catching up & new sight


at last i’m back at a calmer pace, after months of stitching overtime.
this skirt^ is over at Field Day for the month, amongst many other
lovely new creations. if you’re local, i would definitely check this place out.
it’s full of wonderful treasures & truly a delight for the senses.


i know some of you might be like, what about the shop!? & i’ve said the same thing to myself while working on this project.. it has been good for me though, a bit of sewing
bootcamp, to get in training for the future. working on so many intense giant commissions
for so long has made me less connected to just creating freely, quickly, on the spur of the moment.  i’ve really missed that! and want to find a sort of in between space.


oh, & welcome to the new web site! Peter and i finished it about a week ago..
a year in the making. the back entries of diary are slowly
making their way here over the next month.


gathering materials for another grey & white wedding dress..



two lovely photographer friends at the opening.. Airy & Hannah




some lady ghosts in the studio


the beginning of a custom wedding dress


the lovely miss Hali saved me & helped with last minute preparations.


the forest cape, also available at Field Day this month..



2 thoughts on “catching up & new sight

  1. Hi there,

    just wanted to say that i come and have a look at your diary about once a week and i just love looking at your photo’s and reading snippets of news about what you are up to. Your clothing is just so gorgeous, i really love the dresses that you create and the fact that you spend so much time putting them together. AMAZING! big love to you,


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