in the midst

things are so busy lately.. i’m like a professional juggler at this point


^this christmas vest surfaced for the sale.. it’s from about 9 years ago. it went home with a really sweet girl, hurray!


i’m working away on many projects at once, simpler pieces to go in
my friend’s shop for september.


the lovely artist faery Lacey Bryant made it out to the sale. i love sending lace home with pretty ladies :)



some petrified roses i’m using on a custom dress for Valerie Mallory



more magical creatures that came out to the sale..



another piece in progress for Field Day


the Cassia dress, just finished & posted in the shop..
so much has been shifting. i feel more alive than ever before.
can’t wait to share some of these exciting changes with the world. soon!

2 thoughts on “in the midst

  1. can’t wait to see more of your exciting changes!! your recent posts are electric with new energy, and oh!! the colors in your newest creation make me gasp!! i am fascinated by what you do…

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