a wedding gown for Kassidy



i just completed this custom wedding gown, for Kassidy in Austin..




it’s been months in the making.. so many layers, ruffles, tatters..
it really kept me on my toes!



made entirely from reclaimed antique & vintage materials..
sculpted on a form with many pins + stitches.



silk, cotton, linen, saris, dress lining, eyelet, corsets, slips, pinafores..
a little bit of everything went into it.



the decollette` has lace from the 1800’s, hand stitched & adorned with
ancient pearls & tiny flapper beads. i sewed in bits of fur & feathers too.



it’s definitely one of the most complex bridal pieces i’ve made; with this dress
it really became apparent how much the process has developed over the years..
there is a large amount of planning, maneuvering, grace & forethought directing
the ship now. it used to be a lot more chaotic, with lunges forward and difficult backtracking.. sometimes an element of panic. that seems to have faded away..
my mind’s eye & sewing hands have gotten much stronger, steadier.
such a good feeling :)



8 thoughts on “a wedding gown for Kassidy

  1. This gown is just magnificent. One can see how your work has been transformed. There is an ease that is apparent. Wow Selene, so inspiring!

  2. this is an elegant creation, deepened with the stories embedded in each individual lace and tatter. i am amazed by the form-fitting detail of the bodice juxtaposed against the exquisite drape of the folds in the back. absolutely beautiful, selene!!

  3. Wow wow wow! This is SO beautiful. I really can’t find the words! Congratulations on such a stunning dress.

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