there are a Lot more photos in the Imbolc album on my fb page


now working on a custom wedding dress, a sort of sister to the Kassidy dress.
also trying to catch up on sleep, yoga & plans for the future. feeling the need
to make some changes.. there really just isn’t enough time to do everything.
so it seems like  we should all just cut to the chase!  do the most important things,
as well as we can, without fear or second guessing… <3s

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