firstly, the shop sale ends tonight at midnight..
if you’ve had yr eye on something, now is the time :)


this last week i’ve been just trying to get my bearings..
Bastian is doing much better! which is wonderful..
it’s nice to be out of the crazy fight or flight survival mode.
that was hard on both of us. 
now i’m working feverishly on a
couple wedding dresses.. & in the free moments trying to get a
few things 
that have been in orbit out of my head, and onto the sewing machine.



++ i’ve been doing quite a bit of mending for friends..
one of my favourite things~ these were originally made by
brilliant gibbous co-conspirator of old, Kevin, for our dear friend
Sean Lee (aka 1manbanjo).. i just patched them up & gave them
some new life before Sean departs on an adventure across the country.
i love the metamorphosis of garments as they’re worn & mended.
they feel like ancient maps


photo experiments. making veils.. raw turmeric & large amounts of tea.
moonrise kingdom! rainstorms, crochet dresses..
tea staining Everything. the lives of flowers. klimt,, frankincense. calcite & rose quartz.
sleep clutching crystals, surrounded by mountains of books + instruments..
letting things go and being quiet, patient. listening and making music.,
minimalism through a kaleidescope.. a balancing act of organization & free movement.
looking forward



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