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a leaf dress for Karis


just finished this custom autumn dress for a lovely lady..



it’s been ages since i did a dress commission!
at times it was really challenging, but i learned alot.
it took 4 dyebaths to get these colours & many, many hours just
comparing/arranging shades of rusty & orange fabrics before even
starting to sew. i went farther off into colour
study-land than usual and got quite inspired.



it felt really auspicious that this was my october project.
when i began the leaves had just started to turn & now as i’m
finishing they are in full pageant; orange-yellow-red-brown-green
and all the shades between.



fun facts:
-i cut up one of the first faery dresses i made (like 14 years ago) for this, it was
the perfect golden fabric you see in the middle front of the torso & along the decollete’.
-the rusty skirting in back used to be a sleeve from a shimmery 1920’s dress.
-the orange velvet along bustline is a remnant from an orange (wedding!)
dress i made a long time ago.
-there’s a formidable pocket hiding under the reddish tatters on the left side of skirt.



i’m really happy with the way it turned out,
and looking forward to the next colour study~


Happy October & Happy Halloween !

xo S