pictures with Kelly


i had a rare photo day a few weeks ago, with the lovely Kelly Murphy~


we’ve been friends for years & i’ve always wanted to make photos with her,
so it’s exciting to be living in the same area now..
she is a lovely, magical lady and has a strong kinship with nature & animals.
one of the neatest things about moving here is that Kelly is now the
veterinarian for my cat pack! we are so lucky!


Kelly is also an awesome photographer- she has a really good eye for beauty & angles.
her (instagram) is a kaleidoscope of forests, nightlife and creatures


this is the first shoot i’ve done at my new home,
a 37 acre piece of beautiful faery land on the outskirts of Olympia, WA.
after years of running around cities and parks trying to find a bit of privacy for photos,
this feels like hitting a serious jackpot.. so grateful to have some space, to be unobserved.


this dress was made with reclaimed silk, velvet, vintage coat lining & lace.
after this shoot i dyed it a bit darker.
it went to live with a magical doll-maker in Japan this week


watching the autumn come in has been so comforting


and the pageant has only just begun~
i missed seasons so much.. it feels right to be back in the northwest.
Happy Equinox to you all

xo S

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