march has been an intense month..
my poor paw got hurt badly in the beginning.. had to make multiple hospital visits &
it all culminated in a horrible allergic reaction to antibiotics, landing me in the ER.
i couldn’t sew or do much of anything for a long time :(
after recovering there was about a week of sewing & feeling better before
my sweet kitty bastian got seriously sick & had to stay in the hospital for 4 days..
we were at one vet or another almost everyday for a week.
he is home now & getting better.. i am *so* thankful.
feeling really shaken though.. still trying to find my footing.
the only thing worse than being dangerously sick yourself,
is someone you love being in that situation.

thanks to everyone who has been supportive through this scare.. we really appreciate it~ <3


when bad things used to happen, i would just curse my luck & the unfairness of life.
these days i try very hard to find the lessons (even if it’s difficult) in hardships.
the last month has really made me aware of just how lucky i am,
we all are, in times of health + abundance. trying to be grateful every moment
of every day.. to truly appreciate the ones i love, and all the
brilliant qualities of life that are so easy to take for granted.

for the last week i’ve been sleeping in the studio, so i can
keep a close eye on Bastian as he heals. nested with the cats
amongst fabric piles, my gaze travels in half states of sleep..
taking in glimmers of all the beautiful, tattered treasures inhabiting the room.
it’s been really inspiring, in a new way.. seeing them in the dream states
of a restful mind.. accompanied by a chorus of purring.


lately it feels like the pace of transformation is quickening.
things fall away like old leaves & new ones grow up in their place.
realizing that some of the biggest changes in life build up slowly,
under the surface..  then unfold gracefully.
there isn’t a loud bang! or puff of magic smoke, but just out of sight, all the time,
tiny components are rearranging themselves for movement, growth..
i can feel it, hear it.. sometimes i almost catch it out of the corner of my eye.
it’s beautiful. & reassuring :)

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