Amber Amneisia


i’m so happy to share these photos at long last!
they feel like from a lifetime ago.



this is the last shoot i did in Oakland, at the magical marina house.
my dear friend Amber came over for the loveliest photo date, about a
week before the big move to Washington. i made a flowery nest in the studio
and adorned her in foliage, crystals, gibbous & victoriana.


Amber has been like a lady star beacon for me since our very first meeting.
she has a rare kind of authenticity.. an otherworldly vibrance and elegance
that is threaded into everything she does & makes.

she ‘s definitely been one of the most inspiring people for me in the bay~
always being creative, being a rad mum, wildcrafting, taking care of birds,
playing shows, making art installations, plant medicines, mead..
hosting neverending magical  gatherings at the cemetery.
she managed to be this ladylike faery in a rough & difficult, dangerous city.
a perfect balance; radiating kindness, but you wouldn’t wanna mess with her.
Amber, Angelique & Chelsea were kind of my role models for this at the time.
the badass Oakland faery queens :)
i was like, ok these ladies Know.. watch and learn.


Amber has a special kinship.. she is a bird whisperer.
~Especially chickens~
it’s really fun to hear tales of her fearless rooster companion Grettel,
who traveled & lived with her for many years.
he was the star of the tea parties, with pink toenails~
oh, and the raven who showed up and lived
with her for awhile.. he was named Dennis Hopper :)



Amber & her partner Shannon love chickens so much,
they made a chicken podcast, called… (Twin Beaks!)

i also recommend checking  out her music on soundcloud, it’s amazing.  often VE lL
(her project with Elm Outcault) performances would put me into the most far out
trance states. they also created beautiful altars, garments & rituals for
each performance. they were seriously mesmerizing.


VE lL performing at the first ALVA show in Oakland.


here are some of Amber’s beautiful paintings..
i’ve probably stared at the one above for at least 40 hours in my life.
it would always hold my gaze when it was hanging up at Katabatik.


i love this one & wish it were a whole book!


i’m sad to not live in the same city as this beautiful lady now..
she just moved to the woods too, though & i love to think of her
living in a magical forest realm.  a constellation
of friend land spots is starting to take shape.. it feels like the future :)

xo S

2 thoughts on “Amber Amneisia

  1. So many amazingly unique creatives in the Bay Area (and elsewhere I’m certain). She is without question certainly one of them!

  2. Thank you for all this adoration and lovely perspective of admiration, of one of the most powerful influences in my life, growing up in the bay area! I would love to live on a piece of utopia with her, ( majesty). She should run for president! This world would be a better place if we had someone as great as her calling the shots!

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