a wedding dress for Kristy



meet my latest finished commission,
a special wedding dress for Kristy


it had been a good 5 years or so since I’d made
a black wedding dress, so this was a real treat.
|I’ve missed working in the Raven palette.


it’s funny how revealing commissions can be of
my own inclinations, though.. In the first part of making
this, I was getting very attached to this being all black!
Kristy really wanted some white, stripes and dark blues
worked in, as well as some special buttons and a locket.

untitled-1-2 untitled-1-9
I was kind of struggling for a bit with how to achieve
her preferences and follow my instincts. When it
came down to it, I just started placing the contrasting colours and adornments, trying them out.. and after a few hours of trial and error, it  started working. it became an avalanche, actually.



Buttons and hand stitches were calling out, me here! I go there!
and then it was just a matter of keeping up.
it’s such a relief when things start telling me
what to do, after getting the silent treatment for awhile.


The decollette’ has tiny black jet beads sewn in for shimmer factor.

there’s a secret pocket on the right, that starts where the
button is shining in the photo above.


I like the effect of the different stripes, and the eyelet. the buttons and flowers and lace too. it feels like many styles woven together..


it emanates western, goth, 90’s, victorian, fairy, rococo & industrial.
if you told me that I’d be making a dress that hit all those notes
before starting this, I prolly wouldn’t have believed you.

I really can’t wait to see this on the bride~
xo S

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